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"Harry what on Earth are you talking about?" Hermione questioned, watching Harry fluster through an explanation.

"Keep it down Hermione, someone might hear you." Harry retorted, looking slightly annoyed. "I told you. I saw TWO Yugis"

"But how is that possible?" Hermione spluttered, looking frustrated. "I've never heard of such a thing!"

"Okay back up, what exactly did you see? In detail this time." Ron asked.

"Well I was sitting at the table with you two, talking, and then Yugi walked in. He was finished talking to Dumbledore when all of a sudden this person appeared next to him; out of thin air. He was transparent and he looked almost identical to Yugi- "

"Wait, almost identical? What do you mean by that?" Hermione asked.

"Well… the other one was taller. He had spikier hair. He just looked older and more… wise?"


Harry looked to Ron.

"Do you think that maybe… maybe this is the spirit Yugi is hiding?" Ron asked cautiously.

"Wait just a second." Hermione said standing up and rushing to grab a book. She dropped the book on a table and swiftly flipped through several pages. "It all makes sense."

"What makes sense?" Harry asked, him and Rom walking over to the table.

"Egypt, the spirit, the lessons, everything makes sense!"

"Hermione I'm not following you." Ron said.

"This book I pulled from the restricted section. I decided to do a bit more research on this Shadow Magic stuff and for some reason Dumbledore had this book placed in the school. It's all written in Ancient Egyptian, and I had to pull a few strings to get it signed out but look here." Hermione said pointing to a paragraph. "If my translation is correct this explains everything. Ron you said that the Nameless Pharaoh was never found but was renowned for being extremely powerful and important yes?" Hermione asked looking to Ron.

"Well yeah. But that could just be Egyptian legend.."

"Ron have you learned nothing in Yugi's class? This paragraph describes a man of great power. It does not mention his name but listen to this, 'That which has been lost will be the key to utmost power.'"

"Hermione I still don'tt understand." Harry said, giving Hermione a confused look.

"Uh why must you two be so daft. This book is about Shadow Magic. Professor Mutou had us read up on a bit of history remember. Or did you two not do you readings?" Hermione paused and gave the two a look. "That's what I thought. He explained in the class that the powers of the shadows were always there but uncontrollable. The pharaoh at the time developed a way to help control these powers, but at great loss. He then passed it onto his son used the power to finally bring peace to the land. That's where we lose all history of the Shadow Magic. Where you not listening in class today?"

Ron and Harry shrugged.

"UGH! Okay, That which has been lost will be the key to utmost power. The Egyptians were always very keen on the afterlife, making preparations to ensure that the souls of living made it to paradise when they died. Pharaohs were considered god-like. Tell me why the Egyptians would allow one of their powerful rulers to go unprepared into the afterlife?"

"Wait, you don't think…" Ron started.

"Yes! Harry, Ron, what if this spirit is the Nameless Pharaoh? What if something happened way back in time that required the powers to be sealed? What if it required a sacrifice? It would explain everything!"

"You mean to say that you think the spirit is some mighty pharaoh that sacrificed his soul to save the world and is somehow connected to Yugi through the shadows? But that wouldn't explain how." Harry said looking at Hermione questioningly.

"I think I have an answer to that. You know the Puzzle that Yugi wears? Look at this." Hermione said flipping through a few more pages. She pointed to a picture and motioned the two to come closer. "See."

"No way." Ron said.

"What does this say Hermione?"

"Don't you remember Harry? Yugi told us that the Puzzle allows him to control the Shadows. This book says that this Puzzle and six other items are the key to the Shadows. It is vague, extremely vague, and it doesn't give an exact referral but something in these translations are edging towards something terrible that happened; something secret."

Harry and Ron were silent.

"Harry, Ron, I think… I think the spirit of the Pharaoh and Yugi are two halves of the same soul."

"Hermione wouldn't that make the Puzzle a Horcrux." Harry asked, frowning.

"No, No I don't think so Harry. I don't know what to think, this book is very vague, I'm afraid that if we want to know the truth we are going to have to go and ask Yugi directly."

"Well where is he now?" Ron asked.

"Ron it's past student curfew!" Hermione hissed, as the light from the fire flickered.

"It's not like we haven't broken it before Hermione, plus I have the invisibility cloak, and the Marauders map. I bet you anything that he's not sleeping, not after today's events. I say we go find him." Harry said looking towards Hermione and Ron.

"Harry we have a class with him tomorrow morning. We can try and talk to him then. Maybe we can confirm our suspicions throughout the class."


Yugi turned around and faced the door where Ryou was standing. Yugi was currently trying to decide what topic to discuss for the day's lesson. "Yes Ryou?" Yugi asked, turning back to look at his quick notes with a frown.

"Did you decide on a lesson for today? Ishizu told me to come check on you; she said she sensed some frustration." Ryou asked carefully.

"Oh don't worry Ryou, I think I have an idea." Yugi smiled until he received an accepted nod from Ryou.

/Yugi, you hardly slept last night. You're exhausted./ Yami placed a hand on Yugi's shoulder cautiously.

Yugi turned to make sure Ryou was gone and sighed. "I'll be fine Yami, it'll take more than some wacked out wizard and a night of no sleep to get me down." Yugi yawned and stretched his arms. "Do you want to walk down for some breakfast before the day begins? I haven't given you much freedom in exploring on your own yet." Yugi smiled and turned to Yami's semi-transparent form.

"I am not opposed to wandering the halls." Yami snickered and flashed back into the puzzle.

/Well just make sure you get some food before class starts, I hate teaching on an empty stomach./ Yugi thought, picking up a piece of paper and the wand that he received from Ollivanders.

/What are you planning to do with that?/ Yami asked as Yugi tucked the wand loosely into one of his pockets.

/I figured that today I would switch up the lesson. I've been meaning to test the applications of this thing and what better way to do it than a lesson! Plus the students are pretty familiar with wizard magic, I'm sure it could be very interesting./

Yugi's eyes flashed crimson and Yami supressed an amused chuckle. "Whatever you say Yugi." He said shaking his head as he walked out of the room.

Yugi was sitting on his desk, laughing at the semi-transparent Yami standing beside him. "I cannot believe that you couldn't find the kitchen."

"Well you had the same problem." Yami snapped back, frowning at the mockery.

"Yeah but I thought you'd at least pay attention to my mistakes!"

Yami huffed and glared at Yugi jokingly. "So what are we going to do about Harry?" Yugi asked looking to Yami for an answer. "Do you think he can actually see you? Like, how is that possible, I thought only the bearers were able to see the spirits?"

"It's definitely strange. There's no doubting that. I have my suspicions as to why though, but I'm not one hundred percent sure. We will just have to wait and see. I may test the waters as you like to say and see what his reactions are."

"Yami I will not have you disrupting my class." Yugi raised his eyebrows and crossed him arms.

"I won't cause any trouble; I just want to see if I can talk to him."

"Okay, but wait until I've begun the lesson. I'd like to actually get through another class without any interruptions."

"You won't even notice I'm here." Yami said, flashing back into the puzzle moments before the students started arriving.

Yugi rolled his eyes and fiddled with his wand as the students took their seats, carefully glancing at the three Gryffindors seated in the first row. Yugi waited for everyone to take their seats and then placed his wand on his desk. "Alright class, today I'm going to give you a bit of a break. Like I told you, I am not by any means familiar with what you normally learn here at Hogwarts. Your magic is strange to me and, that being said, I think you will enjoy today's lesson."

Yugi snapped his fingers and jumped up from the desk. "Hermione, would you would be so kind and join me here at the front of the class?" Yugi asked

Hermione faltered and looked quickly at Ron and Harry. "Of course Professor." She stood up and walked swiftly to the front of the class.

"Now class. You have, hopefully, learned quite a bit from me while attending this class, and now I would like to take this time to learn a bit about you." Yugi turned to look at Hermione and grabbed his wand. "I find it ever so interesting what you can do with these, but I have yet to attempt anything on my own so for today I'm going to pass the torch to you all. Today I will be the student and you will be the teachers. But! Before you plan any horrific pranks let me lay down some rules, there will be no curses, no jinx, no harmful spells, and certainly no unforgivable curses. But I'm sure that's obvious. You can each choose one thing to teach me, so choose wisely. Now," Yugi smiled and flashed Hermione a smile. "Let's begin."

The class continued without any incident. The class all lined up, all except for a few and waited patiently to have their chance at showing the professor their favourite spells and charms. Hermione tried to teach Yugi the Lumos charm, but for some reason Yugi couldn't recreate it himself. Yami sighed from his hiding place at the back of the classroom. True to himself Yugi honestly believed that he was giving it his all, but Yami knew better. Yugi was upset, he could feel it. Ron decided to go with a spell called Wingardium Leviosa which was interesting. He managed to levitate the desk off of the ground. Yugi was still unable to recreate it.

Yami watched the smile on Yugi's face falter and then return. He needed something to make him happy. Then Yami looked to Harry. And, as Neville took his turn, Yami took his chance to have a conversation with Harry.

"He's quite the person isn't he?" Yami questioned, materializing next to Harry who stared wide eyed in his direction. "I wouldn't make too much of a spectacle of yourself Harry, people may become concerned. Just listen to me for a few moments." Yami turned glance at Yugi as he again tried to recreate another spell. He sighed and turned back to Harry. "Listen Harry, we don't know why you can see us, but we aren't here to hurt anyone. I know that seems farfetched but for now I'm just asking you to trust me. I know you have questions, and I'll answer them after class but for now may I ask you a favour?"

Harry nodded and inched forward in the line he was next after Seamus. Yugi glanced up and sent a questioning glance to Yami, then turning his attention back to Seamus who decided to show Yugi how to repair a broken vase using Repairo.

"Harry Yugi is still shaken up about what happened yesterday. I can feel it in his soul and when Yugi gets upset he has trouble setting his mind and keeping his goals. Do me a favour, show him something to remind him of how happy he is and I will be very grateful." Yami said, vanishing back to the corner in the shadows where he could continue to observe.

Harry looked around and then back at Yugi who again failed at recreating the spell. "Thanks Seamus. I will definitely practice. Harry did you have something you wanted to show me?" Yugi smiled and then looked back to Seamus who interjected.

"If anyone can teach you Professor, it's Harry."

"Well you've got my undivided attention then Harry."

Harry shifted uneasily and thought. "Professor… Have you heard of the Patronus Charm?"

Yugi pondered Harry's question then shrugged. "I can't say I have Harry, but I would love to find out!" He said excitedly.

"Well you see Professor. We have these creatures called Dementors and well, they feed on your unhappy memories. If needed the use of a Patronus Charm will scare off the Dementors, if it's strong enough."

Yugi smiled, "Sounds interesting. How do you do it?"

Harry thought back to his conversation the unknown spirit and smiled. "Well, you have to think of your happiest memory. The Patronus doesn't work unless you can power it with your happiest memory. The more powerful the memory, the more powerful the Patronus."

Yugi thought hard and grinned at Harry. "Alright. Show me how it's done."

Harry pulled out his wand and closed his eyes, thinking of his happiest memory he then said, "Expecto Patronum." Harry's Patronus, the stag, flashed into the room and pranced around before whisking away once more. "See?"

Yugi stared wide eyed at where the Patronus vanished and smiled gleefully. "Okay okay! I am going to give this a try!"

At the back of the class Draco muttered, "Yeah and you'll fail like every other attempt." Receiving him a smack to the back of the head seemingly out of nowhere. Yami grinned to himself and called his shadows back and turned his attention back to Yugi and Harry.

"So my happiest memory? I just think about that right?" Yugi asked excitedly.

"Yes. Just think of your happiest memory and when you're ready cast the spell."

"Hmmm." Yugi mumbled as he thought.

Yami innocently watched in their mind as Yugi sifted through memories, finally picking one of his favourites.

"Well. Here goes nothing." Yugi said smiling. "Expecto Patronum." Yugi waited with a huge grin. At first nothing happened, then a bright light erupted from the end of Yugi's wand and fiery blue phoenix circled around the room before whisking away like Harry's.

"Yugi… you produced a full bodied Patronus on your first try." Harry said, taken aback by the small Professor who was now jumping around excitedly.

"Holy Ra I did it! And look at the time! Listen up class, your help was extremely well helpful! I'll let you off early today. For next class I'd like you to do some research on Pharaohs. We'll pick back up from where we left off last class." Yugi smiled and dismissed the class watching closely as Harry approached Ron and Hermione.

/You did haven anything to do with that did you?/ Yugi asked suspiciously.

/That is a curious question Yugi, but I'm afraid I've struck a deal with Harry, he held up his end of the bargain, now I must hold up mine./ Yami replied.

Yugi furrowed his eyebrows glancing around the room, looking for Yami. /And what does this deal demand Yami?/

Yami appeared next to Yugi, not startling the smaller version of himself at all. "We just need to answer a few questions."

Yugi rolled his eyes and attempted to nudge the transparent spirit playfully. He then left to shut the door as the last of the students, besides Harry, Ron, and Hermione left.

"Whew." Yugi said turning around to walk over to the trio of students in front of him. "I guess we need to talk about some things don't we." Yugi said sheepishly, shying away from the three students.

"Wait. So Harry did see something-er- well someone?" Hermione asked.

"Dumbledore mentioned you three were quite sneaky. I really shouldn't be surprised that you caught on so quickly. I actually can't really answer your questions I'm not very good at explaining things."

/Aibou, stop doubting yourself./

Yugi sighed and turned his attention back to the students. "Alright this is going to be extremely confusing. What exactly do you guys know?" Yugi asked, trying to make the best of this situation.

"Wait, let me catch up. Harry, are you actually seeing some weird spirit following Professor Mutou around or not?" Ron asked.

/I'm not weird./ Yami stated firmly through the mind link.

/Yami what am I supposed to tell them./ Yugi asked.

"Professor?" Hermione asked. Yugi snapped out of his trance and looked at Hermione.

"I'm sorry Hermione I'm just having a bit of trouble figuring out what I am supposed to say to you. I'm not quite sure how to go about this."

"Actually… If I may… I think I know already." Hermione stated cautiously.

Yugi raised his eyebrows and gave Hermione a questioning glance. "Do tell then."

"Well Professor, I have this book here, I found it in the library. Anyways, Harry came to us yesterday after the supper in the Great Hall frantically informing us of how he saw two of you and it reminded me of something I happened upon in this book. You see I had to translate quite a bit of it and I thought it would maybe be beneficial to the class but what I found was interesting. See in here it talks about a Pharaoh." Yami materialized next to Hermione and peered at the book.

Yugi's eyes flashed crimson and he swiftly strode over to the book. "May I?" He asked politely, swiftly beginning to flip through pages after Hermione nodded her approval.

"The Northern wizards and witches have always held loose relations with the magics of the sands… the great war… common ground was struck when the Pharaoh sealed away the Power and was lost." Yami frowned and looked at the paper.

"Professor?" Ron asked.

Yami turned away from the book and nodded, "It seems that you three know quite a bit about me. I'm quite impressed. "Yami picked up the book and scanned it with his eyes as he leaned against a desk. "You must forgive me, I don't come across books about my past every day." Yami smiled and put the book back down; still open to a page he wanted to finish reading.

"You aren't Yugi?" Ron asked.

"Honestly Ron you are quite slow sometimes." Hermione retorted quickly.

"So it's true then? What Hermione found in that book? You're really some sort of powerful Pharaoh? Why are you possessing Yugi!" Harry started volume rising with every question.

"Harry."" Yugi said materializing next to Harry. "He isn't possessing me." Yugi laughed and nodded with Yami and then his eyes shifted back to violet.

"Listen up. What I'm about to tell you does not leave this room. Am I understood?" Yugi asked quickly, watching the three students nod in agreement. "It is true, what Hermione found in the book anyways. Yami and I have not had the chance to dwell much in his past, it always ends… badly…"

"Wait, Yami? The Nameless Pharaoh's name is Yami?" Ron asked quickly.

"Oh Ra no. That's just what we call him. He doesn't know his name. But I'll get to that. I told you that back when I put together the puzzle I unleashed a great power. That power wasn't the power of the Shadows. You see when that book mentions the Pharaoh being lost, it truly means it. Yami was locked away for thousands of years in this puzzle, until such a time that the world needed him. I was the only one who could have put together that puzzle because the other half of his soul." Yugi leaned against one of the desks and sighed.

"So… exactly who are you…" Hermione asked cautiously.

"That's a really good question Hermione, I'll let you know when I figure it out." Yugi snapped, wincing as pain flared through his head again.

"Professor…?" Hermione stated, looking a little surprised.

Yugi shook his head and open his crimson red eyes. "I'm sorry Hermione, Yugi did not mean to snap. I'm going to ease your suspicions and just tell you what's going on. Dumbledore and I had a chance meeting and he asked us to lend our support in this war you all are facing. Yugi and I came here solely as a favour to him, but now it is personal. This Voldemort has taken interest in the very things I hold dear to my heart and I cannot allow them to fall into his hands. And no, the questions you may have about me cannot be answered because I myself cannot answer them. My mind is as secret to me as it is to you." Yami looked up at the three and then stared back down at the floor. "Harry, Ron, Hermione, this is as much of a learning experience for me as it is for you. Yugi and I are testing many boundaries that we have never crossed before and there is no telling where this road will take us. All I ask is that you trust me."

"What about your friends?" Harry questioned, noticing the sudden wince on the Professor's face.

Yami chanced a short laugh and squinted his eyes briefly. "You could say they have very similar secrets, but I'll save that for another time."

"Are you alright Yu- um… Yami?" Ron asked cautiously.

"It's just a spike in magic, your magic clashes with mine; I usually take over because the backlash is hard for Yugi to handle. I'd imagine it came from the Patronus. We'll be fine, rest is all we need. Though I must ask. Hermione?"

"'Yes Professor?" She answered quickly.

"Might I borrow that book? I'll give it back; you can imagine my curiosity over such an object."

"Of course." Hermione rushed over and pulled the book from the table. "Here you go. Harry, Ron, maybe we should leave before we are late for Snape's class."

"But-" Harry and Ron started, getting cut off by a glare from Hermione.

"Thank you for speaking with us Professor." Hermione said, gathering her things and motioning for Harry and Rom to follow.

"Anytime, I'll see you three tomorrow."

Yami watched as the three students left the classroom, he then shut the door behind them and prodded Yugi through the mind link.

/Are you alright Yugi?/

It took a moment for Yugi to respond. He slowly materialized next to Yami by the door; a tired look in his eyes. "I'm fine Yami. A little worn out; but fine."

Yami furrowed his brow and sighed. "I guess we've found ourselves in a few predicaments today."

Yugi yawned and rubbed at his eyes. "It was bound to happen eventually. They are smart students."

"No more wizard magic for a while alright? If we don't feel better by the weekend I'm going to have to wait on our Shadow Magic training."

Yugi frowned and retorted quickly, "But Yami!"

"No buts. Now let's head back to the room, you need a nap."

"Yami I'm sixteen and it's the middle of the day- " Yugi crossed his arms defiantly.

"I'm not the one who decided to fiddle with Wizard magic, you brought this upon yourself." Yami replied, gathering a few papers from the top of his desk.

"Fine. But we are not missing dinner in the Great Hall." Yugi said, flashing back into the puzzle silently.

Yami shook his head and chuckled to himself, picking up the last of his papers and the book and heading out of the door. "It's going to be a long week."

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