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I used to have another story under the same title, but it is not the same as this one. I promise, it's a lot different. But please give the story a try, and just let me know what you think. Like all of my other stories, this one is an Edward/Bella and is all human, alternate universe.


Isabella Marie Swan:

Four years ago, I met Edward Cullen, and it had been the start of a seemingly fairytale romance. We worked together at Masen Law Firm in Washington D.C. (he was a lawyer, I was a secretary at the front desk), and everything had been amazing. All the fellow secretaries had been jealous of all the times Edward came by my desk after work to either take me home or take me out somewhere, and I had been thrilled at the attention I was getting from a young, extremely handsome, successful lawyer. Edward was…wonderful. For two years after we started dating, it had been perfect, and Edward had always been the perfect boyfriend. He took me out to nice restaurants and bought me things that I didn't need. I become close with his parents, Carlisle and Esme, and his sister Alice and I became best friends nearly right away. It wasn't hard for me to fall in love with Edward, because he was everything that I had ever wanted.

Two years ago, Edward Cullen proposed to me. There had been a little blue box with a pretty white bow and a beautiful diamond ring inside. Of course I had said yes; I loved him. Esme Cullen had thrown us a big party, and we had started planning the wedding right away. Alice and Esme had gone crazy over the preparations, even though we couldn't set the date. For some reason, nothing seemed right. And then I knew why no date had ever seemed good enough.

One year ago, Edward Cullen left me. Admittedly, I had seen it coming. Amidst all the craziness of our life together, I saw that he wasn't happy. In all reality, he hadn't been the one to leave me; we had left each other. I had come home from dinner with Alice, and when I walked into the townhouse, he had been sitting at the dining room table in the dark, surrounded by plans for our wedding. I had stepped into the room, and when his eyes met mine, I could see the difference. His four words had pierced my heart…"We need to talk." And so had talked for hours. Our conversation ended with me taking off my beautiful engagement ring and placing it in the outstretched palm of my equally beautiful ex fiancé. And that had been it. That night I had slept in the spare bedroom, and by the end of the week I had moved out of Edward's townhouse and arranged to stay with my friend Angela until I could find a place of my own. Everyone had been stunned, to say the least. Alice had refused to talk to me for over a week. Esme had been in tears, and my parents had tried to convince me to move back home to Seattle. It had been difficult, seeing Edward every day at work right after the end of our engagement. People around the office had started rumors, saying that Edward had been cheating on me, saying that his family had secretly hated me, and saying that our relationship had been doomed from the very start. It had gotten a little easier though, and eventually it has become less and less awkward for us to be around each other and hold casual conversations. And because of Alice, we have been around each other more than normal exes would be.

Two weeks ago, Edward Cullen got engaged to Rosalie Hale after a six month long relationship. Alice, with no regard to my feelings whatsoever, has told me all about Rosalie. She was, of course, beautiful. Blonde hair and blue eyes, she wasn't exactly your typical prosecutor. I had seen her around the office before, and she had just started at the firm eight months ago. We had never been formally introduced, but from what I could tell she was a nice girl. But that didn't exactly ease any of my pain, seeing as Edward had proposed to her and he was officially no longer my ex fiancé, because he was her fiancé now.

Tonight was their engagement party, and thanks to Alice, I was going. She told me that it would help me move on; seeing the man I had been planning on marrying happy with another woman. So I put on a nice dress and a pair of heels, did my hair, and got into my car before driving to Carlisle and Esme's house in Mount Vernon, Virginia. Once I got there, I sat in my car for a moment and stared up at the big white house, and I started blinking back tears. My own engagement party had been held here in this house. Edward and I had stood in the parlor, wearing fancy clothes and greeting guests and showing off my engagement ring. But I was no longer the lucky girl at Edward's side.

Sucking in a deep breath, I checked my hair and makeup in my rearview mirror and then gathered up my purse and got out of the car. There were already people at the house, thankfully. There would be absolutely no focus on me at all. Esme opened the door when I rang, and immediately pulled me into her arms. "Oh, Bella, bless you for coming. I know this all must be hard for you." Esme exclaimed, and I stiffened up slightly, my smile faltering.

"I'm fine." I assured her, and Esme just smiled tightly and ushered me further into the house.

"Edward and Rosalie are over there, but-" before Esme could finish her sentence the doorbell rang out and she shot me an apologetic look before hurrying to answer the door again.

I reluctantly made my way over to the happy couple, holding back slightly. Edward spotted me as I approached, and when our eyes met, I immediately saw obvious happiness in his emerald green eyes. "Congratulations." I said as I came up to them. Edward nodded, giving me a quick hug and peck on the cheek.

"Hello, Bella. It's nice to see you." He said, and he sounded genuine and honest. "Rose, this is Bella Swan. Bella, this is Rosalie Hale, my fiancée." Edward introduced us formally and I shook hands with Rosalie.

Rosalie smiled at me, and I cringed slightly when I saw the ring that had once been mine perched on her ring finger. The ring had been Edward's grandmothers, so of course he had kept it. But it was still strange to see the ring that had been on my finger at one time now sit upon Rosalie's ring finger. "How do you two know each other?" Rosalie asked, and both Edward and I froze slightly. She must have known Edward had been engaged before, right?

Edward recovered quickly, clearing his throat. "Bella and I were engaged until last year." He said quietly, and a look of understanding came over Rosalie's face.

"Yes, well, it was very nice to meet you." I said, looking over my shoulder. "Congratulations again." I said nicely, and then hurried off. While that had been difficult for me, it had not been unbearable. I had spoken to Edward plenty of times since we had broken up. So what if he was getting married? At least Edward was happy. He was a wonderful person, wishing him happiness was easy for me. As I walked around the room, I was assaulted by familiar images. I couldn't believe that two years ago, this had been mine. Why hadn't I been enough? I had asked myself that very question thousands of times now, and I still didn't have the answer that I was looking for. The night had broken things off, Edward and I had talked a lot about our ideas of the future, and I remember being stunned that our dreams and aspirations hadn't matched up in the slightest. I wanted a life in the suburbs with kids and minivans, and Edward wanted a life of work and travel. For months we had simply been pretending to be happy together, when we really weren't. A lot of elements of our relationship had been fine, but the important parts had somehow been mangled beyond recognition or repair.

I was only twenty eight years old. And I knew that there was someone out there right for me. But my brain and my heart were confused- my heart was telling me that I had already found the love of my life and let him go, while my brain was telling me that Edward had never really been mine.

"Bella!" Alice approached me, flinging her arms around me and squeezing tightly. "I wasn't sure if you were going to show! Have you talked to Edward and Rosalie? Aren't they the cutest?"

For the third time, I stiffened up. This time, it wasn't in discomfort, it was in anger. "Stop it." I said through my teeth, crossing my arms over my chest. "You know I only came here because you told me it would make things easier. But you know what? It's not getting any better for me. You're supposed to be my best friend, Alice. Why in the world would you think that this would make things easier? This," I gestured in the direction of Edward and Rosalie. "Is making my heart hurt so badly that I can barely breathe. And you know what? I'm done. Done with you, done with Edward, and done with your whole goddamn family!"

With that I wrenched myself away from her, my supposed best friend, and stomped away. I wasn't even thinking as I stormed down the back hallway, but I froze when I flung open the first door that I came across. It was Edward's old room. Wiping my eyes, I stepped into the room and closed the door behind me. I had been in this room twice before, when Edward and I had stayed here with his parents, but I had never really paid close attention to anything. Now, I walked towards the far wall and looked closely at a bulletin board covered in pictures. Some of them were from Edward and Alice's childhood, but a lot of them were from his high school and college years. There was also one of Edward and Rosalie, tacked in the corner. With a shaking hand, I reached over and picked it up, wanting to get a better look. But when I did, another picture came into view.

It was one of Edward and I, back before we had gotten engaged…it was our first Christmas together. It had snowed well over six inches the night before, and I remember going outside to look at the beautiful wonderful. The picture, which had been taken by Esme, was sweet and playful. I was standing in the snow, and Edward was hugging me from behind, his chin resting on my shoulder. Both of us had huge smiles plastered across our faces. I looked back and forth between the two pictures, tears streaming down my face. What was so different between Rosalie and I? Why hadn't I been enough?

And to Edward…you left me. Why can't you leave her?


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