Author's Note: Okay so this right here is Becks Rylynn's fault because she's the one that got me hooked on Damon/Ruby, Team Evil as she likes to call them, with her amazing one shots. Everyone should totally check out her stories though. They are so freaking amazing. This is my first time writing in the Vampire Diaries verse so I apologize if it sucks lol. Oh and Italics will be diary entries.

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Chapter One:

It was for his own good. That was what Damon Salvatore had been told by his brother Stefan after he had woken up to find his signature ring missing from his finger. Without that ring, Damon couldn't go out into the sun. You'd think Stefan would of learned his lesson because the last time he stole Damon's ring, Damon had turned naive little Vicki Donovan into a vampire out of sheer boredom. Granted he could just wait until nightfall to have fun this time, but the whole daylight savings thing kind of screwed that up considering the sun was out for longer periods of time during this part of the year. Of course it wasn't long before boredom caught up to Damon Salvatore and he found himself sticking his hand out in front of one of the living room windows letting the sliver of sunlight peeking through graze his porcelain skin. He watched the smoke float up from the back of his hand for a moment before he moved out of the sun's way.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. Might lose a hand or even more." Her voice drifted melodically through the old fashioned living room though he already knew she was there before she had even spoken a word.

A genuine smile appeared on his face slowly as he turned around only to see the blonde beauty leaning in the doorway casually, "Well well, if it isn't my favorite blonde. Now to what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Oh I was in town and thought I'd stop by to see my favorite vampy. Where is Stefan anyway?" She remarked with a playful smirk as she gazed over at the blue eyed vampire.

Damon chuckled softly and then appeared before her in the blink of an eye, "Very funny, Rubes. We both know full well that you and my brother can't stand each other. Besides, last time I saw you, Hunter boy was screwing your brains out."

"Don't call him that, Damon, he has a name. It's Dean Winchester and he happens to have a brother who is also a hunter. Keep it up and I could invite them over here." Ruby stared into his crystal blue eyes as her own blue eyes flickered to black for a moment before returning to their normal blue shade.

His porcelain face grew serious as he stared at her and then his lips twisted into an amused smirk, "Oh how cute! A demon being protective of two hunters. So how long before they try to kill you?"

"I don't know. I'm protective of two vampires also. How long before one of them kills me, vampy?" She retorted and scoffed softly as she pushed past him into the room.

Damon's features softened and he smiled as he watched her walk further into the room, "We'd never kill you, Ruby. You know that. Life wouldn't be nearly as fun without you."

"Yeah yeah. So what are you doing here anyway instead of out and about causing trouble?" The blonde demon questioned as she sat down comfortably on the couch.

He wiggled his bare porcelain fingers at her and poured himself a glass of scotch, "Brother dearest stole my ring. He's trying to housebreak me, but we both know it won't work."

"Again? Seriously? I say he shove him in the sun to make sure he doesn't sparkle. He is such a buzz kill." She rolled her blue eyes and snatched the glass out of his hand as he sat down beside her.

Damon watched her take a sip of his drink completely enthralled for a moment as her pink tongue darted out and then he snapped out of it taking his drink back, "Hey, get your own. Sparkle? Seriously? Oh god, you read those lame ass Twilight books didn't you? I threw it in the fire once I saw the word sparkle."

"No I didn't. I saw one of the movies though. It put me right to sleep." She shrugged her shoulders and snatched the drink back as he was mid sip.

He glared at her and she simply laughed as she downed the rest of the scotch. Ruby set the empty glass down on the antique wooden coffee table and squealed lightly as Damon grabbed her. They tumbled around before she found herself pinned beneath Damon on the couch with her hands held above her head. He stared into her eyes for a moment as his lips twisted into a rather seductive smirk and then he tilted his head running his tongue along the length of the side of her neck teasingly. His fangs appeared and he grazed them lightly against her skin only to retract them a moment later.

Damon stared down at Ruby and smiled softly, "Hello Stefan. Returning my ring, I hope?"

"Let her go, Damon. How did you even get her here anyway?" Stefan stood in the entryway of the living room with Elena by his side and all they could see of Ruby was her blonde hair.

Elena, however, glared at Damon convinced that the blonde was her good friend that she had previously warned the vampire to stay away from, "Damon, I thought I told you to stay away from her."

"God, a girl can't even get properly laid around here. I knew I should of just stayed with my hunters." She remarked to the obvious amusement of Damon as he let go of her hands allowing her to sit up.

"Ruby?" The younger Salvatore hadn't expected to see her here and knew he would have to do major damage control.

Unfortunately for Elena, the blonde demon looked in her and Stefan's direction upon hearing the younger Salvatore say her name. The appearance of the brunette by Stefan's side took Ruby by complete surprise as she hadn't expected to see her, but then again Ruby did automatically assume that Elena was someone else. Upon seeing the brunette, Ruby's bright blue eyes shifted into pure black pools of anger. The blonde took a running start for the brunette, but luckily for Elena, the Salvatore brothers proved to be too fast for Ruby. Damon held the blonde who's body was writhing in anger while Stefan blocked his girlfriend from the blonde's view.

Damon sighed and kissed Ruby's head as he carried her back over to the couch, "She's not Katherine. Trust me, we've checked. She is definitely not Katherine."

"Her name is Elena Gilbert and she's my girlfriend. Elena, this is Ruby, an old family friend." Stefan introduced the girls as he tried to calm the air between them.

"Hey! Who are you calling old, Vampy?" She chucked the empty glass at his head only to frown when he caught it in his hand effortlessly.

Elena clung to Stefan's right arm as she peered over at Ruby, "Her eyes are completely black. I've never seen anything like that before. Is she a vampire too?"

"Nope. Guess again, princess. I'm a demon." Her eyes flickered returning to their normal bright blue state as her lips twisted into an amused smirk.

The horrified look on Elena's face said it all and Stefan threw the stolen ring in Damon's direction before following Elena outside. Damon caught the ring effortlessly and slid it back onto his finger. He extended his hand to the denim clad blonde and she smirked before he whisked them both upstairs to his room in the blink of an eye.

Dear Diary,

I arrived in Mystic Falls today and went over to the Salvatore boarding house. Damon and Stefan are still the same as they were the last time that I saw them. What is it with me and brothers? If it's not a pair of hunters, it's a pair of vampires. Speaking of Stefan, that little girlfriend of his is the spitting image of that damn Katherine Pierce. She isn't Kitty Kat though so I guess we can all be at least grateful for that. Alright, confession time, I slept with a vampire. Not just any vampire either. I slept with Damon fucking Salvatore. Yeah, I know, not surprising considering it is me after all, but it is the truth. I'm not staying long though. God forbid the Winchesters found out about Mystic Falls. They would stake first and ask questions later. Well, Dean would anyway. Ugh, I got to go for now. Stefan wants to have a little chat with me. Yeah freaking right. He probably just wants to warn me to not scare his pretty little girlfriend. Whatever!

Ciao Bitch,

Ruby xx