It's Too Late
By Crazy-Obsessed-Writer52

A/N: The inspiration for this little one-shot came from the song It's Too Late by the Moaning Myrtles. It's one of my favourite Wrock (Wizard Rock) songs and I recommend you look it up if you haven't heard it. I'll post a link in my profile.

Not Lily. Not Lily. Please, God, let this have been a mistake. Not Lily, please not Lily. Severus Snape felt the tears run down his pale, sunken in cheeks. Not Lily. He thought. All of his efforts were wasted. Wasted because that damn Pettigrew decided to betray his friend. And now, because of Pettigrew's cowardice, Lily was dead. Lily, the love of his life. Gone. Dead. Severus sank to the floor in sobs of heartbreak. Lily was the only girl he ever loved. She was the girl who he cared for and would risk his own life for. And she was gone.

"Take me instead!" He cried. "Let her live!" He knew that his attempts were futile. Lily wasn't coming back. She would never come back. He never got the chance to tell her that he loved her. And now...and now it was too late.