Book One

The Warriors




Apollimi Warriors: They are warriors of the leader Apollimi who fight demons of all kinds to help rid the world of evil. Once the warrior reaches the age of 21 they go before their leader to receive her gift of a special power that is especially for that individual to help them to fight the evil.

They no longer age however each warrior is also given a brand on their body like a tattoo that appears on their skin. It helps them to find their soul mate and is the only way to destroy an Apollimi Warrior.

Acheron Immortal Warriors: They are warriors of the leader Acheron the son of Apollimi, who help rid the world of evil by fighting demons. However they cannot be killed ever. Once they reach the age of 25 and go before their leader they also receive their special gift of power and a brand on their skin which is only to help them find their soul mate. They can eat food or drink blood for nourishment.

Chapter One

Rayanna Malcolm is the daughter of Raymond Malcolm the leader of the Apollimi Warriors. She and Alice are getting ready for a night out at the club. They have gone a couple of times together before. Alice insists on them find some good looking men tonight and Rayanna loves to dance.

Rayanna is wearing a black silky mini skirt and a silk dark plum shirt that has a sheer piece over it with straps that tie on top of her shoulders. Alice was dressed in a black mini dress with thin straps. They fixed their hair and make-up and left for the club.

When they got to the Darkness Night Club Alice went in first and Rayanna followed close behind they found a table and set down and Alice went for their drinks. Alice always got herself fruity drinks but when Rayanna drunk she made it worth doing, she ordered a bottle of Jack Daniels and a shot glass.

Across the room Kalen Reynolds, the son of Dominick Reynolds the leader of the Ash Immortal Warriors, and his buddy Mike Talon sat watching the ladies. Usually the immortal warriors didn't flirt with the women from Apollimi's warriors. However they had been there for an hour drinking and the ladies was looking very sexy. "So do you feel like getting into some trouble tonight? " Kalen asked. "If it involves those two sexy ladies, I say hell yeah lets go" Mike replied.

They walked over to Rayanna and grabbed seats from a nearby table and pulled them up to her table. "Mind if we join you?" Kalen asked as he sat down besides her smiling the sexiest little half smile Ray had ever seen. Her breath caught as she looked at him my god he was so sexy. His hair was black and short on top parted on the side and a messy look to it then on the sides and back it got a lot shorter, a black go-t and mustache. He had on black dress slacks and a white dress shirt with the top 4 or 5 buttons undone almost all the men was dressed the same but this man looked good enough to make you want to take a bite of him. Ray smiled realizing he had caught her taking inventory of him and said, "of course, Alice will be right back with our drinks would you like me to go get you something or have you two already had enough for one night." "The night is still young and I haven't had nearly enough yet" Kalen said looking at her full lips promising himself that he would have a taste of them before the night was out.

Alice came back with their drinks on a small tray and sat it down on the table. Alice looked at the men knowing who they were and that they shouldn't be sitting with them and she loved it. She said, "So you found us some company for the night huh. I see your going to have a good time tonight and I'm just now bringing the drinks."" I figured I'd have some fun now before I get too drunk to remember it" Rayanna said laughing. "So let me get this straight," Kalen said as Ray reached for her bottle and shot glass "this bottle of Jack is yours and you intend to have a good time. Then sweetheart, I'm afraid you stuck with me the rest of the night.' we all laughed.

They all sat around for the next hour drinking and talking having a really good time. Alice and Mike hit it off great. But Alice usually hits it off with any good looking man, she loves sex and doesn't care to let it show. Rayanna and Kalen got along really well too, they seemed to have a very strong attraction between them. It was like they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

"We are going to have to get going its getting really late " Rayanna said sadly as Kalen stroked down the side of her jaw with his finger. "One more dance with me and then I'll give you up for the night "he said. He stood and took Rayanna's hand in his as he led her to the dance floor for their final dance for the night. He had never felt like this he hated the thought of her leaving, and this had nothing to do with sex. He knows that Rayanna has to remain a virgin until her 21 birthday and although he would gladly change that he just enjoyed her company. It had been so long since he had been with a woman that made him feel like he could be himself and made him laugh.

He kissed her hand as placed it on his neck and he pulled her closer to him. As they swayed to the music he ran one hand up to her face curving it along her cheek tilting her head with his thumb under chin. "You know what I promised myself that before the night was out I was going to taste of those luscious lips of yours" he said. Rayanna thought that was one of the sweetest things she had ever heard. She stood on her tip toes her hand that was gently stroking the back of his neck moved to the back of his head. "Well I just hate it when some breaks a promise" she whispered her breath caressing his face like a feather as she gently kissed his soft hot lips god she thought the inside of her thighs would ignite. She first kissed him lightly him responding but letting her do the leading. Then she sucked gently on his bottom lip, then his top before slipping the tip of her tongue in his hot mouth. They both responded with a little moan.

Kalen bent over slightly and picked her off her feet as he slid her up his body deepening the kiss. After realizing the song was over and a fast song was now playing he lowered her, knowing that if he didn't he would come right there on the dance floor with her rubbing on him like that. He chuckled a little at her sexy blush "I'm afraid our song has ended" he said, his voice still very husky, leading her to a spot at the rear of the dance floor.

He turned to her pulling her against him as he scooted down the wall so she was in exactly the right spot. He smiled his sexy little half smile as he saw her blush when she felt his hardness pressing against the softness between her legs through her skirt. She leaned her forehead against his as she gazed into his dark brown eyes and started to speak .When his head raised his eyes turned black. "What's wrong?" she asked as she followed his gaze.

Then she saw Mitchell and Tyler two of her father warriors. Mitch was her best friend and Alice's big brother and Tyler was a male jerk that thought since he was the most experienced warrior of the Apollimi Warriors and Rayanna was the only child of Raymond and she was already powerful it was only right that she belong to him. So he would follow in her father's footsteps and take over as their leader of the warriors.

Kalen tensed and tightened his grip around Rayanna as she sighed. She looked up at him and he said "they are asking where you are? Before they find you can I take you out for dinner tomorrow evening?" "I would love too but I will have to be back 11:00 my birthday is the next day and my ceremony to become a full warrior is at 12:00 sharp" she replied with a sigh "my father is making a big deal since of it all." "That sounds good then I'll pick you up at 8:00 is that ok?" he whispered as he captured her lips again as she nodded her head yes.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Tyler asked startling Rayanna from right behind her. "Well I would think you would know the answer to that question, Tyler. I was giving him a kiss and he is a really good kisser too." Rayanna replied. She turned around while Kalen kept his arms around her with his hand splayed possessively across her flat belly. The heat nearly sent her body up in flames.

'You're drunk to you. Wait until your father hears of this." Tyler scolded, and that was when she snapped. Moving from Kalen she pointed finger at Tyler and he flew back 5 feet, you could feel the power radiate from her body, "Don't you worry Ty he will" she said. He regained from her mental punch and Kalen seen the rage in his eyes as Tyler stepped forward at Rayanna."If you lay a finger…"Kalen knowing he would kill Tyler. But Mitch cut him off before he could finish and said "You wouldn't have too, I would." Then Mitch turned to Rayanna and whispered "Will you please let us take you home he can call you later or something." "Ok where's Alice?" She asked looking at Kalen he smiled and said "they left for his place right after they came over her to us." Mitch went over to talk to Tyler telling him to calm it down and not get Rayanna started or he wouldn't stop her.

Kalen would love to see her whip the crap out of Tyler. But tonight he wanted to do it himself. Rayanna shook her head and said 'Alice is a little sex crazed and she has always wanted to be with one of Dominick's men.' Kalen asked, "So can I call later and check on you?" he stroked her cheek sending chills through both of them. "Of course, I mean if you are sure you are really interested" she said as she looked down. Kalen thought she really needed someone to show her how special she was. "Love, I am very, very, interested" and he kissed her lightly never letting his eyes leave Tyler's. "I will talk you later" she said as she turned and went out of the door.

Tyler walked over to Kalen and said "you had better stay away from her." "She is a grown woman and if she tells me to I will and only if she tells me" Kalen said angrily. Then Mitch said, 'She can make her own decisions Ty lets go before she comes back."

Kalen watched them leave then went towards the men's room out of sight and teleported himself to his house.