Title: House on Wolf Lane

Author: Amanda Wilder

Disclaimer: All characters owned by Stephanie Meyer, no copyright infringement intended. Original dialogue and situations property of the author

Pairings: Wolfpack; Lauren Mallory, Bella Swan, others

The House on Wolf Lane -- Chapter 1 - First Breach

A/N: Ok, no one get upset. The wolves are OOC for this one. Our boys from 1001 Jacobian Nights would never be like this. This fic is just cuz I'm in that kinda mood.

Lauren Mallory was not the sort of girl to let life get away from her. At a ripe 16 years of age, she had conquered the cheerleading squad, was the prettiest girl in her class (by a wide margin, in her opinion), and had a collection of high-heeled sandals that any drag queen would envy.

When she set her sights on something, she got it.

The only achievement that had eluded her grasp -- despite her best efforts with friends of her father, friends of her older brother, and that cute boy who worked nights at the 7-11 down the street from her house -- was losing her virginity.

And lose it properly. Not to some pimple-faced creep at the high school. Not to Mike Newton, Tyler Crowley, or any of the other boys who sniffed at her skirt hems and tried to pull her into the janitor's closet.

Properly give it up. To a real man. With a nice big hard cock.

A really smokin' hot guy who could finally soothe that constant aching in her pussy. She was so horny all the time! Why couldn't someone just stick it in and out a million times and put her out of her teenage misery?

Lauren wasn't clear as to why she had had so little success seducing the men who panted in her ear and groped her. Perhaps the fact that she was jail-bait had a little part in it. But that shouldn't stop a real man, she reasoned. And that was why she found herself on the reservation limits of La Push, dressed to kill in a tiny miniskirt and spaghetti-strap top, headed for the pool hall that was legendary throughout Forks as the one place that white kids never went.

The Quileute boys were a tough bunch, and even though the hall had the best tables in the area, Lauren knew there wouldn't be any familiar faces to put the kibosh on her plan. No one would know her there, and she could take all the time she wanted to look over the goods to be found huddled around those prime pool tables, and pick the man who would make her fantasy a reality.

Because really, with her looks, she could be choosy. Lauren planned to check out the baskets on each and every Native guy there, and take the biggest one she found home to enjoy at her leisure. Her parents were gone on another one of their cruises, and wouldn't be home for days.

Judging from the number of big bikes they had parked out in front of the bar, the place had to be packed. She parked her cute little red Miata (a gift from Daddy!) and thought about what she was about to do. God, horny didn't even begin to cover it! Better rub one off right now, before she passed out from lust.

She put the driver's seat all the way back and thanked god for tinted windows. Her bra was feeling pretty tight against her rounded titties, so she popped the clasp and slid the straps down over her shoulders. Might as well just leave it in the car anyways, her breasts looked great when she went bra-less. Lord, her nips looked so cute right now, poking out over the top of her shirt! Lauren brushed one little manicured hand over her nipples and shoved the other hand into her panties.

What guy wouldn't want a piece of this! Lauren pictured the dark faces of the guys at the bar, all staring at her with big, hard bulges in their pants. Maybe one of them would just bend her over a pool table to fuck her while the others kept playing. Just bend her over with her face pushed into the green felt, rip her skirt up and her panties aside and shove his big thick cock right in there from the open zipper of his jeans.

Fuck! she came so hard, her long legs straining, high heels awkwardly stuck between the pedals of the car, but it still wasn't enough. Her pussy was aching and dripping so much she could smell herself. If she didn't get what she wanted soon, she was going to go crazy!

Lauren's heart was beating hard and fast as she pushed open the heavy door. The bar was crawling with hot, young dark-haired guys, playing pool and drinking beer. Those Native boys were such bad-asses, some of them even had their shirts off! Lauren took a quick look around, flashed a smile to indicate she liked what she saw, and headed to the bar to do the "I'm lost, can someone give me directions" bit she had rehearsed in the mirror the night before.

She could feel the heat of a dozen pairs of eyes as they took in the sight of her young, bouncy breasts swaying in the tight fabric of her shirt, her lean and toned legs nicely curved due to the tilt of her high heels, and the hint of her ass cheeks when her skirt rode up as she leaned over the bar to get the bartender's attention.

He just ignored her.

All at once, she felt the searing warmth of a tall man behind her, his hips and chest closing over her as he slid his arm around her waist.

"Paul," the man said, his mouth pressed against her ear, sending hot chills all through her. Did she just tilt her ass against his crotch? "And who might you be..."

His hands began to roam firmly along her quivering body, his lips brushing along her ear. God, these boys just smelled like sex! He didn't care that she didn't answer him, he just kept touching her, his big warm hands making her pussy clench and burn.

"I...I'm looking for someone," Lauren murmured. She could feel his thumb slide up her thigh and under her skirt.

The man chuckled softly. "I think you just found him...." His voice was lower now, a sexy, deep rumble that made Lauren quite sure he was going to be "that guy." The One. She almost came right there.

He pulled her around to face him, eyes resting on her chest. She felt the neckline of her shirt ride down to the tops of her nipples as a result of his pawing.

God, he looked so fierce and beautiful! Short dark hair, high cheekbones and black, piercing eyes that made him look almost feral. And that body! Sex-god hot and muscular in all the right places. Yes, yes, and right the fuck now, yes!

She decided to just blurt it out.

"I've never had a boyfriend...who would...you know..."

"Who would..." Paul was still looking at her nipples, barely concealed by the straining fabric. His hands were cupping and stroking her ass now, just under her little skirt. Her chest heaved with excitement.

"Not even once," she said, her voice still soft, but a bit whiny. "So I'm still..."

Paul smiled at her then, blinding white teeth like a grinning wolf. If he kept looking at her like that she really was going to cum right there, standing in the bar, in front of everyone. Fuck!

"I think I can help you with that." He pushed his nose through her hair, manly lips brushing against her ear. "You wait right here, and I'll check in with my buddies, let them know what's up." Lauren could feel a hot trail of pussy juice run down the inside of her thigh. She nodded.

"Hey Leo." Paul caught the bartender's eye. "Give this little lady her favorite..."

"Schnapps," Lauren supplied. Paul looked amused.

"Schnapps." He poked two fingers in the air, and like magic the little shot glasses were within reach. Lauren made quick work of them, feeling the heat of the liquor rush down her throat and add even more fire to her pussy. She just knew this fantasy of hers was all going to be perfect, everything she had wanted all along.

Paul's friends looked up for a moment as he strode over to them. Lauren took the opportunity to check out the confident stride of his legs, ending with the tight curve of his ass in his jeans. Fucking sex-god hot. She also checked out his friends, all fuck-hot Quileute guys with chiseled muscles and thick, dark hair past their shoulders. Any one of them could be her second choice if on the off-chance this one didn't work out.

Whatever Paul said to them seemed to be all good with the group, and they went back to swilling brews and taking shots as he returned and ushered her out into the twilight.

As soon as Lauren felt the blast of cold outdoor air on her arms, Paul grabbed her and jammed his mouth on hers, the hottest, most aggressive tongue-fucking she had ever gotten. Strong hands gripped her bared ass tightly, grinding her hips into his long hard cock through his jeans. His thick fingers shoved roughly down inside her panties from behind and deep into her hole, and for one blinding instant Lauren felt her body seize and explode, crying into his powerful mouth.

He put her down abruptly, wiping his hands on the sides of her shirt. She could feel her wetness there in the cold breeze.

"Never, huh," Paul taunted, smiling his wolfy grin. "Get on the bike, girl, let's go."

The motorcycle was one big sex machine all by itself. Tucked behind Paul, Lauren could feel the heavy vibration of the motor right through the leather seat, rubbing on the bare lips of her pussy. Her panties were pushed tight between her crack, so tight they were biting into her clit. She was going to have to rip these fuckers off at the earliest opportunity! Tilting her pussy forward put the bike's vibrations right against her sweet spot, and a couple of miles down the road later, she was riding the crest of another huge orgasm.

His mansmell was like a drug for her body. Buzzed from the shots at the bar, she pushed her nose and mouth onto the back of his shirt, dragging her face along his muscles. So frickin' hard everywhere, covered in dark tan, velvety skin. Her hands quickly found his abs and chest, brazenly feeling him up under his t-shirt. Her hands brushed the belt of his jeans, surprised to feel the head of his cock as it poked up from underneath. God damn! Paul was so huge and hot and hard, just for her and her tight little virgin pussy!

He turned onto a dirt road, the bumpy surface giving Lauren the extra friction she needed to start screaming and cum again, clinging to Paul's chest with clawed fingers to keep from falling off. Jimmy Choo could never have intended his sandals to be worn on a Harley, roaring at top speed along a back road to wherever. Those would probably have to go too, right after her frickin' tight, wet panties.

He pulled to a stop in a clearing, shrugging to let her know to get off so he could park the bike. Lauren stumbled a bit in the sandy soil, her heels sinking fast. Oh, they were at First Beach -- not the public part, the part way over in the rez. No white kids here either. Awesome! Lauren smiled as she shucked off her sandals, hooking the tiny straps on one little manicured finger.

He caught her again from behind, raining bites along her neck and shoulders, pushing her down the darkening path to the beach. They followed the line of the dunes, coming to a large firepit lined with logs. A big military-green tent was set up behind it.

All of sudden, with the waves crashing just a few yards away, Lauren's bladder got the best of her. She watched Paul's muscled arms heaving wood into the firepit for a moment, then spoke.

"I have to, umm.... I'll be right back." Paul looked at her and grunted, turning back to his project.

She was glad it was getting dark, so she didn't have to go far back into the trees to pee. Squatting in the leaves and pine needles, she let herself go. Now all she needed was a kleenex and she could get back to the action.

Fuck! Where was her purse!?! Her keys, the condoms! She must've left it back at the bar in all the, um, excitement. Oh well, she could just pick it up later when she went back for her car. And fuck the condoms. No one got knocked up their first time anyway.

Stripping herself of her panties, she gave herself a swipe with the parts that weren't already a soggy mess, and tossed the little bit of lace into the woods. Cool, one less layer to get in the way of getting her virgin ass laid. Straightening her skirt, she picked her way swiftly back to the beach. And Paul.

Geez, that guy was fast. The fire was burning four feet high and cast a bright light all around the pit. Paul had his back to her, and already had his shirt off. God, yes! ...this was really going to happen. He handed her a warm beer covered in sand when she sat down next to him.

"Nice." It was all she could think of to say, taking a long pull of the beer and giving him a little flash of her cootch when she parted her knees. She felt the burn of the fire's heat there when she did so.

His warm, heavy arm snaked around her shoulders as they sat and drank. She could really smell him now, his bare chest a bit sweaty with the effort of making the fire. More, more, more! She turned her head to him and he kissed her hard and long, his free hand sliding down her chest and under her shirt to play with her tits. Opening her mouth to him, she wondered idly if all Native guys smelled this fine, or were this good with their hands. Her nipples were on fire from his pinches and twisting.

"Such a hot little kitten," Paul growled, pulling her shirt down and the straps off her arms. Lauren moaned and tilted her chest up at him, to show her tits off at their best advantage. He began to bite and suck on her exposed titties, his arms clasping her body, angling it so he had complete access to rub her with his naked chest. Her pussy began its hot, hungry aching again, clenching in time with his teeth as they combed her skin.


"Please what?" Paul growled again, marking her with a long, hard hickey on her throat.

"I want you!" Lauren was beside herself. If he didn't fuck her right now, she was going to lose her temper or her mind, she wasn't sure which.

He pulled her to her feet. The beer, his intoxicating smell, the fire, the horny burn in her pussy, all of it hit her at once, and she clung to him as he walked them to the tent. The fire was so bright, it cast a warm glow into the dark interior as Paul tied one of the flaps open and to the side.

She wriggled out of her clothes as he did so, standing naked before him as his bright black eyes raked her body from the neck down.

All at once he was on her, pushing her back onto a thick pile of blankets and sleeping bags on the floor of the tent. He forced his knees between her naked thighs, unbuckling his belt and pulling down his jeans as his mouth closed over hers like a vice. His hips slammed down on hers as his cock began to press into her tightness.

Oh god! He was going too fast, it was all going to be over way too soon!

"Please...wait," Lauren gasped. He continued to press into her, her pussy lips stretched to the hilt by the head of his penis. Oh hell.

"It's my first time!"

That stopped him, at least for a moment.

"I'm the first?" Paul was breathing fast, his hard body stretched out on top of hers, pinning her to the floor.

"Yes! I'm a virgin!" Lauren was panting. Her whole body was slick with sweat.

"Really now, kitten, not for too much longer. You are sooo nice and tight for me..." He began to push again, the head of his cock thrusting deeper inside her. It hurt, it felt good, it hurt -- Lauren couldn't decide which. But his cock was inside her, and if she could just get him to slow down a bit, she could figure out what she wanted next.

But Paul already knew what he wanted, and in another moment he was deep inside her slit, thrusting his cock into her tight, wet hole, fucking her fully and to his satisfaction. Overwhelmed, Lauren screamed in pleasure as his dick dragged in and out of her cunt, his body locking onto hers and breaking her in like any guy who's hung and hard knows he can. She was a girl like any other girl, and in the end she'd have his huge load filling her up to the rim and dripping out.

Between her own cries and Paul's grunts and snarls, Lauren could make out the sound of voices just outside the tent. Male voices. They were not alone on the beach any more, and she was naked and getting ferociously drilled by a guy she didn't know very well. Not very well at all.

She tried to look up over Paul's shoulder to see who the intruders might be, but he lifted her leg and spun her around, windmill style, landing her on all fours in front of him without once allowing his cock to slow its incessant pounding. The feel of his cock sliding 180 degrees in her pussy made it clench and quiver on the brink of her first release since he popped her cherry.

Fuck! Who the hell cared who was out there. She was a bitch in heat. Lauren rocked her ass up and back against him, his bare penis shoving into her from behind, her pussy exploding with a hot internal orgasm around his shaft that made her scream in delight. He must have felt it too, because he swore and swelled even bigger inside her, hammering his cock fast and hard into her tight wet cunt.

"In here," Paul called out over his shoulder, his voice strained but commanding.

"Holy shit!" The answering voice belonged to one of the boys from the pool hall.

The tent was suddenly filled with bodies, the air thick with their heat and perspiration. Lauren breathed it in, still reeling from her orgasm and the tearing throb of Paul's cock, ripping deep inside her. In a moment, another dark-skinned man slid to kneel in front of her, jeans pulled down to his calves. His rippling lower abdominals gave way to the deep, muscular V of his hips and a large erection bobbing just inches from her face.

"Suck it," Paul told her. And she did.

"Wow, lookit that."

"Yeah, look at her go."

"Jared, you are one lucky-ass motherfucker!"

Hot and thick and dripping, Jared's cock pumped in and out of her mouth. Lauren felt impaled from both ends, the two Quileutes using her like a whore for their pleasure. God, it felt so good to have them both grabbing and stroking her, Paul's fingers sliding along her clit as he fucked her, while Jared's hands alternated between gripping her head and rubbing her tits.

At sixteen, this was the happiest she'd ever been in her whole life.

She could tell Paul was close. The pressure of his finger on her clit intensified, his cock like an iron rail pistoning in and out her hot pussy. She sucked even harder on Jared's cock, bracing her hands on his long, muscular thighs and felt the first little spurt of his cum shoot into her mouth.

And then she was cumming too, shrieking like a banshee, her whole pelvis convulsing around Paul's meat as he shot inside her like a volcano erupting, the brute force of his semen crashing into her cunt, shot after burning shot. Jared threw his hips forward, spraying a thick burst of cum into her open mouth, then more onto her face and hair.

Lauren swallowed the salty spunk and gasped for air, her whole body shaking.

"Jeez, that was hot!" Another boy, who had been silent until now.

Someone in the tent clapped.

Paul pulled out and slapped Lauren's ass.

"I think our little kitten here's a keeper, boys. What say we take her back to the house?"

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