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Jasper: say it

Me: will you go out with me

Jasper: maybe

Me: I don't own Twilight or any of the characters

Jasper :( runs away)

Me: Where did he go?

Chapter 3

Bella's pov

I must be dreaming I thought.

The average dream last 5 to 7 minutes, but vampires don't sleep so I can't be dreaming.


"Sure "I answered .Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and Edward Sat down around the table.

"I'm Alice, that's Rose and Emmett her boy friend. My boyfriend Jasper and Edward" She introduced pointing to everyone. "I'm Ella Mason" told her. I think I saw Edward stiffen when I said my name .They sat with trays of untouched food all staring at different places in the room except Alice

"Aren't you hungry Ella?" Alice questioned "Not really"

Note to self: buy lunch tomorrow

They look so dead. What's wrong with them?

"Are you new here Ella?" Alice inquired

"Yea I just moved here with my dad yesterday" I lied

"Cool from where"

Think Bella Think

"Carson City, Nevada"

What are these 20 questions?

When the bell rang I almost ran to biology. I had the teacher sing my slip and sat in the same seat from the last time I was here.

I watch everyone slowly crowed thought the door. Mr. Beno started the class immediately after the late bell rang.

5 minutes later guess who walks thought the god dam door? Go on guess.

Could this day get any worse? Yes, yes it could.

The only empty seat in the whole fucking room is next to me.

Oh lord help me

Edward walked slowly over to the seat, head down dragging his feet eyes glued to the floor.

"Mr. Cullen one tardier and you will have a lunch detention, understood?"

Edward nodded keeping his eyes on the desk.

It pained me to see him so sad and depressed.

Why? He Left YOU in the forest at the hands of Vitoria

He didn't know she was out there

So he left you in the forest.

Great now I'm arguing with myself.

You know I'm right


"Now turn to your neighbor and discuss what project you two will be working on. You may choose from any one the board."


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