Normal Would Be Weird

Word of the Week: Weird

Word Count: 100

No Warnings or Spoilers.

Happy Birthday Vanessa! Here's a little Hurt!Dean and Awesome!ConcernedLittleBrother!Sam... just for you :-)

Normal wasn't something Winchesters did. They'd both accepted that. So when the fugly went for Dean after they'd split up, it was just another day in Winchesterland.

"S-Sammmy?" Dean slurred, squinting up at his Chewbacca sized little brother.

"I'm Right here... I gotcha," Sam answered, his big hands gently assessing the extent of the damage while working frantically to staunch the blood flowing out of Dean's side.

"I'llll beee f-finne..." he breathed, passing out.

"I know... I'll make sure of it."

Normal would be weird... but on days like today... they wouldn't mind trying it for just a little while.