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Chapter Nineteen:

Dear Diary,

Well I've finally reached the point in this pregnancy where the morning sickness has passed. Thank god! I never thought that crap would end. Now I'm just driving everyone insane with my crazy cravings. It also doesn't help that I'm not fitting into my clothes anymore. Yes, I'm fat and I hate it. At least the baby is doing alright though. Anyway, that's all for now.

Ciao Bitch,

Ruby xx

Things were almost seemingly peaceful as of late in Mystic Falls. At least until Elena disappeared. It was the Salvatores who came to her rescue much to the pregnant blonde's annoyance. Not that she wished any harm toward the girl, but it annoyed her how it always had to be them that saved her. They had told Ruby all about it and how Damon had staked the well dressed vampire that was holding Elena hostage. The last thing they expected was for the well dressed vampire to show up at the Gilbert home trying to charm his way inside. It made no sense. Vampires weren't immune to stakes. Instead of inviting the guy inside, they managed to get him to agree to meet them over at the Boarding house. Much to the Salvatores' chagrin, Ruby insisted on being there.

So it was that she sat in the parlor with Elena, the Salvatores, the Winchesters, and the well dressed man they now knew was Elijah Mikaelson. As Elena was Katherine's doppelganger, his brother Klaus needed her for a ritual that would awaken his dormant wolf side making him a full Original Hybrid once more. Ruby sat impatiently listening as the man told his side of the story only to nearly fly into a hormonal rage at the mention of Katherine or Katerina as he referred to her.

"Well I killed her so I guess you boys can stop looking." The blonde snapped feeling pretty proud of herself.

Shock was written across Elijah's face before he quickly composed himself, "I'm sure Klaus will be pleased to hear that though sorry he didn't do it himself. Unfortunately, he'll still need Elena for his ritual."

"A ritual to break a binding spell. That's a bit excessive, don't you think?" Her eyebrows raised earning a slight chuckle from Damon.

Elijah eyed the blonde curiously from his seat, "It's not your typical binding spell."

Dean shook his head at that and muttered, "And that's why I hate witches."

"Rude." She threw a pillow at his head only for it to be caught by Stefan.

"Children, please." The younger Salvatore brother scolded somewhat playfully only to swear under his breath when they realized their guest had vanished.


The Winchesters and Stefan dove into research mode trying to find a way to stop the ritual. Damon was more of the hands on type of guy. So it was no surprise when he was the one to find out that a vampire and a werewolf were also needed for the ritual. What none of them had realized was just how crafty Klaus could be. Under the guise of Jenna's boyfriend who was also Damon's best friend Alaric Saltzman, he lured Ruby into a false sense of security. It was only when she awoke to find herself in his apartment that she realized something was wrong. Alaric was passed out and in his place stood a tall blonde man with an English accent. A devilish smirk appeared upon his face as she inched away from him.

"I'm the one that killed Katherine and burnt her body. Hurt my baby and what do you think I'll do to you?" Her tone was lethal as her eyes took on their dark demonic hue.

"Relax, love. You and the little one are merely a means of leverage." He assured her before darting from the apartment.

It was Damon that arrived what felt like hours later. He learned through Alaric that a newly triggered Tyler and a frantic Lily were being held in preparation for the ritual. The vampire took them both back to the boarding house before running off again despite Ruby's protests. He managed to find the tied up pair and freed them content to leave with just his sister. Lily adamantly refused to leave Tyler behind and he reluctantly took him along with them. They hadn't gotten that far before Tyler began to transition again. He lunged at Lily and Damon got in the way to protect his sister. Fangs sunk into the porcelain skin of his forearm sending a searing hot pain coursing through his veins.


The boarding house was silent upon his return. He found the pregnant blonde asleep on the couch. Darting off to the kitchen, Damon busied himself with making one of her favorite meals. The delicious smells wafting through the air were what pulled her out of her slumber. She sat up rubbing her stomach and sighed as she struggled to stand up. Ruby made it to her feet and walked through the house to the kitchen only to smile when she saw him cooking. She stopped in front of the stove inhaling the scent of the freshly made pasta sauce and sighed contently.

"Over a century later and it still smells as good as the first time."

He smirked as he offered her a taste of the sauce, "Only the best for my baby mama."

"Mmm, okay, one, never call me that again, and two, damn that's delicious." The blonde demon licked her lips enjoying the taste of the tomato sauce.

Damon moved around setting up a plate for her as she sat down at the island, "You love it."

"The food, yes. I should have asked you for this sooner. Mm, did you guys find Lily and Tyler?"

He shifted uncomfortably though he tried not to show it. "Yeah. They're fine. Don't worry your pretty little head about it. Just eat up."

She was too hungry to argue so she shrugged her shoulders and continued to eat. When she was done, Damon took her by the hand and led her toward his bedroom. He stopped just outside his room and turned them around to face the door opposite it. Confusion was apparent on her face as he gestured for her to open the door, but it was her curiosity that won out as she reached out to grasp the doorknob. A soft gasp fell from her lips as she opened the door to reveal a nursery. Her hormones got the best of her and she could feel her bright blue eyes begin to tear up.

Damon rubbed the back of his neck as he chuckled softly, "I didn't know what your plans were for after the baby is born. I mean, it's the Salvatore boarding house. Kid has the right to a room here, after all."

"I...I don't know what to say. Thank you." Her arms wrapped around his waist hugging him the best that she could.

He returned the hug savoring the moment until he heard voices downstairs. "You're welcome. It sounds like everyone's home. Did you want to lay down?"

"I'm fine. I think I can handle going back downstairs."


Everyone seemed to be talking at once though the moment Ruby walked in was when they all seemed to shut up. Damon had taken a spot over by his collection of liquor pouring himself the usual glass of bourbon. The silence annoyed her, but all of the sudden attention on her seemed to annoy Ruby even more.

"Alright, I appreciate it, but we're fine. Now quit it. How are we on stopping the ritual?" The blonde questioned as she propped up some throw pillows behind her back.

"Well Damon freeing Lily and Tyler seemed to buy us some time. Klaus seems to have grown fond of the idea of having three females in the ritual. Something about goddesses." Stefan filled her in glancing over at his brother as well.

He took a long sip of his drink before smirking a bit, "That's great. Only narrows it to every woman in Mystic Falls."

"Not every woman. Jenna. She is Elena's aunt, after all. How better to hurt Elena even more than by making her watch her aunt die?" It made sense to the girl who had been forced to watch her own mother die.

The Salvatore brothers were gone in the blink of an eye. The pregnant blonde swore under her breath vowing to end Klaus if anything dared happen to the auburn haired woman. Luckily, they returned a few minutes later with Jenna in tow. She seemed shaken up, but otherwise okay.

She accepted a drink from Damon downing half of it before shaking her head, "It's still so surreal to me. I thought they were just stories."

"Angels and Demons, you can believe easily. Yet it's vampires and werewolves that you're having a hard time grasping?" Her tone was blunt as she eyed her friend curiously.

"Ruby." Sam shot the blonde a look which only made her shrug her shoulders.

"Sorry. "


Up in Stefan's room, the younger Salvatore brother eyed his brother curiously. He was unusually nervous and pacing a bit. Before Stefan could question what was going on, Damon slid his shirt sleeve up revealing the wolf bite on the inside of his forearm that only seemed to be getting worse. He swallowed hard knowing that a wolf bite was a death sentence for a vampire.


He shook his head as he tugged the sleeve back down, "When I was freeing Lily and Tyler. He lunged at her and I got in the way."

"We'll find a way..." Stefan trailed off as he placed his hands on his brother's shoulders.

Damon scoffed shrugging him off, "There is no way, Stefan. I'm a dead man walking."

"I've never known you to give up this easily, Damon. If Ruby knew..." His words died on his lips as his brother grabbed him by the shirt.

Glaring at his younger brother, he pulled him closer violently, "Do not tell her. I don't want her to know. The last thing she needs is to stress out over me."