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Chapter Eighteen:

With Dean off hunting with Sam a few states over and Damon avoiding her, Ruby was on her own for a while dealing with her morning sickness or so she thought. A light knock at the door caught her attention as she relaxed somewhat comfortably on her bed and she told whoever it was to come in only to be pleasantly surprised when she saw that it was Stefan. He shut the door behind him and she gestured for him to come over to her which he did only to end up on the receiving end of a bear hug from Ruby. She hadn't seen him since Lily nearly killed her and she had missed him.

"So how are you feeling?" He asked as he sprawled out beside her on the bed with a look of obvious concerned etched across his handsome chiseled features.

"I'm okay. More than ready for this morning sickness to be over actually. How are you? Is Elena aware that you ditched her in her own house to hang out with the mother of Damon's unborn spawn?" Ruby asked flashing a teasing smile in his direction as she turned her body trying to make herself feel more comfortable.

"I'm fine and yes she is well aware. She actually went out shopping with Caroline. That should occupy her for a few hours at least. Spawn? I thought you were okay with the baby?" Stefan chuckled and then raised his eyebrow at the pregnant blonde beside him.

"I am. I love him or her. I'm just hormonal and really annoyed at your brother. Speaking of siblings, how are things with your little sister?" She looked at him and smiled softly.

"Who isn't annoyed at him? He'll come around. Just give him a little time. Actually, things are going pretty well with Lily. She's dating Tyler Lockwood of all people. Damon isn't too thrilled about that since it turns out the Lockwoods are werewolves." He informed her only to get his arm swatted at.

"When were you guys planning on telling me this? You do realize that Sam and Dean are hunters right? If Tyler goes terrorizing the town every full moon, they'll hunt him down and the last thing I want is Lily attacking them to avenge her boyfriend's death. Stefan, why are you laughing? It's not funny!" Ruby smacked his arm harder though she knew it probably didn't hurt him.

"Because we knew you'd freak out like this and stress isn't good for the two of you, Ruby. Tyler hasn't fully transitioned into a werewolf yet anyway. His uncle Mason has, though, but he takes the proper precautions every full moon to ensure that he doesn't hurt anyone." He assured her and chuckled softly.

"Whatever. Aunt to my unborn child or not, I will kick Lily's ass and drive a stake into her heart if one hair is harmed on either of the Winchester's heads." Her eyes flickered to their onyx hue briefly before returning to their normal bright blue state when she winced slightly.

"Ruby? Are you okay? Maybe I should get you to a doctor." Stefan said sitting up looking at her in concern as he didn't want anything to happen to her or her unborn child.

She stubbornly shook her head and Stefan opted to find Jenna instead. Luckily for Ruby, Jenna remembered a lot from when her late sister Miranda had been pregnant with Jeremy. She assured Stefan and the pregnant blonde that the same thing happened to Miranda when she got too worked up early in her pregnancy. They were both relieved and Stefan vowed to himself that he'd do what he could to ensure that Ruby stayed mostly calm throughout the rest of her pregnancy. As he escorted her over to the hospital just to ensure that everything was okay, His sister Lily was over at the Lockwood Mansion helping prep for the upcoming masquerade party. The way Tyler's Uncle Mason kept eying her gave her the creeps even though she knew he was only keeping an eye on her because he could sense that she was a vampire or at the very least he could sense that she was different. She ignored him the best that she could and was perfectly content spending the day with Tyler.

"Hey, how are we supposed to get anything done if you can't keep your hands off of me?" She asked giggling softly against his lips before pulling away.

Tyler chuckled as he stood behind her and pushed her dark locks off to the side as he dropped a kiss onto her neck gently, "Who said I wanted to help with the prep?"

"You did when you invited me over here in the first place." Lily laughed softly and glanced at him over her shoulder only to spot his mother off in the distance talking to Elena.

He followed her gaze and chuckled even more, "Mom's distracted. Good. Come on."

Lily simply laughed softly as Tyler grasped her hand gently tugging her out of his mother's sight and then walked with her to his car. He drove her away from the Lockwood mansion and away from the cautious eyes of his Uncle Mason. Damon, in the meantime, was over at the boarding house pouring himself a drink as he heard a car pull up. He lazily strolled toward the front door with drink in hand only to realize that it was Jenna Sommers. A very upset Jenna Sommers at that.

Damon swung the door open and leaned against it with a smile, "Jenna, lovely as usual."

The auburn beauty glared at him lightly and scoffed, "Cut the crap, Damon. I know that she's carrying your kid. You are such an ass, you know that? When Ruby needed you the most, It was Stefan that had to step up to the plate in your place."

Concern shone in his piercing blue eyes as he let Jenna in and shut the door behind him, "What are you talking about? Just because I haven't talked to her doesn't mean I'm not there, Jenna."

Jenna rolled her eyes and pulled a small white envelope out of her purse, "Here. She had some minor cramping so Stefan and I took her over to the hospital. Both mother and unborn child are fine. Just a bit too much stress. Anyway, Ruby wanted you to have that. She's home now resting."

Damon listened to every word she said as he took the envelope opening it only to pull out what appeared to be a sonogram photo, "Wow."

She couldn't help smiling softly though at the awestruck look on his face as he stared at the photo, "Listen, don't be a stranger. The kid is yours too. Just don't stress her out too much, alright? She may act tough, Damon, but she really does need you."

He nodded his head and watched her leave only to see Stefan walk in, "Hey, how is she?"

"Well besides the fact that she kicked me out of the house by throwing a stake at me, Ruby is fine and so is the baby. They are resting comfortably at the moment. Don't go waking her up. Oh and if you think the picture is amazing, wait'll you see the DVD." Stefan informed him with a slight grin and tossed the square plastic case at his older brother who caught it effortlessly.

In the blink of an eye, Damon was sitting down on the couch watching the DVD. A loud strong thumping sound filled the air seemingly echoing through the house and he was just amazed. The pregnant blonde stirred in her sleep for a moment before relaxing comfortably again her even breathing signifying that she was fast asleep. The brunette was standing beside the bed staring down at the pregnant blonde's ever growing baby bump in amazement. Vampires couldn't procreate and yet Damon had. She rolled her brown eyes knowing that if any vampire could successfully procreate, lord knows it would of been Damon.

Her lips twisted into a smirk as she brushed her palm against the baby bump gently, "We are going to have so much fun together, little Salvatore. Just you wait and see."