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We found another one, Xeh-Xeh."

Xemnas looked up from his notes, watching Xigbar with a bit of surprise showing on his face as he watched the older man. Xigbar sighed and ran a hand through his hair, fiddling with his newfound ponytail. Xemnas finally managed to gather his thoughts. "Right...from where?" He ignored the fact that Xigbar had used his old name for the moment. It was a habit they'd had yet to break. Xemnas suspected they'd never fully rid themselves of it. Xigbar sighed.

"Radiant Garden, shockingly enough. Most likely scenario is we never met the kid. Christ knows we locked ourselves in the castle all the time." He remarked wryly, shouldering his gun and leaning against the doorframe for support. Xemnas nodded.

"I see. I suppose I shall go see to him, then. Xigbar, are you fit for another mission? It's my wish to have you accompany me if you are." He asked. Xigbar considered it for a moment. After a bit of internal debate, he nodded and beckoned to Xemnas.

"Right, Xeh. C'mon, I'll take you to the world where he was..." He replied, and Xemnas summoned a Corridor of Darkness in response. The two disappeared within an instant.


Xemnas regarded Halloweentown with amused contempt. The shambling grotesque gallery of both freakish people and freakish scenery both disturbed him and made him smile. It was one of the more interesting worlds, to say the least--however, even that wasn't enough to make Xemnas enjoy this newest mission.

The main reason for this was his inability to pick the Nobody out of the crowd of monstrosities; with his newfound power over nothingness itself, he could usually detect a Nobody that was approximately a mile away, but nothing was coming to him.

Xigbar looked up at the sky and pointed towards the massive moon hanging in the sky. "Xemnas, he was right near the moon. On this mountain...thing. It was like this weird striped spiral. I think we'll have to cut through the cemetery." Xigbar said, rolling his eyes at the annoyance. Xemnas groaned.

"All right. Hurry up, Braig, we should aim to be back home before--" He paused and fought down a smile. "I would say back before dark, but I don't think that's possible any longer, is it?" He murmured. Xigbar detected a faint hint of bitterness in his tone, but stayed silent. He simply took Xemnas' hand and squeezed it gently. Xemnas managed a quick smile before heading through the gates and out of Halloweentown.


The two traversed the cemetery with little difficulty. It wasn't navigating the cemetery that bothered them--it was the eerie feeling that followed them like a shadow. Xemnas shuddered, and Xigbar looked at him with concern. "Hey, Xeh? You're sensing a Nobody, right?" He asked. Xemnas nodded.

"Yes...a presence is close." He murmured. "I can't tell exactly where yet..." Xemnas kept going through the cemetery, looking up at the moon. Something about its' light was pulling him towards it. He sighed, standing at the base of the strange spiral mountain. It curled up just as Xigbar had described, and he was amazed when he found he could walk upon its' surface.

The scent of a Nobody was getting ever closer. Xemnas beckoned to Xigbar and the two crept up the mountain. Xemnas suddenly felt like the moon was crushing him and weighing down on him with a terrible force. He hid his odd evanescent fear and kept going up the mountain until he could press his fingers against the full, bloated, and malignant moon. The Nobody was close. He could feel it.

A snarl interrupted his thoughts, and he heard Xigbar draw Sharpshooter from behind him. He turned around to face the being that had interrupted his thoughts. As his eyes fell on the form of the creature, his eyes widened and a spark seemed to light up in his chest.

The man was crouched on the ground, his bearing feral and vicious. Xemnas saw clawed hands digging into the dirt, tearing chunks of loam and stone out of the mountain. Cobalt hair spilled over down his back and obscured half of his face.

Xemnas was unsure if it was the power of nothingness or not, but his whole body thrummed with an alien sort of pleasure as he watched the man stay perfectly still, his whole body a perfect statue of barely contained violence. He reached out a hand and knelt to get closer to the man.

"Greetings." He purred. "I am Xemnas, leader of Organization XIII." The man looked up at him for a moment, and Xemnas paused, seeing a vicious look in his eyes. He knew he had no choice to press on, but he watched the Nobody with slight trepidation. He managed a small, reassuring smile.

"You are to come back with me. This is no longer your home. You've lost everything...your heart, your home, even your name. Come." He said gently, holding out a hand for the man to take. Burning golden eyes watched him for a moment. The man tilted his head up and Xemnas saw terror steal across his face before he roared, leaping at Xemnas and sinking his teeth into his shoulder.

Xigbar snarled, trying to yank the Nobody off, but Xemnas held up a hand. "Braig, attend." He said quietly. Xigbar spat on the ground and snarled in obvious displeasure, but he held his position. Xemnas looked down at the berserker. His eyes were clenched tightly shut, but he could see tears forcing their way through them. His whole body shook with pain, and the blood that now poured from Xemnas' shoulder seemed to both spur him to bite in harder, clawing at his back with his fingers, and pain him even further.

Xemnas tucked a bit of hair behind the berserker's ears, noting with a bit of amusement that they swooped up into delicate points. He traced the tip and tried to ignore the screaming pain in his shoulder as the man dug his teeth in deeper. "You've lost your name." He murmured again. "You've lost your home. Please. You will have a home with me. I will give you a name...I will give you a heart. Listen to me." Xemnas closed his eyes, and tried to pull a name out of the nothingness. It took a minute, and he could feel himself swooning from blood loss, but the name came to him and he smiled in pleasure.

"Come home, Saix..." He murmured, feeling himself pass out even as he reached a hand out to bring Saix home.

Xigbar sighed, summoning a Corridor for all three men. He muttered dark epithets against Xemnas as he dragged both him and Saix through the darkness and into the World that Never Was. He reappeared back inside the castle itself and roared, "VEXEN!"

The blonde scientist stormed up from the basement, fumbling with the door for a moment before wrenching it open. He opened his mouth, already preparing to shout at Xigbar for interrupting his work, but Xigbar simply gestured to Xemnas and Vexen's jaw snapped shut. He rolled his eyes, raised an eyebrow, and pointed to Saix. An unspoken flash of amusement passed between both him and Xigbar. Without another word, Vexen picked Xemnas up and carried him into the infirmary, trying incredibly hard not to laugh.

"Xigbar, can you please tell the others that you and Xemnas have arrived home with another Nobody? And tell Ien--Zexion...tell him to take a break. I know he's still in the basement." Vexen murmured. Xigbar nodded and summoned a Corridor, disappearing into the Place Where Nothing Gathers.


Xigbar simply walked up to his chair, enjoying the feeling of walking upon air and the silence of the room. He tapped the arm of his throne and whistled, sending a summons for the others.

Xaldin arrived first, lances slung over his shoulder and his hair an unbraided mess. Lexaeus followed an instant after, in the same haggard state. Xigbar grinned. "I see you two have moved on from wrestling crocodiles." He teased. Lexaeus managed a small smile as Xaldin glared daggers at him. Xigbar stuck his tongue out at Xaldin as Zexion arrived. The youngest ex-Apprentice winced, immediately seeing the others' looks of concern zeroing in on him.

He hadn't slept in two days, (although he had never mentioned this fact to Vexen or Lexaeus), and he hadn't eaten anything more substantial than a cup of coffee and some toast in about half of a week. Two bruise-colored circles had formed under his eyes, and he could barely summon the energy to make it to his own throne.

"It's not as bad as it looks." He murmured, curling into a fetal position and pressing his knees up against his chest. "Honest." He told them, trying to manage a small smile. Xigbar snorted.

"Still pretty bad, Ienzo. After this little announcement, either you get in bed or I can kick your ass across the castle and back. Clear?" He snapped. Zexion sighed, leaning his head against his knees.

"Xigbar, you're not being fair." He replied. "I'm just as grown-up as you now..." Xigbar made to dispute his claim, but Vexen appeared in the throne room and interrupted his scathing lecture. Xigbar held his tongue, but he was already planning a way to lock Zexion in his room and take his bookshelves away. Vexen watched Zexion for a moment. Then his raised an eyebrow. Zexion groaned and settled into his seat. "Fine, Even, I'll go to bed..." He muttered.

Xigbar stared at him incredulously. "Jesus Christ, Vexen, how in the name of hell do you do that?!" He hissed. Vexen managed a small smile of amusement.

"I have the keys to the lab." He replied, holding up a small silver set of keys. Xigbar shook his head in amazement. Vexen sighed and continued on. "The Superior was a hubristic idiot, as I suppose we've all come to expect at least once a month or so. However, his recklessness has brought us back another Nobody. His name is Saix, from what I could get out of Xemnas. Xeh himself, however, is asleep right now. Saix pretty much mauled his entire left arm. He'll be fine, but he needs to sleep. Saix is sedated--apparently being out on his own in Halloweentown did something to both his mental and physical state. The best thing we can do is let them both be for the time being." He sighed.

"I think we can manage by ourselves for the rest of the night. However, someone needs to make dinner. I can't, and someone should stay with Xemnas and Saix, at any rate." Vexen disappeared, but not before calling, "And if one of you doesn't lock Zexion in his room and make him sleep, I'll stuff you all in the freezer!" Xigbar shuddered.

"He sounded way too cheerful about that." He muttered darkly. Xaldin laughed.

"Agreed. I'll make something for all of us. I suppose we should go on as we always do. After all, it's nothing serious..." He turned to Zexion and trailed off, smiling in amusement as Zexion slept peacefully, unaware of the conversation. "I suppose food can wait for him. Lexaeus, just take him to his bedroom, would you? Meet us in the kitchen when you're done." Lexaeus nodded, trying not to smile as he gathered Zexion in his arms. The others disappeared, and he felt Zexion stir in his arms after they'd all left.

"They're all gone?" He whispered. Lexaeus nodded. Zexion smirked. "Good. I wasn't in the mood to eat Xaldin's cooking and get my stomach pumped anyway." He murmured, closing his eyes again. Lexaeus simply shook his head in bemusement as the both of them disappeared.

Xemnas slept peacefully. Vexen had, for once, little trouble getting him to take medicine. It helped that he had been unconscious at the time. He lay back on the bed with his silver hair spilled out over the pillow as he shifted in his sleep. Kingdom Hearts shone through the window, lending an unearthly glow to the room. It was that same alien glow that woke Saix up.

Something was tearing into his chest. He whimpered with pain and pressed a clawed hand against his chest, right where his heart had been. He hadn't been able to dream. Something was gnawing at his sanity. For all the time he'd spent in Halloweentown, so close to the moon, it had done nothing to fix him. He felt tears trailing down his face, searing and wet. He looked around and tried to observe his surroundings to ignore the tears that soaked his cheeks.

The lab shone with a pale creamy light, Kingdom Hearts looming overhead. Saix bowed his head in acknowledgement of his goddess before turning back to the room itself. It was altogether both foreign and boring. Bottles of chemicals, medical journals, and all other sorts of scientific paraphernelia caught his eye for a moment before being deemed unworthy of his interest.

Then he realized he could hear someone breathing. His senses had heightened after his transition, and he could now note differences in the breathing patterns of other creatures. This one sounded familiar...but one he'd only heard once...while he'd been in his berserker state. His eyes widened as he realized the truth.

He turned to see Xemnas in the bed next to him, peacefully asleep. The clawing pain in his chest now ached with such ferocity that Saix actually moaned out loud, shuddering with the pain and clutching the bed for support. He needed to see Xemnas' eyes. He didn't know why, but he had to. He didn't want to wake him, but that pain in his chest was shredding his whole body from the inside out and tearing him apart. He mewled in agony, sagging against the side of the bed and sobbing in exhaustion and pain.


Somehow, even in the darkness of sleep, Xemnas felt uneasy. It was a faint sort of uneasiness, and he himself wasn't even aware of feeling it. It was something that simply tugged at him and forced him to wake up. He opened his eyes and observed the room for any danger. Nothing appeared to be out of place. So why had he woken up?

Then he heard the sobs. He sat up in bed and tried desperately to figure out who was crying. It was a soft, high-pitched kind of crying that was so horribly sad and screamed of such pain that Xemnas had to find the source of it and make everything better for whoever was in so much pain that their wails would sound that agonized. It was then he felt the nothingness that signified a Nobody. A very specific Nobody, in fact.

"Saix?" He whispered, unsure of where he was in this darkness. "Saix, are you all right?" The keening stopped for an instant, replaced by a terrified mewl.

"Xemnas...Xemnas, it's tearing me a-apart...Xemnas, make it stop..." As the pained cry reached his ears, Xemnas sat up on his knees, looking around and observing the room. Saix was curled against the side of the bed, shaking in agony. Xemnas looked down at him and cursed himself for being unsure of what to do. However, the matter seemed to have been decided for him. Saix looked up into his eyes.

Xemnas felt the same agonizing pain he knew Saix had to be feeling right now. He gasped, shaking as he clutched the covers under him as if they were falling out from underneath his hands. Saix reached out a trembling hand and tucked a few strands of silver hair behind his ears as he stood, coming to sit closer on the bed. The pain in Xemnas' chest had gone away, and he watched Saix with amazement. Saix was no longer mewling with pain. Instead, he was leaning in closer to Xemnas, curiousity reflected in his eyes.

Saix leaned in so close that Xemnas knew if he had chosen to do so, he could've torn his throat out. But that appeared to the the absolute last thing on the berserker's mind. Instead Saix watched his eyes. Xemnas tried to look away from the piercing golden gaze, but he seemed to have lost the ability to do so. Saix continued to meet his eyes, golden eyes meeting his own amber. Xemnas could almost see peace radiating from his body as he finally raised a hand up to stroke Xemnas' hair.

"Master." He murmured. "My master."

Without another word, Saix laid down against Xemnas' chest and closed his eyes, falling asleep with a small sigh of relief and contentment.


Xemnas watched the Nobody on his chest sleep for a time. Saix's scar had thinned to a faint 'x' shape, and his hair no longer stood on end. He was finally at peace. Xemnas suppressed a shiver as he watched him. Saix's cobalt hair fanned out over his chest, and a clawed hand had come to rest against his shoulder. His face was so delicate and pale that if Xemnas hadn't known any better, he would have presumed the berserker was an attractive young woman. He swallowed, trying to make sense of what had just happened.

Saix had called him his master. There was no way to contention that. He'd heard it clear as day. He'd met his eyes... Xemnas tried to remember what had happened when their eyes had met. Saix had watched him...and this feeling in his chest...

Xemnas wouldn't have called it emotion, even if he had still possessed a heart. It was something different. More instinctual. Saix had given him the same pain he had been feeling. Empathy? Without emotion, it seemed impossible...yet...he had felt the same tearing pain. He knew he had.

Finally, although Xemnas would never admit it...

When Saix had called him master, his only thought was, "Mine."


Zexion awoke the next morning, knowing that he was probably the last one who had woken up. He yawned and stretched, hugging his pillow for another instant before heading downstairs. He could smell Vexen in the kitchen, and he noted the sharp, heady aroma of coffee brewing with pleasure. He knocked on the door and heard someone coming to open it.

Xigbar stood in the doorway, appraising Zexion's sleep-mussed hair with approval. He smirked. "Good. Another two or three days of that and I might just be satisfied." Zexion stuck his tongue out at him as he entered the kitchen and sat at the table. Lexaeus settled a cup of coffee into his hands and he smiled up at his friend gratefully before taking a sip.

Vexen chewed on the end of his pen before finally seeming to remember something. "Oh, yes. Xeh is fine. Saix is still...well, I'm not certain of his mental state, therefore I've decided to leave this up to Xemnas. He seemed very insistent about being allowed to take care of him." He murmured. Everyone else in the room shared an amused glance. Vexen looked up at them in confusion. "What? Xemnas is simply--" Xigbar interrupted him with a roar of laughter.

"Vexen, I promise, one day you'll be laid." Xigbar said comfortingly, ruffling his friend's hair in amusement. Vexen simply glared at him and chucked the pen he'd been holding at his face. Xigbar laughed, dodging it before kissing the top of his head. "Ah, go fuck yourself, ice queen. So, are we going to go check up on them or not?" He asked. Vexen huffed.

"Well, if I recall correctly, we still have missions." He reminded Xigbar. "And if my memory serves me right, you were supposed to go to Atlantica, my dear Braig." As he saw Xigbar's eyes widen in shock and horror, Vexen giggled. "Have fun, Xigbar. Just try to swim this way home..."


Zexion was the only one apart from Vexen, Xemnas, and Saix that wasn't out on a mission at the time. He sighed, clearly bored. He considered what to do. He could either bother Vexen in the lab or go see Xemnas. He'd already spent about a week in the lab and if Vexen saw him down there after pulling about three all-nighters straight, he might strangle him. Zexion laughed. Xemnas it was.

He headed down to the infirmary and knocked on the door. After getting no response, he opened it and walked into the room. He only had a second to see Saix look up and his eyes flash with ferocity before he snarled and leapt at him. Zexion hissed, summoning his lexicon to keep him in place with a spell until he heard Xemnas say, "Down, Saix." Zexion watched Saix turn away from him and back to Xemnas, his hair standing on end and his eyes shining golden as he snarled in displeasure. Xemnas groaned. "I'm sorry, Zexion. It's nothing personal; he's just being overprotective. He did it to Even as well when he came in to check on me." Saix growled quietly.

"Master, I must watch over you. If someone enters the room unannounced, I can't determine whether or not their actions are hostile. Thus, I must err on the side of caution and be prepared to fight." He murmured. Xemnas huffed in amusement.

"Saix, don't call me master. Also, Zexion is no threat. Neither is anyone else in this castle. I suppose I'll have to introduce you after a time...although I believe that one of them is out in Atlantica..." Both Zexion and Xemnas were trying very hard not to collapse in laughter. Saix just looked confused. Xemnas smiled at him and murmured, "We'll explain later. Zexion, what made you come here?" Zexion rolled his eyes.

"Even locked me out of the lab." He muttered. Xemnas laughed, ignoring Zexion's murderous glare. "It's not funny, Xeh!" He snapped. Xemnas tried to keep a straight face as Zexion sighed. "Besides, I wanted to see Saix. I brought a book, too..." He held out a massive leatherbound book for both of them to examine. "It's one of teacher's old ones...I knew I shouldn't have taken it, but I wanted...to have something from home." He murmured. Xemnas nodded.

"I understand, Ienzo. It's okay." He whispered. Zexion nodded, rubbing his sleeve over his eyes furiously. Xemnas let him have a moment to collect himself before he asked, "What's the book called?" Zexion smiled as he clutched it to his chest.

"Tales of the Keyblade Bearers." He said, climbing onto the bed. "I can read it for you...I know most of it by heart anyway." He smiled. Xemnas nodded and laid back against the pillows as Zexion began to read.

"Once, when the land was connected to its' heart, it would appoint guardians to serve as its' Knights..."

A red-haired man walked through the darkness, alone and lost in his thoughts. He sighed, tilting his head and closing his eyes. He couldn't hear anything. He knew he needed to find Isa. Isa would never survive without him.

"Maybe knowing where the hell I was would help." He muttered darkly, slicing a Dusk in two.

Xigbar stormed through the castle, trying to shake a persistent jellyfish off of his foot. "Squishy little motherfuckers." He grumbled murderously, grinding it on the floor. "Burn the fucking world."

"I do believe it's twenty thousand leagues under the sea, Xigbar." Xaldin noted with amusement, wringing out his ponytail for him. Xigbar snarled.

"Burn it with a giant fucking squid then. One more mission like this and I will stuff my foot up Xemnas' ass, I am not even kidding." He hissed. Xaldin simply smiled. Xigbar huffed, sticking his hands in his pockets. "Whatever. I'm going to take a shower and get this salt and blood out of my hair." As he walked off, his words hit Xaldin full-force.

"What did you kill, Xigbar?" He called back. Xigbar snorted.

"Nothing! Me, kill? As if!" He replied, storming off for the shower.

Xaldin simply waited.

"Hey, that flounder was fuckin' asking for it."

Xemnas finally looked up as Zexion finished one of the stories and sighed. "Looks like it's almost dinnertime. Saix, Zexion, come with me. Don't worry, Saix, I'll make introductions as soon as we get there." Xemnas told him. Saix nodded and stood, stretching out his back as Zexion slid off the bed and headed down the hall. Saix looked worriedly at Xemnas.

"Master? Because of what I am...will they hate me, master?" He murmured. Xemnas sighed in bemusement.

"Saix...we are all the same as you. This is your home now. This is what you are...a Nobody. It is something we share, as odd as that may seem." He replied. Saix visibly relaxed.

"I understand, my master. Thank you." He said courteously, inclining his head slightly. Xemnas sighed.

"Saix, don't call me master. Now come." Xemnas said, sitting up and heading out the door as he beckoned to him. Saix sighed in amusement.

"Yes, master." He replied, following him down the hallway.

Zexion had gotten ahead, but both Xemnas and Saix had caught up to him eventually. The three walked in peaceable silence until they heard glass shattering. Xemnas could already feel a sinking feeling in his stomach. Zexion sighed and looked up at him in amusement.

"Did you send Xigbar to Atlantica again?" Zexion asked. Xemnas muttered something unintelligible before heading straight for the kitchen door. Zexion just laughed. Saix followed after Xemnas quickly, looking around the kitchen with an almost childish curiousity. Xigbar had Sharpshooter against Xemnas' throat, Vexen had brought an entire biological encyclopedia to the table, Xaldin was rebinding his crocodile-skin jacket, swearing under his breath as Lexaeus held the seams steady.

All in all, it was a normal dinner.

Zexion sighed. "Saix, this is my...family. For want of a better word. Fellow lunatics also applies, but I do believe that would be an insult to actual lunatics, who have the decency to abstain from vivisecting rabbits in the name of science." He said smoothly. Vexen glared at him.

"I cleaned all of that up, Zexion, you know I did! No one told me they were still alive!" He snapped. Zexion sighed.

"Whatever. Saix, this is Vexen. He's number IV in the Organization; the Chilly Academic. He wields ice." He paused. "Xigbar calls him the ice queen." Vexen snarled at the man in question. Xigbar grinned. Zexion rolled his eyes as Saix continued to watch them curiously.

"That's Xigbar, as you noticed. He's number II; the Freeshooter. He wields space, so feel free to stab him if he feels like being a wiseass and jumping on you from the ceiling." Zexion deadpanned. Xigbar rolled his eyes. Zexion watched Saix eye him with a bit of annoyance; he had been pointing Freeshooter at Xemnas as Saix walked in. He'd kept his peace with a look from the Superior, but even then he was still agitated.

Zexion quickly changed the subject, noting his anxiety. "And the one sewing is Xaldin. He's number III of the Organization; the Whirlwind Lancer. His power should hopefully be very obvious." He said. Xaldin nodded in assent and pulled a stitch through the leather, cursing as it pricked his thumb. Lexaeus simply held the jacket steady. Zexion tucked a strand of hair behind his ear and smiled.

"And that's Aeleus. Lexaeus--forgive me..." He sighed. "Still not quite in the habit. Anyways, he's number V of the Organization; the Silent Hero. He's called that for a reason." Zexion teased. Lexaeus simply rolled his eyes and reached a hand out to tug on the strands of Zexion's hair as he squeaked in protest. Saix simply tilted his head slightly before giving a cautious smile. Lexaeus nodded in acknowledgement and smiled back.

His worries allayed about the entire Organization, Saix accepted Xaldin's cup of coffee with a small nod of gratitude and sat next to Xemnas. There was a pleasant silence at the table before Vexen set his encyclopedia down. "Saix, are you well? You seem to have calmed down from last night." He said. Saix smiled. It wasn't wary or cautious--it was a beautiful, simple smile, and everyone in the room knew it was how he had smiled when he was a Somebody.

"Thank you, Vexen. I'm all right. My master let me lie with him." Saix replied politely.

The reactions were all varied, all mortified, and all hysterical. Xemnas choked on his cup of jasmine tea, coughing and doubling over on the table. Vexen blinked in shock as he wrote something in the margins of his encyclopedia. Xaldin almost tore his coat in two as Lexaeus eyed the choking Xemnas with concern. Zexion simply sighed. However, Xigbar was far more into it than they were.

"Oh man, Xeh, Jesus! We just got the poor puppy and you're already fucking him senseless? This from the guy who had everyone in Radiant Garden throwing themselves at his feet?" Xigbar teased. Xemnas rolled his eyes, and then paused as he saw Saix's own eyes turn yellow.

"Do not speak of my master in such a vulgar manner." He murmured quietly. Xigbar sighed and rolled his eyes as he leaned back in his chair.

"He's been my brother for about fifteen years, I'll speak to him any way I want." He snapped. Xemnas tried to interrupt, but Saix snarled, drowning out his voice with a cry that was in no way human. The whole room fell into complete darkness. For a second, no one could see a thing. Then a small glow began to emit from Saix's newly illuminated hand, and as Kingdom Hearts began to glow as if in response, he summoned a massive claymore that settled into his hand as if it was made solely for him.

He swung it at Xigbar with power, enough that if Xigbar hadn't teleported just in time he would've probably been torn open. Saix roared, the snarl thrumming in his throat. Everyone was watching, unsure of what had just happened or how to react. Saix turned back to Xemnas and they watched in amazement as his hair lay flat and his eyes became golden once more.

"Master..." He murmured. "I found my weapon."

Dinner finished soon after. No one knew how to react to what Saix had done. Zexion had gone into his room to read, Vexen had gone to see if he could find anything about Saix's berserker state in his research, and Xigbar, Xaldin, and Lexaeus had retired to the library. Xemnas sighed, looking up at Kingdom Hearts through the window.

Why had Saix done what he did? Xemnas didn't understand why he had been so willing to attack...for what sake? His honor? Xemnas managed a small smile at that.

However, Xemnas knew he was never living down that comment. Xigbar would tease him about it for years. He sighed in bemusement, resigned to his fate. He had other things on his mind. Namely, where Saix would stay. He had a room prepared, but it didn't seem like it was...quite right. Something was wrong about it. But he didn't know what it was.

Xemnas continued on, trying to figure out what had bothered him about Saix's room. It wasn't that it was dirty or loathsome...but something with Saix's room didn't sit right with him. He sighed, climbing the steps and heading down the hallway to his room. He opened his door and undressed as he crossed the room and towards his bed. He climbed into it and slid under the covers with a small sigh of relief. He was exhausted. He knew he had to rest--even with the Hi-Potion, his shoulder still ached. It only took him a minute to close his eyes and fall asleep.

Saix paced his new room, trying his best not to howl and wake anyone up. He didn't want to disturb anyone. But his master was gone. His master had left him. Saix felt a sob starting to bubble in his throat and he inhaled shakily, trying to choke it down before he started crying. The whole room felt empty. He couldn't hear a single thing within it, and the silence was beginning to kill him. With a small growl, he laid back on the bed and tried to steady himself. But all that occupied his thoughts was his master's face, his voice, his touch...

Saix swore, pulling blankets close as he buried his face in the pillow and attempted to fall asleep. It wasn't easy to achieve, but soon enough, with his master's face still in his mind, he had collapsed from sheer exhaustion.

His peace didn't last long, however. Within an hour, he was jolted awake. He noted with terror that someone was screaming. It took him a minute to realize it was him. He choked back the scream and tried to remember what had frightened him awake. All he could remember was a swirling mist of blood and his master's voice.

It was then it hit Saix. His master was in pain. The moon had told him his master was hurting and he needed to go to him right now. Without a second thought as to how Xemnas would react to being woken up at this time of night, he bolted out of his bed and rushed down the hallway.

It only took him a minute to reach Xemnas' room. He began to pound on the door, mewling, "Master! Master, wake up, master!" He could hear blankets shifting and the sound of his master heading towards the door. The turn of the knob clicked in his ears, and he moaned with relief as the door swung back to reveal his master standing on the threshold of his room.

"Saix." He murmured. "What is the meaning of this?" Xemnas wasn't expecting anything significant. Certainly not anything like what Saix was doing. Before he could register it, his berserker had buried his face into his neck and had begun to bawl. Xemnas froze, his mind whirring to find a solution to what was going on. He tried to speak, but he realized that he had no way to react. It was then he realized Saix was talking.

"Master, oh goddess, my master, you were b-bleeding, you were screaming, the g-goddess, s-she told me, a-and...oh god, master, you were hurting...I could not aid you..." Saix confessed, eyes filled with terror as he watched Xemnas. All he could do was stare down at Saix, unsure of what to say. He simply nodded reassuringly and stroked his hair.

"I am safe, Saix. Please do not weep for me. You are by my side now. I am all right. It's okay." He murmured gently. "It's okay." Saix pulled away from Xemnas to look up into his eyes. Xemnas felt that same instinctual tugging in his chest, and he felt a reflexive shiver trickle down his spine. Saix dug his claws into Xemnas' skin with gentle care.

"Master...master, I don't want to be alone. Please, master. Please, I don't want to be alone." Saix pleaded. Xemnas had let his mind go completely blank. He let himself act completely on instinct as he picked Saix up and carried him over to the bed. Saix simply met his gaze as he laid him down on the bed. He watched Xemnas climb in and lay down. Saix laid down as well, mimicking his master's actions. Xemnas tucked a bit of Saix's hair behind his ears and sighed in bemusement.

"Saix, you are not alone. You're not going to be alone as long as this Organization stands." He said quietly. Saix nodded, but a thought seemed to cross his mind. He looked up at Xemnas with wide, curious eyes.

"Will I be with you, my master?" He asked. Xemnas had given up trying to think about what was going on. What mattered now was Saix.

"Yes, Saix." Xemnas murmured. "You will always be with me."

Saix smiled, closing his eyes and falling still against the sheets. Xemnas laid down and with only a small sigh of relief, managed to join Saix in sleep.