"I told you we should've stayed away from the cave, Lyra," Ethan sighed. "Why'd you wanna come here so badly anyway?"

"I wanted to see what it was like! Those older trainers kept talking about all the neat pokemon they found," Lyra said. All she'd wanted to do was explore the small cave outside Cherrygrove, but a Geodude's rock slide had blocked the entrance and locked them in. "And I really wanted to catch a Zubat!"

"But we just got our trainer licenses," Ethan reminded her. "I don't think our parents would like us exploring places we've never been." A Zubat screeched, and Ethan clutched her arm tightly. "I want to get out of here!"

"Ethan," she ventured, looking a little concerned, "why are you being such a scaredy-cat? This isn't like you...you're not really that scared, are you?"

He let go of her arm and stuck his tongue out.

"Of course I'm not! The Zubat just startled me, that's all!" he protested. "...aren't you scared?"

"Well...yeah, a little, but it's not like we'll never get out of here!" Lyra said, then groaned as she looked around at the walls surrounding them. "Maybe we should call your mom...did you bring your PokeGear with you?"

"Yeah, but we're not calling my mom! Didn't you bring yours?" Ethan asked.

"We're not calling my Mom either!" Suddenly, Lyra's lone Pokeball began to shake, then popped open with a burst of light. Marril emerged, bouncing up and down as if somehow he had the answer.


"Huh?" Ethan blinked. "What's he doing?"

"I don't-" Lyra gasped as Marril walked to the entrance and began to spray water onto the rocks blocking them in. "Oh, he's using his Water Gun to weaken the rocks!" She grinned sheepishly. "Don't know why I didn't think of that myself..."

"It doesn't matter as long as we're getting out of here!" Ethan said, then rubbed the back of his head. "Sorry I got mad. I like exploring caves too, but this one was dark and..."

"It's okay." Lyra smiled. "I should have realized we wouldn't get very far without a Pokemon that knows Flash."

"Maybe I'll catch one for next time! Or get the TM from somewhere, and then we can see the whole cave!" Ethan said. Just then, Marril went back to Lyra's side as the rocks crumbled; light filled the cave and the two young trainers made their way outside.

"Good job, Marril," Lyra said as she returned the small blue mouse to its pokeball. "I guess we're just not ready for caves yet..."

"We will be someday," Ethan promised; she smiled, and they held hands the whole way back to New Bark Town.