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Edward's POV

Hunting. Tracking. No matter what I did I still couldn't get her off my mind.

Bella. Even her name caused me to instantly stop and drop into the fetal position.

Then came her image, the very last time I saw her. Broken, on the verge of shattering completely, her beautiful face in a contort of pain, confusion, and sadness.

Even though it killed me to make the decision of leaving her, and to this day it still kills me, I left her--the woman I would forever love for all eternity, my Bella.

But I would rather be killed over and over again then see Bella . . . dead. Lifeless. I would have to die too if that were to ever happen.

The last image I had of her ripped through me, causing my dead, gone heart to ache--the large, gaping hole shuddered, threatening to consume entirely. But I didn't care anymore; the pain had already consumed me the moment I could no longer smell her wonderful scent, hear her heart beat, taste and touch her soft, warm lips . . .

I jumped up. I had to see her. I wanted to, and needed to. The plan was already forming in my head.

I would go see her, make sure she's okay, I wouldn't let her see me . . . how would she react to me? How would I react to her? No doubt I would grovel on my knees at the mere sight of her glorious beauty and beg for her forgiveness--I wanted more than anything to hold her safe and secure in my arms, hear her heart beat . . .

I must go now. But before I could start running to the nearest airport, my cell phone vibrated in my jeans pocket.

I quickly got it out and looked at the caller I.D.

It was Alice. Perfect timing too, she must already know of my decision to go see Bella. Bella.

I smiled, hope cheering me for the first time since I left my reason for existing.

"Yes, Alice?" I put the phone to my ear, no doubt she'll beg to come with me, after all, Bella and Alice were as close as real sisters.

"Oh, Edward! Can I please come? I want to see Bella too!" She whined in her high soprano voice.

I held back a laugh, it's been so long since I've heard my favorite sister's whiney toned voice.

"Fine. But please let me see her first before you go barging in." After all, what if she's moved on? What if she's happy there without me? I could not possibly take away her happiness by selfishly putting myself back into her life.

As if sensing what I was thinking, Alice quickly reassured me.

"She hasn't moved on Edward. If I know Bella, she probably never will without you." She spoke quietly, not wanting to upset me and I sighed.

"Alice, you can't know that for sure." This was a touchy subject for me, and I wanted to change the subject--quickly.

"But, Edward, I do know. I'm not keeping tabs on her, honest I'm not, but I still see her in my visions--and I know Bella, she wouldn't---" Suddenly Alice gasped, and I heard a clunk sound as if she just dropped the phone.

"Alice? Alice!" I yelled into the phone--just knowing that she must be having a vision, a terrible one at that if she dropped the phone.

Oh what I wouldn't give to be there right now to see what she was seeing.

A few long seconds later, I heard Alice get back on, breathing hard.

"We have to get to Forks now." She panted, her voice strained.

"What is it Alice? What did you see?" I asked anxiously, worrying that Bella might be involved with the vision that clearly scared Alice.

"It--it--" she stuttered, taking a deep breath before continuing. "It's Bella! Edward, I can't see her anymore! She's vanished completely!"

And just like that, my cheerful hope of reuniting with my Bella dissipated into nothing. Nothing. Just as I visualized Bella, her precious face expressionless, her chocolate brown eyes staring into mine as the illusion of her slowly disappeared into the darkness behind the trees.

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