Bella pov

"It will be as if I never existed" were the last words he said to me before leavening .As he ran I heard someone or something behind me.

I was to numb to move, Victoria came up behind me "how sad" she mocked "you've lost your mate and I've lost mine and we both have to spend eternity without them".

I was confused I'm only human ,then it hit me "no" I whispered .I felt her teeth sink into my neck just before the fire erupted , I felt to the ground but I did not scream. If this pain meant death the I would welcome him with open arms.

The fire raged for three days. Three long painful day and the blackness never came .I was awake the entire time .The fire never stopped or weekend it only grew stronger and stronger .As the fire disappeared in my limbs It grew in my heart .My heart beat slower and slower. Until it beat it's last.

I opened my eyes and expected to see Edw-him .I looked around and remembered Victoria bite me, he left .The finally words he spoke to me came rushing back "It will be as if I never existed".

(A/N: I hope you like it. I just want to make this clear before you go on Edward left Bella ON her birthday .Its important you remember that. Thanks now onto Chapter 1)

100 years later in forks

'I was going back home.' This was my thought as I boarded the plane to Port Angeles.

I Isabella Marie Swan was moving back to where my one and only love left me. Here goes nothing.

I guess you're wondering what I've been doing for a hundred years.

I traveled to Italy after two years in a forest trying to grasp the vegetarian diet.

Aro was pleased with my shield .I spent 50 years perfecting it and gaining new powers. You see in I put my shield around a vampire with a power I get the power but they keep it (I kind a copy it).

I gained most of the powers in the Volturi in cluing mind reading (from a distance and with contact), I gained Jane and Alec's powers, I can Change my appearance, and I have the power to turn invisible

So I can change my appearance and with this I left Italy as a Blond haired, blue eyed 25-year old lady. I've been traveling for the last 48 years.

I change my appearance before I boarded the plane. I had long bronze hair, Emerald green eyes and was about 5'7" and was a little tan. I chose this appearance because I wanted something of his to come to Forks with me.

I also change my name when I move so I don't cause suspicion, especially since I've been to Forks before .I was going to be Ella Masen, I was posing as a 16-year old girl with a traveling father and a dead mother.

I would be living in Charles' old house .I bought in after he died from depression of losing me. I would be attending Forks high .Again.


Edward's pov

I am the world biggest idiot.


Because I left my true love Bella and she was mulled by a bear an hour after I left Forks 100 years ago.

I told I didn't want her and left her in a forest and she died.

On her birthday a special day and I ruined it.

Now my family has decided to move back to Forks.

We all miss Bella, especially Alice she won't got shopping unless it's absolute needed.

Jasper is a never ending pit of regret for almost killing Bella.

Emmett doesn't crack jokes anymore and hardly ever smiles.

Rosalie feels bad for making Bella think she hated her.

Carlisle and Esme feel like they've lost a daughter.

And I lost the love of my life.

I don't think this could get any worse.

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