Perks of Insomnia

Pierce x Alice

The house was dreadfully quiet, devoid of all light, all possible noise. The silence sent shivers down the dormouse's timid spine as he hurried back towards his room. His mind was in a tumult. He thought his sleepless disposition had nothing to do with those extra cups of coffee he downed minutes before. He denied that as the source of his restlessness.

He blamed the darkness – those frightening shadows! – for his discomfort. He hated seeing such a terrifying emptiness every time he closed his eyes. It wrought his already timorous heart with an even greater sense dread, very much like the anxiety he feels moments before Boris pounces him.

Pierce Villiers shuddered at the thought. He blindly rushed forward, jumping at even the slightest noise. He wanted to go to his room. He wanted to go back to sleep. He didn't want to be in such darkness anymore.

With his spirit failing, his heart growing more despondent the longer he walked the halls, he halted in front of one door.


Pierce's fear had evaporated in the surrounding darkness, dissipating into thin air. His vibrant green eyes were locked onto Alice's sleeping form.

He unconsciously stepped into her room. It wasn't his first visit to the young foreigner's room. Every night he had trouble sleeping, he always found himself walking passed her doorway and merely observing her as a silent spectator.

He breathed a wistful sigh as he sat himself beside her. The sound of her breathing was like a sweet melody in his ears, a gentle crescendo that relaxed his taut senses. He always did like watching her sleep. She always seemed so placid, so serene. Just seeing her seemed to calm to the inner turmoil raking his brain and placate the storm that raged in his heart.

Pierce then noticed something that was very unlike Alice. Underneath the covers of her sheets, she was shaking, mumbling something incoherently in her sleep.

"Don't be afraid," assured the mouse, running a comforting hand through her hair. He smiled to see her relax under his touch, cease her wild trembling. He slid himself beside her and tucked himself comfortably in the sheets. "I'm right here beside you…"

Even if he was not privileged to a good night's sleep, he wanted Alice to be able to slumber peacefully.

Alice snuggled onto his chest, resting her ear against his ticking heart. A content sigh escaped her drowsy lips. Pierce merely smiled.

Insomnia was a pain at times, but Pierce never complained. Not one bit

It allowed him to stay awake for moments like these. He didn't want to miss a single second, a single breath. He wanted to remain awake for every moment of it.

Random A/N Notes: For XxxAlice in Shugo CharaxxX who suggested the idea for me. Hope this was okay. It wasn't very long, but I wanted to try something shorter than my usual.

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