Wolf Rain Lulu's story

Chapter 1 Let gets going

Today my sister's and me are heading out to look for Cheza the flower maiden its going to be hard but it's worth it oh my name is Lulu im the goddess of the moon and here is my Twin sister Hanna me and her get along fine she is the goddess of the moon also along with my young sister Momo. Momo's goddess powers have not come in yet so im trying to help her out with them we have crescent moon's on our heads as wolfs we can hide them so other wolfs wont see humans can't see them which is a good thing so they won't try to Do something bad to us and .

"Umm Lulu" Momo said poking Lulu.

"I Think Lulu is out of it Momo thinking randomly" Hanna said and sighed.

Momo sighed.

Lulu laughs nervously and rubs back her head "sorry" Lulu said.

Hanna just gives Lulu a blank stair "uh huh" Hanna said.

Lulu gets anime sweat drops.

Momo smiles and giggles.

Momo Hanna and Lulu go in their wolf form.

"Umm Lulu how long till we hit a town?" Momo asked

"I don't know how about u Hanna" Lulu said.

"A couple more Minutes then we are there," Hanna said.

"Ok" Momo and Lulu said.

--- To Kiba and the Gang ---

Hige sighed "im hungry" Hige said then starts to complain.

Toboe's stomach growls, "I'm hungry too but you should not complain about it" Toboe said.

Kiba sighs.

Tsume sighs also. "Will you two just shut up," Tsume said.

Hige sighs "Well y don't you shut up you might be hungry too" Hige said.

Tsume growls and then Hige and Tsume start to fight.

Toboe looks at them with anime sweat drops.

Kiba looks at them " Will you two stop we have to get going before humans find us because of you two" Kiba said a little pissed off.

Tsume looks at Hige "looks like you pissed him off Porky" Tsume said.

Hige glares "no you're the one that did Tsume" Hige said.

Tsume just glares.

Toboe sighs.

Kiba Tsume Hige and Toboe are in wolf form.

"Hey guys I think I hear something" a hunter said.

Lulu: i wonder what will happen...

Hanna: who knows Only If someone Starts to Writ this story now - glares at me-

Me: Geez I'll work on it later