A/N: This story is the multi-chap fic continuation of the one-shot Surprise! which was entered into the Officer and a Gentleman Contest. The first two chapters are the one-shot split up, no major changes made.

Warning: this story will contain sex scenes including polyamorous sitatuations between Edward, Bella and Jasper, so if you are under 18 or slash/threesomes are not your thing, then please do not read.

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Chapter 1- Surprise!


I came home from the conference almost a full day early unable to stay away from my new husband for one more hour. We had been married for little more than a month when I was asked to represent my government organization at a business conference and present a paper on forensic accounting techniques. I had been alternatively elated and despondent in the week leading up to the conference.

I was thrilled by the honor given to me to be a part of this nationally renowned annual event but totally miserable at the thought of being away from Edward for 5 long days and in California, clear across the country from our native New York. I had been hoping Edward would be able to come with me as we had both been longing for a vacation to the beach so that we could work on our tans. We had been so busy lately and it seemed we hardly ever saw the sun. Unfortunately, he was particularly busy with work and was unable to come with me.

So far, in our whirlwind seven month relationship, we had been unable to sync our timetables to have more than a few days at a time together. Edward was a cop with the NYPD in the fraud squad and I was a business analyst with the US Securities Exchange Commission. We had met at a training conference seven months ago where representatives of all the regulatory bodies attended to further our court skills.

Edward and I had been placed in the same discussion group throughout the conference along with an FBI agent, Emmett McCarty and an IRS agent, Rosalie Hale. We had been assigned so that each group was representative of the organizations that worked together. Best damn conference I had ever been to.

Edward and I had become inseparable from the moment we met. The chemistry between us almost palpable the minute our skin touched as we shook hands with our group assignment partners. Edward had mesmerized me with his shock of messy bronze hair and his ice cool green gaze that reached right inside to the hidden part of me. It helped that he looked mighty fine in his pin stripe charcoal suit with a quirky red tie covered by miniature pictures of the Count from Sesame Street. What's not to like: a cute guy in a form fitting suit carrying a gun with a quirky sense of humor? I was smitten before we even sat down in the empty chairs across from each other.

Edward told me later that first day during the lunch break that his best friend had given him the tie when he had moved to New York and he claimed it was his lucky tie. Edward found out a few days later that we shared a love of vampires when he undressed me for the first time and discovered my panties with slogans fetish. That day's pair was one my best friend had given me which had a picture of Buffy on one ass cheek and the words 'Bite Me' on the other. So Edward did and that was the start of something beautiful as the saying goes.

With our hectic schedules, we had managed to fit in a wonderful three night honeymoon in a quaint Victorian cottage down at Lake Springs which had been the fulfillment of every romantic fantasy I'd ever had, complete with log fires, a spa bath and an enormous sleigh bed. Edward and I had barely surfaced for the entire three days other than for food which we mostly took back with us and consumed naked in bed.

Every free moment we spent together reinforced that I had met the love of my life and I had never been happier. The days away from him had been sheer torture and even though we had spoken every day, I had missed him terribly. I missed every little thing about him. The quiet times we spent in our living room; me nose deep in one book or another and he lost in the music he was creating on his upright piano in the corner of the room. The crazy, noisy times whenever we hosted a movie night with our friends; popcorn and Milk Dud fights a regular occurrence. But I most especially missed making love with Edward. He was incredibly tender and romantic at times, playful at others and best of all, hard, fast and a little rough when I needed him to be. I thought he was perfect.

I was pulled out of my reverie of Edwards's lovemaking abilities by the bump of the tires on the asphalt and the noise of the engines as the plane taxied to the end of the runway. I was so excited to see him and glad that I had not forewarned him of my change in flight times. I was originally booked on the red-eye flight to New York which wasn't scheduled to leave California for several hours. I was thanking my lucky stars that I had requested standby for the earlier flight which had originally been fully booked.

The last session of the conference had just finished when my phone vibrated in my jacket pocket and, thinking it was Edward, I hastily answered. It turned out to be the airline advising me that I had a seat on the earlier flight if I wanted it. You bet I wanted it. I would be home by 8pm tonight rather than 10am tomorrow.

I rushed to the concierge who was holding my bags since I had checked out early this morning and jumped into the first taxi outside the hotel entrance. I called Edward then and left a message on his voicemail confirming my arrival in the morning and that I probably wouldn't get to speak with him before then as I had forgotten to charge my phone battery. I felt slightly guilty but knew it would be well worth it when I turned up on our doorstep early. My gorgeous husband would get some serious loving tonight!

As soon as the plane engaged the extended walkway and the airlock opened, I sprinted out of my chair towards the open door, anxious to get home. I don't know why I rushed since, of course, my bags were the last to emerge onto the baggage carousel. My frustration was at an all time high by the time I had loaded up the trolley and made my way to a cab at the front of the terminal.

Once in the cab, I freshened up, straightened my hair and applied some bright red lipstick. Edward loved me wearing it when we were making love mainly because the evidence of where my lips had been on his body remained. The sight of the red smudges as he examined himself in the mirror was such a turn on, we'd usually engaged in round two immediately thereafter. I was not complaining, seriously not complaining. I had the biggest array of red lipsticks in my makeup bag you have ever seen.

I fished my cell out of my handbag and turned it on. A voice message from Edward greeted me and my heart flipped over with the thought that I would soon be in his arms and that low, seductive voice of his would be whispering into my ear all the things he wanted to do with me. I swear Edward could make me come just by whispering sweet things against my body. Did I mention that he enjoys whispering against the nub of my hot centre, his warm breath ghosting over it as his lips speak against my very core, the vibrations causing me to swell towards his waiting tongue. Oh, all the things he could do with his tongue! My God, I was almost coming just thinking about it.

I realized at that point I was so besotted by the sound of Edwards voice that I had not heard a word he had said. As the taxi turned onto our street, I replayed the message and sighed audibly. Edward's message was that my best friend had just arrived in town and would be staying with us for a few days. Don't get me wrong…I was overjoyed that my favorite friend from high school had come for a visit, but I had been so looking forward to fucking Edward quite uninhibitedly on our couch and I had not been planning on keeping quiet.

I felt a moment of panic. My best friend had never stayed over without me being there before and there were a few things that I had not told Edward about my past. I was sure that my friend would have the good sense to stay quiet and it had never come up before when we were all together after all.

I paid the cabbie and walked into the building and over to the elevator with my luggage. Once I had reached my floor, I stowed it in the locked cupboard near the service elevator. I wanted to surprise Edward and dragging the heavy case through our door would not do. Once it was stowed, I walked on tiptoe up to my door and inserted my key slowly into the lock and turned it gently. The lock snicked open and I pushed the door enough for me to slip inside unobtrusively.

What greeted me should have shocked and disgusted me, but I have to be honest…it was so spectacularly erotic that I was immediately soaking wet and more turned on than I had ever been in my life. I shut the door behind me so softly so as not to disturb the tableau in front of me. I didn't want to alert the entwined participants of my presence just yet and destroy the intimacy of what I was watching.

The room was softly lit by just a table lamp next to the couch and some fluttering candles on a shelf on the bookcase on the other side of the room. Some light jazz was playing quietly in the background but what captured my eyes from the moment I walked into the room was the sight of my husband completely naked on the couch. He was on his knees which were spread wide on the seat of the couch, his bronze head almost resting on the back of it and turned a little to the side. But best of all was his gorgeous bottom raised high in the air giving me the most perfect view of his spectacularly displayed attributes. And he was kissing my best friend most ardently.

Most people would have screamed and made a scene at the sight of their husband and their best friend in such a compromising position. But that was just not me. I was aware that my friend had had a crush on my husband since their very first meeting and I had jokingly said once that if Edward ever agreed to it, then I had no problem if they wanted to have sex as long as I was allowed to watch. Okay, okay, so I'm not really the vanilla type of girl in the bedroom that everyone assumes that I am, just so you know.

In fact, even Edward doesn't really know everything that I have tried in terms of the bedroom before meeting him. Although our sex life is by no means on the staid side, we had yet to discuss our more adventurous fantasies. I mean, how easy do you think it is to tell your husband that although you think your sex life is amazing, you sometimes fantasize about watching him being pleasured by someone else? It wasn't until this very moment, that I realized Edward felt likewise. Being the straight-laced New York City cop that I knew him to be, I had chickened out several times when I had almost confessed to him that I had fooled around with my best friend many times during college. I decided each time that Edward was far too important for me to fuck things up so I decided keeping him in the dark was the better course of action.

So, yes, instead of being shocked, I stood there planning how best to join in. I wondered how Edward would feel about my friend pleasuring both of us. More moisture coated my panties at the thought and I stifled a groan. I wanted to watch for a little longer because this was seriously the hottest thing I had ever seen.

I watched as long fingers reached up and stroked my husband's fine bottom before two of them entered his asshole. Edward groaned at the sensation and his cock hardened noticeably at the action. My pussy clenched with the remembered feel of those two same digits entering my ass and I was hard pressed to stand still. Somehow I managed to remain motionless, although my fingers were probably leaving dents in the wooden door frame. I was glad I did when the two fingers, after pumping into my husband's body for a little while, were suddenly removed and replaced with my best friend's incredibly good looking cock.

"Oh, my fucking God, Jasper that feels fucking unbelievable!" I heard Edward groan out against the cushion of our couch, as Jasper slowly inched further inside him and started to gently rock against my husband's fine ass.

It's true, Jasper had the most seriously attractive penis I have ever seen and I used to love to suck on it and lick it, to sit on it and fuck it. I was seriously happy that it appeared that Edward loved Jasper's cock too. I so hoped he wanted to share.

I spied the men's clothing dumped in a pile next to the couch at that point and shook my head. Jasper had obviously come to New York directly from the West Point Military Academy in his dress uniform. Jasper had attained the level of Major in the Army and was currently in the midst of a three year stint in a staff position at the Academy. He was tall, blond and toned and looked seriously hot in his uniform, particularly the dress one. Obviously Edward and I are a lot alike as we had both succumbed to the sight of Jasper in his uniform.

I knew it was my queue to join my favorite men when I heard Edward moan loudly as Jasper picked up his pace and started to seriously fuck my husband. Edward's next words made my heart sing with joy.

"Jasper ...oh God yes, harder….uhng…I wish Bella was here right now. Can you imagine her lips wrapped around my cock sucking me off while you are fucking my ass?"

Jasper moaned aloud and ground harder into Edward, his own ass muscles flexing so sexily, his grip on Edward's hips tightening. He leaned over Edward's flexed back and into my husband's ear ground out that he thought that I was pretty open-minded and that he should talk to me because I might just be okay with it. All the while Jasper never stopped the delicious slide in and out of my husband's ass. I wanted to lick and suck where they joined, I wanted to eat them both up.

I shed my black suit jacket and dropped it to the floor as the room suddenly felt hot. I was about to move forward and join them when I heard Edward's anguished voice whispering his pain.

"What if she hates me when she finds out about what has happened between us, Jasper? I can't lose her. Bella is everything to me."

Jasper slowed his thrusts until he stopped, still buried deep within Edward. His arms wound around his waist and he hugged Edward tight while pressing comforting kisses along his spine. Jasper then laid his cheek against Edward's back and opened his eyes to stare straight into mine.

He started slightly and I raised my finger against my lips for him to stay quiet. He raised his head then and looked down at Edward before raising his eyes ruefully when he turned to face me again. I smiled at him and winked to let him know I was not upset with him. I guess this was my chance to reveal to Edward that this was not the first threesome I had been involved in with Jasper.

Let's just say I did experiment a little in college and Jasper had popped in to my room unexpectedly one night wearing his army uniform when I was engaged in a little fun with my roommate Tanya. Jasper had been my best friend since our senior year in high school and up until then we had flirted a little but had gone no further for the sake of our friendship. That night with Tanya changed everything between us. Jasper saw me in a new light and I got a look at him in uniform and swooned. We continued to fool around whenever he was home on leave, mostly just the two of us but sometimes with Tanya when we felt like it.

I found out Jasper was bisexually oriented a few years after, when on his next visit home from his overseas posting , he brought his new boyfriend, Peter, along with him. Jasper was keen to share Peter with me as well but Peter was so not interested in girls. At the time, I was a little disappointed because Peter was hot in a military way with his buzz cut and broad shoulders. Now I was glad that it had never happened.

Funny enough, we never progressed past the friendship stage even though Jasper and I fucked like rabbits every time we saw each other. I guess we were best friends with benefits. I dated others occasionally, but something was always missing and I always ended things before too long.

What was happening between Jasper and Edward seemed very different. In fact, things seemed almost romantic and I hoped that it would stay that way when I joined them. Until I met Edward, Jasper had been the most important person in my life and I had loved him in my way, but seeing them together now, made me realize that everything was right in my world.

I knew what I needed to do now. On tip toe, I moved over to my boys, on the way picking up Jasper's uniform hat and placing it on his blond locks before patting his perfectly toned butt cheeks. I was still fully dressed in a fitted white shirt, black pencil skirt that reached to my calves and my bright red lipstick. I moved to the couch and leaned down beside Edward whose head was butted up against the back of the couch, his eyes screwed tightly shut. My heart ached for him.

I whispered against his cheek, "Now where was it exactly that you wanted my ruby red lips?"

Edwards head jerked up from the couch and he would have dislodged Jasper except that Jasper still had his arms wrapped firmly around his stomach.

Edward looked completely panicked at seeing me standing there with Jasper buried balls deep inside him. "Bella, oh my God, I can explain…."

I shushed him and pressed my fingers against his lips to quiet his panic. I took his dear face between my own and kissed him deeply and fiercely to let him know how I felt about him. I could taste the scotch on his tongue and wondered how much he had consumed tonight. He didn't seem drunk for which I was very glad. It would be awful for him to wake in the morning and regret his actions if he was under the influence.

I leaned down and picked up his left arm and placed it against the back of the couch and slid under him. What better way to show him that I did not hate him for being with Jasper than to show him! I kissed his lips once more before peppering his chin, his throat and then each nipple with little kisses. I lingered on his nipples, now hard little buds on his chest, at first laving them with my tongue and then gently nipping at them with my teeth.

I could feel Edward's cock surge against my hip as he moaned out my name.

"Oh Bella, I love you, I love you so much."

I moved Edward's left leg up so that I could slide fully under him and when I returned it to the couch, his cock was pressed against my clit through my skirt. Jasper chose that moment to move out a little and press in, pushing Edward's erection against me and I moaned in unison against his chest. I wasn't where I planned to be yet so I continued kissing down Edward's torso. I slid off the edge of the couch and my mouth was right where it needed to be.

I went to move forward but Jasper surprised me by reaching down and grasping Edward's length in his large hand and angled it down towards me. I had never seen such an erotic move in my life and I rubbed my legs together to create some friction. I felt Edward's hand stroking the back of my head and I felt tears well up in my eyes at the gentleness of his action. I opened my ruby red lips and sucked Edward's length deep into my mouth and revelled in the feel and taste of his velvet soft skin encasing the hard length of him. I could feel Jasper's hands cup my face before moving back up to Edward's hips.

We stayed that way for a while, Jasper slowly and gently easing in and out of my husband's ass and me taking his cock into my mouth as far as it would go. With one hand, I was cupping Edward's balls and with my other, softly stroking Jasper's. The only sounds in the room were Dianna Krall's dulcet tones singing about temptation, the sounds of soft moans, the gentle slapping of Jasper's thighs against Edward and my tongue rasping against the sensitive skin pushing in and out of my mouth.

I could feel Edward swelling in my mouth and was surprised when he suddenly pulled away from me and reached back to stop Jasper. My clit was throbbing with the joy of what was happening and it let out a groan of disappointment until it heard Edward's suggestion to Jasper.

"Jazz, I think we need to pleasure Bella for a bit. She shouldn't be doing all this hard work and missing out. I'm of a mind to draw this out a little bit more. What do you think?"

I released my boys as Jasper withdrew from Edward, all of my pink bits agreeing wholeheartedly with his suggestion. Edward was a little red faced still when he and Jazz helped me to my feet and I told him I loved him before leaning against him for another deep drugging kiss, all the while keeping both my boys' hands in mine. I wasn't sure about whether Edward would be okay for anything to happen between Jasper and myself so I made the decision to concentrate on my husband and be guided by him.