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Shadows and Magic

Chapter 1

I was having a wonderful dream.. Until Yami decided to wake me up.


/mmhmm/ Yugi rolled over in his sheets.

/Aibou, wake up./

Unwillingly Yugi sat up. /What is it Yami? Couldn't it wait until morning?/ Yugi rubbed his eyes, slowly swaying.

/Aibou.. There's something going on outside. . They ran off just a minute ago.. I think they're in trouble./ Yugi sighed as Yami fazed out of the puzzle and stood beside him. Then he burst out laughing.

"Aibou? Why are you laughing?" Yami asked. By now Yugi had rolled onto the floor giggling hysterically.

"Yami-you-hair-hilarious!" was all he managed to get out between the laughing.

"oh I see.." Yami looked into the mirror across the room. His normally star shaped hair was sticking out in all directions. "are you done?"

"- yeah. Now what were you talking about Yami?" Yugi asked while slipping on his blue leather jacket over his blue star spotted pajamas.

"Abiou, someone walked by not to long ago mumbling something about getting someone off their trail. Something about Death Eaters.. I think was the term he used. But then after he left, two more people ran by dressed in black cloaks."

"Well that doesn't sound to-" Yugi yawned and stretched his arms and then his shoulders slumped slightly.

"Aibou, why don't you go to your soul room and let me find out what's going on?" Yami asked while making his way over to his sleepy hikari. He put a transparent hand on Yugi's swaying shoulder.

"Are you-" another yawn. "sure Yami-" another yawn. "I'm pretty awake-" yawn. "now."

"No, it's alright Yugi, go get some well needed sleep. I'll wake you if something happens. Okay?" Yugi looked up and sighed.

"Alright Yami" He smiled and looked around the room. "But please be careful."

Yami nodded and with a flash of the millennium puzzle Yami had taken control. His Aibou needed some well deserved rest after the hours he spent earlier working on an essay for school. He had gone straight to bed and had fallen asleep only minutes after his head hit the pillows.

"Now, let's see what's going on out there." Yami said. He got up and walked out the door.

Albus Dumbledore knew that Voldemort had his Death Eaters hidden everywhere in Britain, but to have them in Japan, now that was a surprise. Not minutes after he arrived had he spotted one, and now he was following him through the streets of domino. He was also aware of the Death Eaters following him.

They must have been looking for me. Albus swiftly turned through the streets of Domino City, Japan. It was a cold night and the fog was thick and misty.

"Come on! The Dark lord will surely be disappointed if we fail in capturing Dumble- AHHH!" Dumbledore stopped immediately. He couldn't see much through the mist but he was suddenly aware of a strong magical presence nearby.

"Who's there?!" One of the Death Eaters questioned. "You dare to challenge Lucius Malfoy?!?" ah. So Lucius was here as well. Dumbledore thought to himself. The magical presence was becoming stronger.

"A coward! Show yourself coward and the Dark lord may spare you" Bellatrix continued. "It must just be a scared little muggle. Ha, Lucius! A muggle! Can you imagine? A muggle challenging Death Eaters? It's just so pathetic-" She was suddenly cut off by a strong commanding voice.

"You assume that I am powerless then?"

Dumbledore spun around. It was suddenly darker. Like shadows were enveloping the street, and the people on it. The fog cleared suddenly and standing in front Dumbledore was a boy, probably a teenager. He wasn't to tall. His was wearing leather, and lots of it. It looked like a blue school uniform. But with a few extra accessories, like the large golden pyramid hanging around his neck. And his hair, was an unbelievable array of colors- red black and golden yellow bangs. It was star shaped.

"Ha!" Bellatrix shouted. "You? You think you can threaten us? Your just a muggle."

"You are right Bellatrix, he is but a muggle. We shouldn't waste our time with him, when we have Dumbledore here to deal with." Lucius said while beginning to walk towards Dumbledore.

"You have no right to talk to me like that, and you aren't going anywhere. Do you even know where you are?" The mysterious boy asked while slowing walking towards Dumbledore. Lucius stopped and looked at the boy. He pulled out his wand and pointed it towards him.

"Of I know where I am. This is Domino city. And you," he said walking up to the boy. "are no one important. Avada Kedavra!"

"No!" Dumbledore shouted running towards the boy. But then he stopped. The spell seemed to harmlessly bounce of the boy.

"How?!?" Lucius spluttered.

"That's impossible!" Bellatrix shouted running towards Lucius with her wand held tightly towards the boy.

The boy looked at the ground. Then, he did something Dumbledore was expecting. He began to laugh.

He then stopped and looked straight at the two Death Eaters. Dumbledore noticed for the first time that his eyes were crimson red.

"Welcome to the shadow realm, it's time to play a game."

Yugi: Hey I want to play too!

Yami: No i'm not letting you in this one.

Yugi:But Yami!!

Lappalla: Oh shush it both of you. I have my plans thought out already and theres nothing you two can do about it.

(Yugi and Yami stare at eachother)

Yugi: Hey Lappalla..

Yami: Lets play a game .. (grims evily)

Lappalla: AHHHH!! (runs away screaming)

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