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After I had written the letter, I called upon my new powers . . . and let my own wings unfold.

Two beautiful sapphire blue with a tint of white like snow wings sprouted from the small of my back. They ripped through my shirt in the process, and I noticed how oddly angel-like they were too.

But this was not the case, because I knew what they were.

Dragon wings. And my blood was a strange mixture between dragon, human, and even had vampire-like venom in it too, so it had special properties. It also had no scent and no appeal . . . but was the most deadliest out there.

I briefly wondered what Edward would say, what he would do . . . if he saw me like this. How would they all act if they saw me like this?

My true self . . . a chiropteran. The Queen, the creator, of all vampires. Hisour kind.

. ~ * ~ .

I swooped down to the Cullen's house, but instead of going through the whole empty house like I did last time, I went directly to Edward's room. I opened the unlocked glass door at the very end of his room and glided silently in.

I rested against his soft, black leather couch and took in his precious scent one last time.

One silver-glistening tear fell down on the letter I placed on his couch. With a smile, I stepped away from the little pieces of my heart I had left—

Then I smelled them. They were coming.

Here? Now? I could not let them see me!

I ran out the still opened-door of his room and shut it as I jumped out, and flew away. Far away.

Edward's POV

"Why doesn't Charlie remember Bella? Why doesn't anyone around here remember Bella?" Alice asked herself out loud as we drove back home. We had already went by Forks High School and discovered that no one knew or had even heard of Bella—and this included her most closest human friends: Angela, Mike, Ben, and Jessica—and that their were no records of Isabella Swan whatsoever.

"I don't know . . . it's as if she had never existed . . ." I mumbled under my breath to no one because that simply could not be.

"This isn't good at all," Alice continued as she searched Bella's future—which was still black with nothing.

I parked my Volvo in our old garage that severely needed cleaning, and tried to block out everyone's thoughts—they had all arrived minutes ago.

Everyone was in the living room waiting for us, I barely noticed that our old furniture was now uncovered and that the room looked like we had never moved away.

Esme came and hugged me fiercely.

You will never leave us again, she thought, and I kissed her cheek and drew back.

"Carlisle, we have some problems." I opened up the conversation.

"Major problems." Alice said, still uneasy even though Jasper was now beside her, holding her hand and trying to calm her frantic emotions.

Carlisle's forehead creased in worry at the look on our faces and tones of our voices.

"What is it son?" he asked, and we both explained everything to them, including the horrific vision Alice had of Bella.

"Maybe we should do a sweep around the woods here in Forks," Jasper amended, now holding Alice and patting her back reassuringly.

"Yeah, maybe we'll get lucky and find this woman who hurt Bella." Emmett pondered while thinking, How could someone pick on defenseless Bella like that? I'll kill'em when I find'em!

I looked at Emmett sharply, grinning because he clearly loathed this unknown woman as much as I do. "Not before me Emmett."

He grinned back. "But I do get to help right?"

"Of course." And he extended his fist towards mine as I smacked my fist with his.

. ~ * ~ .

Everyone journeyed out in pairs of two, going in different directions to try and find clues to the whereabouts of Bella.

I lingered back, my feet automatically carrying me up the stairs and to my room. Right before I opened my door, I was hit be Bella's scent.

Had she been here recently? Her scent was still the same, no, even better than I remember. It was so luscious and fragrant that I ran into my room, inhaling.

I sighed, closing my eyes in contentment of her precious scent. It was so strong that it felt as if she were in my room right now, but my eyes did a sweep of the room to find that I was in fact alone.

My eyes locked on a letter that was addressed to me, lying on my black leather couch . . . which was covered in Bella's scent.

I swiftly sat down in the spot where Bella must have sat—inhaling her scent even more, when I realized something.

Her scent was . . . different, but I couldn't figure out what it was . . . it was indecipherable.

Thinking that the letter might lead me to my Bella, I swiftly took it and opened it. I gasped as Bella's scent blasted me as if she had just hugged me. I noticed her handwriting immediately.


I wanted to write to you in case i never get the chance to tell you how I truly feel for you, and I know I have disappeared, but please know that I'm okay and you don't need to worry.

Edward, I love you with all my heart and soul, and I thought you did too. But no matter how you feel for me, I need you to know how I feel. I love you more than anything or anyone else in the whole world'cause you're my world, and nothing will ever change that. You are the one I fell in love with and in doing so, I gave you a part of my very souland I will never regret that. Please know that you DO have a soul Edward, and it is the most beautiful soul I have ever felt.

When you left, you took my heart, my soul, my being away with you. I will always be yours, for you still have all of me.

I love you Edward Cullen, and please give my regards to the others too. Tell Alice that I love her as if she were my own sister. But you will always be . . . my one and only.

My heart belongs to you, do not forget that I love you.


Your Bella

I was shaking so hard from my unshed tears that I had to re-read the last few lines. I sunk deeper into my black leather couch and dropped my head in my hands, letting misery take me.

She loved me beyond conception, and she thought that I didn't feel the same. How could I have lied and left her like that? My one true reason for existing? Sure, yes, I wanted her to have a normal, happy human life, but she never moved on . . . Alice was right, as always.

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