Boss ominously looked at the bottom of his glass of Jagerseed. Like he usually did after entertaining the ham hams he had gone to the underground bar for a drink. The bar was located underneath a slide in the park close to his home, and it was pretty easy to get inside. The owner of the bar was his friend Lance, Lance was a large white mouse with a mane of black hair runningdown his back. His close friends called him skunk.

The bar was usually a lonely place on weekdays and daytime because Boss and Lance were among the only wild rodents in the area. The mice in the city surrounding them lived in houses without the homeowners knowledge and were usually too busy to spend time at the bar. The rats in the town were too rowdy, Lance refused to allow rats inside his bar because of their size and rowdiness. Lance often told Boss about how much he hated cleaning up the mess that rats made.

Kashmir was another regular in the bar, she was a young hamster who discovered the bar while running from a cat. Lance and Boss had rescued her from the cat and brought her into tthe bar. Kashmir enjoyed the drinks and atmosphere of the bar and continued to come inside on a regular basis. She was a hamster who tried flirting with both Lance and Boss yet had been turned down by both of them multiple times. Kashmir was a pretty hamster, but Boss and Lance had their eyes on other women. Boss as you may know had his eyes on a sweet little french girl named Bijou, and Lance........

"Why don't you ever take me to your clubhouse when those young hams are there?" Lance asked Boss as he poured him another glass or Jagerseed. Kashmir was sitting beside boss staring at him dreamily.

"Yeah handsome, why don't you take us to your home sometime for a visit. You haven't invited us into your house ever since you starting letting those house-hams play inside it. Me and Lance are worried that you've forgotten about your friends." Kashmir said as she pushed her seat a bit closer to Boss. She then started stroking his paw lovingly, Boss didn't pushed her away because he understood her feelings. If Bijou ever pushed him away he'd be heartbroken.

"I'm just worried that you guys might not be appropriate for those little guys, they're like little kids. When we're in the clubhouse we won't be able to talk about shit like we do in here." Boss explained, Lance smiled deviously at his friend's comment.

"Oh don't worry Boss, we'll behave. Won't we Kashmir." Lance said with a small chuckle, Kashmir smiled as well before nodding her head. Boss hesitated.

"It's not that i'm worried you won't behave, it's just that i'm worried how the hams will react to you guys. Keep in mind they're like kids, so they act like kids and play kiddie games and stuff. I'm just worried that you guys won't have too much fun in the stuff we do." Boss explained again, Lance's smile grew as he leaned closer to his friend.

"So you're saying that you don't like them?" Lance said with a glimmer in his eye.

"It's not that, it's just...I like them but i'm not......"

"You like 'em, and we're your friends boss so we'll like them too. We'll be on our best behaviour and well keep the swearing and comments to a minimum. well act like kids while your little pals are there and afterwards we can hang out in the clubhouse and have ourselves a drink or two. It'll be fun, you'll see." Lance said, Kasmir moved her hand up to boss's cheek and began stroking it while emmiting a contented purr.

"Please boss, for me?" The hamster purred, Boss sighed, he knew he couldn't win this fight against his friends. He knew from experience that they would keep on him until he agreed.

"Fine, you guys can come over tomorrow at about 7 in the morning. That'll give us a small amount of time to hang out until the others arrive."

"What about a sleepover, we could spend the night at your house and have breakfast in the morning before the hams come inside." Kashmir suggested, Lance laughed and playfully punched her in the arm.

"Well need separate rooms in that case, we don't want an early ham seeing something that might corrupt his youthful mind." Lance said with a laugh, Boss smiled.

"Just be there at 7, okay guys."