1 and 2 had been walking for days. "I still don't understand why we had to leave," 2 said.

"Because-ugh! Did you see the size of that thing-that man? He could've killed us at any moment. We had to get away from him. Trust me, I'm certain that whatever's out here is far less dangerous than what we'd have encountered in there," 1 explained walking forward.

Suddenly, a bomb rained down and almost crushed 1. He managed to jump out of the way in the nick of time, plus 2 had seized his arm and pulled him back.

"You were saying?" 2 asked.

Another bomb came down.

"Run!" 1 cried.

The two old creatures darted across the battle grounds and darted under an abandoned car. "You think this is safer?" 2 cried.

"You know what…be quiet!" 1 snapped.

"I'm just saying. I mean, we heard the noises from far away," 2 pointed out.

"Well…yes but…"

"What? Did you just keep going because you didn't want to admit that maybe you were wrong?" 2 asked.

"Oh, just be quiet!" 1 snapped.

There was a brief silence between them before 2 said: "I'm just saying."

"Shut up."

The Scientist's nerves had calmed down quite a bit as he began to work on 7. His mind would occasionally wander back to his previous creations. He thought of the twins and 6. They were just so cute.

The Scientist frowned. Saying something was 'cute' made him feel like a girl. Not that there was anything wrong with woman. The Scientist had spent most of his life with his mother after all. However his friends used to gibe about how he could be such a softy and a girl. The Scientist did his best to not let these comments bother him but it could be hard sometimes (because deep down he knew they were right).

7 was made out of some old canvas he found lying around and made a buckler for her front out of a piece of his mother's old jewelry. He wrapped a brown buckle around her right arm and his mind immediately wandered back to 2. He had wrapped some wire around 2's right arm. Like 7, 2's right arm wound up being a bit awkward looking at the top (whether it looked too long or too short the Scientist didn't know but it was driving him nuts) so the Scientist wrapped something around them. It looked much better this way.

Somehow, 7 didn't seem finished. The 7th creation was missing something. Maybe a belt would look good. The Scientist didn't want to use another buckle on 7 so he used a thin rope and wrapped it around his creation's waist. There, much better.

The Scientist smacked his forehead. He felt like his mother when she was getting ready to go out to someplace nice. Good God, he really was a girl.

The Scientist snorted and shoved the idea away. He hooked 7 up and readied himself for the soul transfer. Surprisingly, he wasn't as uncomfortable with this transfer. Granted it still hurt like hell but the Scientist didn't let the pain get to him (too much).

When the Scientist untied 7, she almost immediately woke up. She was shocked to see him but she didn't cower. She looked almost concerned.

"7, there are others like you," the Scientist began.

"Like me?" 7 asked looking down at herself. She fiddled with the gem protruding from her fabricated skin.

"I want you to find them. Make sure they stay safe. Do you understand, 7?"

"I…yes," 7 nodded. "I understand."

The Scientist brought 7 downstairs and lowered her to the ground. She stumbled a little bit but managed to walk a bit more comfortably than the others had. She started on her way when she paused. The female turned back to the Scientist and asked: "What about you?"

The Scientist flinched, a bit shocked by her sudden question. "I'll be fine if that's what you mean."

7's mouth formed a thin line and she turned away. She started moving forward only to turn back one last time. Then she shook her head and continued on.

The Scientist watched her. Out of all his prior creations (he couldn't say for sure about the twins since he hadn't met them), 7 seemed the strongest. Just the way she stood. The way she knew exactly what she had to do. The Scientist admired it and only hoped that she could help defend the others.