The Wayfaring Darkness

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Warning: Rated M for language and violence!

Chapter 1: The Darkness Hidden in the Leaves

Draxnew jumped from the ledge, leaving his three comrades behind. "I'm so sorry, Xion…" Draxnew muttered as he fell from the castle ledge and sped towards the dark streets below, the wind howled around him and deafened him so he did not hear the cries of rage from above. A kunai whizzed by his face, the weapon giving off electricity. "Oh my god!" Draxnew did the first thing he could think of, to run. He snapped his fingers and the streets below, and everything around him, vanished.

"AAAH!" Draxnew yelled as he fell face first onto some dirt. He rubbed his head and got up. "Where am I?" Draxnew looked around. He appeared to be in a village of sorts. Tall buildings everywhere, people bustling this way and that. He noticed something extremely odd, there were trees everywhere. All around the village, there were towering trees, some were even tangled in the houses but it seemed nobody cared about them. "Where am I?" Draxnew muttered to himself and brushing the dirt from his clothes.

A young boy was just finishing his ramen when he heard a yell from behind him. He turned around. He saw a brunette boy with confused, brown eyes. He wore a black hooded coat, with the hood down. He also had black pants, gloves, and shoes. There was a zipper on his coat, it was all the way zipped, but halfway down the coat it was unzipped. The boy heard the boy question his location. "You're at Ichiraku Ramen, the best place to eat in Konoha!" The young boy said.

"Huh?" Draxnew turned around and saw a boy about his age who was wearing green goggles and an orange jumpsuit with red swirls on it. He had yellow hair that was extremely spiky and sapphire-blue eyes, but the weirdest thing about him was that he had three marks on each cheek that looked like whiskers.

"I'm…uh…new around here." Draxnew lied.

"New, huh?" The boy asked, tilting his head to the side slightly. It's obvious the boy wasn't smart to fall for such an obvious lie. "Well, this is Konoha. Home of the Leaf Shinobi!" He said with shining eyes and his voice heavy with pride.

'Shinobi, huh?' Draxnew thought. 'If I can become a Shinobi, that organization wouldn't be able to kill me if I were found.'

"Are you a Shinobi?" The boy asked, interrupting Draxnew's thoughts.

"Uh, no. Are you?" Draxnew asked.

"Well, almost. If I pass the exams today, I'll become a Genin!" The boy replied. "Do you want to be a Shinobi?"

"Uh, would your school let me do so?" Draxnew asked. "I'm a total stranger."

"Well, you're about my age, so you couldn't be of any danger or something like that. By the way, what's your name?"

"Draxnew. Yours?"

"Uzumaki Naruto!" Naruto replied. "Come on, I'll lead you to the Academy."

Naruto started walking and Draxnew followed. As they were walking, Draxnew looked up and noticed a mountain with the faces of four men carved into it. The one on the far left was a young man wearing a bandana of sorts. Just by looking at him, he seemed intelligent and calm. The second face was stern and had spiky hair and is wearing a helmet of sorts. The third face had spiky hair and a beard, he seemed very wise. The final face seemed to be the youngest of the four and had the look of a courageous man. "What's with that mountain?" Draxnew asked.

"That's Hokage Mountain, each Hokage has their face carved into it." Naruto replied.

"What's a Hokage?" Draxnew asked, scratching the side of his head.

"The leader of Konoha." Naruto replied, giving Draxnew a confused look.

"I see…" Draxnew muttered. The next several minutes are spent in silence as Naruto and Draxnew pass winding trees and busy crowds. They then go inside a semi-large building.

"This is the Academy." Naruto said. "You wait out here. I'll get my sensei." Naruto goes into one of the Academy's rooms. Draxnew waits for a few minutes and then Naruto comes out followed by someone. He was a man with a scar on his nose, and brown hair in a ponytail, he wore a forehead protector on his forehead with a leaf symbol on it and he wore a green vest. He looks down at Draxnew.

"This kid, huh? Where are you from?" Iruka asked Draxnew and looking him over.

"Uh. Somewhere very far away." Draxnew replied, trying to avoid looking into Iruka's eyes.

"Well, we can't just let you join the Academy if we don't know where you're from. In fact, I should take you to the Hokage. For all I know, you could be a spy." Iruka said.

"But Iruka-sensei! The guy's my age, how much of a threat could he be?" Naruto argued.

"I suppose you're right. Even if he was dangerous, Izumo and Kotetsu would've done something about him entering the village. But, you still can't join. I'm sorry." Iruka said.

"Damn." Draxnew muttered, looking at the ground.

"Sorry, Draxnew." Naruto apologized.

"It's fine. I'll catch you later I guess." Draxnew said and left while Naruto and Iruka went back into the room.

"That was stupid of you. What if he was dangerous?!" Iruka scolded and gave Naruto a slap on the back of the head.

"Ow! I'm sorry, he just didn't seem dangerous." Naruto said while rubbing his head.

"Things aren't always as they seem." Iruka replied.

Meanwhile, Draxnew found a tree with a lone swing on it, he sat against the tree. Traveling between worlds was exhausting and Draxnew immediately fell asleep. Hours later, Draxnew was woken up by the sound of men shouting, it was night. Draxnew climbed the tree and looked around and saw men with green vests like Iruka's running around, they seemed to be searching for something. "What the hell is going on?" Draxnew muttered, he then saw Iruka dashing into a crowded forest and decided to follow. Iruka didn't seem to notice Draxnew, perhaps he was so determined to accomplish whatever he was doing. Iruka entered a clearing and Draxnew hid behind a tree and listened intently.

"I've found you!" Iruka's voice shouted.

"Oh, hey sensei." Another voice came up, the voice was Naruto's.

"How did you steal that scroll?!" Iruka asked.

"Mizuki-sensei told me about it." Naruto said.

'Scroll? What's going on?' Draxnew thought.

"Nice job finding the kid." A voice sneered. The voice sounded odd, as if he was in a trance of sorts. It was deep and gravely, like he was gurgling glass while speaking.

"Mizuki! What are you- AGGGGGGHHHHH!!" Iruka's voice rang out and Naruto screamed.

"Enough!" Draxnew came from behind the tree into the clearing. "What the?!" Draxnew saw a white-haired man. Though, he looked mutated. His sclera were all yellow, missing irises and pupils. He had jagged teeth and a vine jutting from his back, choking Iruka.

"Don't interfere." Mizuki said, barely glancing in Draxnew's direction.

"Draxnew! What are you doing here?" Naruto asked.

"Don't worry." Draxnew summoned his Dark Sword. The sword was pitch black and about four feet long. "I'll kill him!" Draxnew charged at Mizuki, who backhanded him into a tree.

"Annoying brat." Mizuki grunted.

"R-Run…get out of here…" Iruka choked out, trying in vain to pry the vine from around his neck.

"I won't leave you sensei!! Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!!" Naruto shouted and a dozen clones appeared.

"It seems you have some skill. But you're coming with me." Mizuki said. Three more vines sprouted from his back and two of them elevated him off the ground. The last vine swiped at Naruto, who ducked and a scroll on his back is knocked away somewhere.

"No way!" Naruto shouted and all his clones attacked, but are all taken out with one swing of the vine, and vanished in a puff of smoke.

"Na…ruto…" Iruka passed out and Mizuki tossed him aside nonchalantly.

"What do you want from me?!" Naruto demanded.

"The creature sealed inside you, the Kyubi no Yoko." Mizuki said.

"The Kyubi…what's the Kyubi?" Naruto asked.

"A giant, nine-tailed fox that attacked the village fifteen years ago. The Yondaime Hokage sealed it, inside of you, Naruto." Mizuki answered.

Saying Naruto was shocked would be an understatement. So many thoughts rushed through his head that he just froze and didn't notice the vine wrapping around his body. "Naruto! Snap out of it!" Draxnew yelled and a small orb of shadow appeared in his hand, he threw it at the vine wrapping around Naruto.

"AAHH!" Mizuki yelled. He retracts the vine. "You little…!"

Naruto snapped out of his trance and made a hand sign. "Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruto shouted and about a hundred clones appeared. "Nobody messes with my sensei!" The original Naruto said, his killer intent growing. They all lunged at Mizuki.

"Oh no…" Mizuki wildly lashed his vines that destroyed all the clones. 'The kid is stronger than he looks.'

Draxnew leapt at Mizuki, ready to strike with his Dark Sword. He slashed off one of the vines, but the part he cut off grew back. "What the hell?!" Draxnew's eyes widened in surprise.

"Stay out of this." Mizuki growled.

Draxnew made clones that enveloped from the shadows. "No way you freak." Draxnew said coldly

'He can make clones? Just who is he?' Naruto thought.

"Hm. Interesting." Mizuki muttered. He summoned more vines from his back and stabbed the clones which made them vanish, the real Draxnew barely dodged. He threw a shadow orb at Mizuki and managed him in the chest which stunned him.

"Take this!" Naruto took this opportunity to jump into the air and dropkick Mizuki in the face, which sent him to the ground and knocked him out.

"Ugh…" Mizuki groaned. The vines vanished and his teeth became human.

Iruka groaned and woke up. "Naruto…?" He said wearily.

"I'm fine, Iruka-sensei!" Naruto shouted. He sat on the ground, exhausted from using so much energy.

Draxnew walked over to where the scroll is. "No! He's gonna steal the-" Iruka said but was stunned to see Draxnew bringing it back.

"Here you go." Draxnew said and gave the scroll to Iruka.

'Maybe he's trustworthy after all. If he wanted to steal that scroll, he would've done it.' Iruka thought. Though, Iruka didn't know that Draxnew had no idea what the scroll was. "Naruto, where did you learn such a technique?" Iruka asked.

"I studied the scroll and practiced until I got it right." Naruto replied.

'Amazing, he mastered that technique in less than an hour.' Iruka thought. "Well, I guess this means you're now a Genin." Iruka said.

"You really mean it?!" Naruto asked with glee.

"Well, the test was to make clones, so yes." Iruka replied.

"Yes! I'm finally a Genin! But…what about Draxnew? He helped." Naruto said.

"Well, just a little…" Draxnew said, rubbing the back of his head.

"I think he's proven to be trustworthy, so yes, he shall also be made a Genin and hopefully an official Konoha citizen." Iruka said with a smile.

Draxnew cheered at the top of lungs. "Yeah! I'm a Shinobi!"

Meanwhile, an old man was watching the events in a crystal ball. He was in fact the man whose face was on Hokage mountain, with the spiky hair. A Shinobi ran into the room the old man was in. "Hokage sir-" The man raised his hand and the Shinobi went silent.

"Everything is alright. The scroll will be returned soon." The Hokage said. "As with two new Genin and a new Konoha citizen. Call off the search for the scroll." He added.

"Yes sir!" The Shinobi left. The Hokage smiled to himself.

In a cold, damp cave elsewhere, there stood two men. Though something was odd about them. Their bodies were transparent and flickering, like holograms. One of the men seemed extremely plant like, with giant Venus flytrap-type jaws around his head. He had yellow eyes and a black cloak with red clouds. The other man had the same cloak, spiky hair, and a swirling mask. The mask had one eyehole, showing an odd eye that was red with strange black markings. "Unfortunately, Mizuki under my Hoshi Rimokon no Jutsu, failed to get the Kyubi." The plant-like man said.

"How did he fail?" The second man asked, he had an extremely calm voice but his disappointment lingered in the air.

"There was interference, some boy in a black coat." This time, it seems as if the plant-like man had two voices, or a split personality of sorts.

"Hmmm. You have the recordings from Mizuki, correct?" The red-eyed man asked.

"Of course." The plant-man replied.

"Good, come to my location so I can view them, Zetsu." The red-eyed man said.

"Yes, Madara-sama." Zetsu's holographic form vanished, as did Madara's.

The newly graduated Genin were unaware of the events that had taken place last night and were all shocked to see Naruto enter in the classroom with the official headband. They were also taken back at Draxnew entering the class after Naurto, as none of them saw him before. 'So, these are the other Genin Naruto told me about.' Draxnew thought. He looked around the room and saw about thirty Genin Naruto and himself, Iruka was also there, standing in at the front of the room. The person closest to him was an obese boy wolfing down potato chips. He wore a long, white scarf with a short-sleeved green jacket with a shirt underneath with a symbol of sorts, he had bandages around his arms, earrings, swirls on his cheeks and wore his bandana on his head in a way so two tuffs of brown, spiky hair poked out.

Next to him was a boy with a ponytail. The boy wore a grey shirt with blue circles on the sleeves, on his left arm was his headband, and underneath the shirt was a fishnet-like shirt. The boy's face was hidden in his arms as he slept. "Shikamaru, wake up!" A voice shrilled. A girl behind the sleeping boy threw a pencil at him, waking him up.

"Yeah, yeah…" The boy mumbled and looked up. The girl who woke Shikamaru up had blue eyes and was wearing purple, she had a ponytail that seemed to go down to her waist, but the desk she was sitting at blocked the view.

Further on, there was a boy with a grey hooded coat and wore his headband around his forehead. Atop of the boy's head was a smile white dog, snoozing under the raised hood. He had brown hair, red markings under his eyes and a canine-like look.

Next to the boy with the dog was a shy-looking girl. She had dark black hair cut short above her ears save for two strands on either side of her face that went to her chin. Around her neck was her headband. She had odd, pale eyes, she wore a pale hooded jacket.

Behind her was an odd boy with brown hair, with his headband around his forehead. He wore black shades and had a monotone expression. He wore a sea green collared jacket and there wasn't much noticeable about him.

At the far side of the room sat a dark boy. He had raven hair with a slight blue tint and cold eyes. He wore a blue shirt with a red and white fan on the back. He didn't even glance at Draxnew. There were many other Genin as well.

"Who is that?" A Genin asked. This Genin was a girl with long, light pink hair and emerald eyes. She wore her headband so that it was in her hair and faced upwards. She wore a red shirt with white circular designs. "Also, why are you here Naruto?" She asked accusingly.

Iruka answered before Naurto could. "Naruto proved himself worthy of Genin status, and this boy is our newest student, Draxnew…er…what's your last name?" Iruka asked.

"I don't really have one." Draxnew replied.

"How do you not have a last name?" The boy with the dog on his head asked.

"I just don't." Draxnew said with a shrug.

"Yeah, but-" The boy with the dog started.

"Let it go, Kiba." Iruka said.

"Alright. Sorry." Kiba said. Draxnew and Naruto sat down next to each other.

"Now then, today we'll be getting into our teams. First off is Team Ten, the team leader is Sarutobi Asuma. The team members are as follows: Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Chōji, and Yamanaka Ino." Iruka announced. Shikamaru and the chubby boy known as Chōji grin while the blond girl, Ino, sighs and lowers her head a little. A man with a green vest like Iruka's entered the room. He had brown eyes and spiky black hair and a spiky beard. He also had a lit cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth. He had a laid back look to him and seemed friendly and hard to anger. "Hello Asuma, here's your team." Iruka said with a smile, Asuma nodded in response. Chōji, Ino, and Shikamaru stood up and leave with Asuma. "Team Eight's leader is Yūhi Kurenai. The members are Hyūga Hinata, Aburame Shino, and Inuzuka Kiba." Iruka announced.

A woman entered the room. Unlike Asuma and Iruka, she lacked a green vest. She wore bandages on her arms and had a white shirt and a fishnet shirt underneath that. She had flowing black hair and ruby-red eyes. "Hello Iruka." She greeted.

"Hello Kurenai." Iruka responded. Kiba, the shy girl who was revealed as Hinata, and the boy with the glasses revealed as Shino, got up and followed Kurenai out the door.

"Alright. Team Seven. The team leader is Hatake Kakashi. The members are Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke, and Draxnew." Iruka announced.

"What? Why do we have four members?" The pink haired girl, Sakura, asked.

"Well, Draxnew came at such short notice so one team needs four members." Iruka explained.

"This is awesome!" Naruto yelled. The boy in the blue shirt, Sasuke, didn't react.

Iruka continued to call off teams and the other team leaders took them away, yet Kakashi never showed up. Soon everyone was gone but Team Seven and Iruka. "Well, he has a knack for being late." Iruka said after Naruto asked where their sensei was. "He'll show up though, don't worry." Iruka left the room and closed the door behind him.

"Damn! Where is he?!" Naruto said, about an hour after Iruka left.

"Shut up, Iruka-sensei said he'd come." Sakura scolded. She turned to Draxnew who was sitting beside her, staring out the window. "So, where are you from?" She asked him, trying to get to know the mysterious boy.

Draxnew snapped out of his daze. "I'd…rather not say." Draxnew said uncomfortably.

"Then how do we know we can trust you?" Sasuke asked, speaking for the first time since Naruto and Draxnew arrived earlier.

"Well, the Hokage made me an official citizen of Konoha, so you can speak to him if you disagree." Draxnew replied. Sasuke just glanced away.

The door slowly opened and a man walked in. He wore the usual green vest and blue jumpsuit with steel plates on the back of the hands. He had silver hair which stood tall and went off to the right. Unlike his hair, the man slouched slightly, as if he didn't have the pride to stand tall. The weird thing about this man was that his jumpsuit went all the way up to his face, covering it from the top of the nose down, except for his right eye which stared off with a cold, longing expression. His headband was tilted so it covered his left eye. "Hello." The man said, his voice was relaxed as if he was bored and couldn't try to care about his team. "I'm Hatake Kakashi."

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