A series of one-shots looking at the Cullen children's ride home from school on the day of Bella and Edward's first meeting.

New Blood


Where was he? Not that I was impatient, it just wasn't like Edward to hang around school any longer than possible and now we had all been sitting in the car at least five minutes. Maybe something had gone wrong? Had anything happened to him? Surely I hadn't let something through my radar, I had spent all afternoon focusing on Jasper, what if I had missed something to do with my brother?

My husband caught my eye and smiled; reassuring me. If anything had happened to Edward we would have been told. I gazed out the window and at the small groups of student still milling around their cars but was distracted by the banging of a door of the building furthest from us and I spotted him. He face was contorted in the most horrible expression ever; he looked to be in insurmountable pain. My heart rushed out for him.

He crossed the parking lot in moments, his speed making him nearly invisible to all the humans. Only one seemed even the slightest bit aware of the movement. And then he was there, pulling the door open and throwing himself into the car.

"Edward", I tried to keep the panic out of my voice. What had happened to him?

He shushed me with a quick shake of his head and quickly began the car.

"What the hell happened to you?" Emmett was tactful as always. I turned to glare at him and he fell back into silence. We were speeding out of the parking lot now, the car hitting seventy before we made it to the main road. Everyone was looking at me but I simply stared at Edward. What had happened to him that I had missed? Sometimes I wished I could read minds instead of see the future; my special gift was no use to me when finding out what had already happened.

I knew Jasper was worrying about the climate in the car so I turned and shrugged at him, anything to calm him down.

I turned forwards again, as though watching the road but it quickly disappeared. Images of Edward in the snow flitted through my mind, him lying in the snow with the same pained expression on his face he wore now.

It was not going to snow in Forks anytime soon.

"You're leaving", how had this happened?

Everyone had turned to look at us.

"Am I?"I gripped the side of my chair. Suddenly it all made sense.

"Oh", Bella Swan; the new girl. Dead. Her skin white; blood flowing from open wounds upon her body. It became clearer. Edward, inside Chief Swan's house, a kitchen with painted yellow cupboards, a girl sitting doing her homework; unaware of the danger she is in until it is too late.

"Stop", Edward's words pulled me out of the vision.

"Sorry", the pain in his face made me physically ill; I had caused that look.

The scene shifted again; a dark highway sheltered by tall trees that whipped past.

"I'll miss you", I turned to look at him, "No matter how short a time you're gone".

Everyone in the back seat was still looking at the two of us were mental, only Jasper had any clue what was going on and I could see Edward's bloodlust for the Swan girl had rubbed off on my husband. I would have to take him hunting very soon.

He was driving that fast we were nearly home already.

"Drop us here. You should tell Carlisle yourself", I could explain what was happening to the others but no matter how old we were we still had a father, and he had the right to hear this first hand.

The rest of them got out as he pulled over but I hung back for a second.

"You will do the right thing", I had no doubt of this but it was always worth reminding him. "She's Charlie Swan's only family. It would kill him, too".

I remained still until he turned to me and answered a resigned "yes" but I wasn't sure what part of my statement he was agreeing with. I stepped out the car and he sped away as I closed the door.

I waited until he had turned and set himself back in the direction of town, and of the hospital before turning into the trees and darting after everyone else. They weren't hard to find; waiting just out of sight of the house beneath the trees, they were waiting for me.

Rose was the first to speak, "So, what has our little brother in such a mess? And what do you mean he's leaving? Where is he going?" Her tone was demanding, Rose really didn't like to be out of the loop. Underneath her disdain there was a softness however, despite how difficult she could be our family was the only place in the world for her and she knew it.

"I don't want to have to explain this more than once, even that's going to be difficult enough", I shuddered at the images that had been in my mind only moments before. I had tried hard not to show it in front of Edward but the disgust that I felt about the idea of him hunting that poor, vulnerable looking girl was making me sick. Humanizing was a huge part of the process for me when I chose this lifestyle and she simply screamed of it; so frail, so vulnerable. Her type was to be protected, not hunted.

I moved towards Jasper and he slipped one arm around me.

"C'mon, we need to go up and see Esme and then I promise I will explain everything as best I can", and tucking my head under Jasper's arm we made our way up to the house.

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