Oldness from LJ.

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Gray on Gray

He was sure he shouldn't be here.

The steel was cold beneath his legs as he watched gray clouds ghost in gray skies and gray on gray on gray. Like before.

His hands were cold and he curled them against his forehead like a castle to keep away the dust of time. Time enough for time later. He had the nagging feeling of forgetting something, but he liked it. It was a good feeling to forget, especially when every day was taken up with memories now.

The tennis courts were dull green and gray. He looked down at them impassively from his lofty perch. One day he would play on those courts, or maybe he already had. He was so tired. Yawning brought tears to his eyes, yes yawning and nothing else because really, he wasn't sad. At all. The tennis courts were dull and gray.

School would be starting soon. He guessed he probably ought to go. It had been years since he left these gates. He'd been sleeping. He didn't remember anything but Keigo, smiling indulgently in his white graduation robe. Like an angel. His cheeks were warm and wet.

He didn't hear the footsteps approach. He didn't see the man walk across the courts. He didn't. But he smelled the cologne from years ago, and felt the warm touch of hands on his shoulders.


Keigo always did know what to say.


But He Was a Fool

Hunched over on the bleachers he looked like a seabird, even though he was miles from the sea. He sat curled in on himself, clutching his arms as if to hold himself together against the wind. He was a figurehead on a ship of half-forgotten dreams, drifting along without a destination.

Below him the courts were gray. With a gray sky filled with gray clouds above, everything around him had turned to muted shades of slate and dust. He was alone.

Perhaps he should not be here. The thought kept crossing his mind. After all, it had been years and years since he'd left the school, off to the unknown with a sleepy smile on his face. Years and years since he'd seen… him… and asked, no, begged, to come along.

But he wasn't welcome there, in that place, in that time.

It was beginning to snow.

Sometime in between the sleep and longing the thought had crossed his mind that maybe Keigo had lied.

But he was a fool.

So he would keep waiting.

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