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Break Me

She doesn't love me, she craves me. She claims she loves me, but constantly cheats. I wanted to hate her, to despise her; for she constantly breaks me down. Let me be free. She is Rosalie Hale. The unattainable object, the ice queen. The one who stole my heart, and broke me in two. Let me break away…..please, just let me be free.

She places rough, yet tender, passionate kisses to my back and shoulder. With hands interlaced with mine, above my head; she presses herself against me in the most deliciously torturous way. I can feel her core rubbing against my ass, and she moans. I bite back my own moan at the sound, and I shudder as she leans in to whisper.

Please don't run from me Bella. I want; no I need to hear you.

She nibbles on my lobe, as her right hand unlatches from mine, and then finds that sensitive nub that waits between my slick thighs. Even though im biting my pillow, I can't help the moan that escapes. She's roughly grinding, teasing, and licking me. I hate the way my body responds.


I hate you. I moan out, clutching her left hand, as she continues to grind against my backside.

I know. She replies with a ragged breath. She's close, im close, and she knows it. She wants me to give in, but I can't give her the satisfaction. So I try with all my might, but I know it's futile. Don't run away from me Bella. It's always the same. We fight, we breakup, and just when I believe im free; she breaks me down, with her broken promises. Making me want her, making me need her. I hate you…..

So we fight, we fuck, we make up, then we break up. I love her, but I hate her.


I hate you! I moan louder, as her skilled fingers penetrate me deeper. I can feel my orgasm building. You ruin everything! I'm so close, so very close, and she knows it. Why! Why can't you let me go! I'm sobbing, and that familiar tightening is building faster. Don't run from me Bella….

Pease, please just let me go….let me be free. We're both panting and grinding.

I can't. She pants. Your mine, and I can't let you go…because…..

So close…..

Say it, break me Rosalie. My breathing is so ragged; it feels like my heart will burst.

Because…..because……because I love you!

She screams, as her orgasm rocks both our bodies; sending me over the edge as well. She collapses, pressing her heated body against my back. I can feel little wet droplets sliding down my shoulder. She crying….

She doesn't love me, she crave me. It's always the same. I want to be free. Please, please just let me go.