Title: House on Wolf Lane

Author: Amanda Wilder

Disclaimer: All characters owned by Stephanie Meyer, no copyright infringement intended. Original dialogue and situations property of the author

Pairings: Wolfpack; Lauren Mallory, Bella Swan, others

A/N: Howdy readers! Welcome back to the wild, wild world of HOWL. Warnings for the usual teen-age sex, drinking and unsafe behavior. NSFW, or anywhere else, for that matter. Special spanks to BellaFlan, little furry cannibals and aowalison for prereading my smutty musings.

This chapter is dedicated to all the Embry-lovers out there, and to the Embry-lover in all of us.

In case you didn't know, an Oyster Boy is a guy who loves to eat out girls' pussies after they've had sex.


In Chapter 1 of House on Wolf Lane, we last left naughty, teen-age Lauren in a tent on the beach with Paul, Jared and the rest of the gang:

Lauren swallowed the salty spunk and gasped for air, her whole body shaking.

"Jeez, that was hot!" Another boy, who had been silent until now.

Someone in the tent clapped.

Paul pulled out and slapped Lauren's ass.

"I think our little kitten here's a keeper, boys. What say we take her back to the house?"


House on Wolf Lane - Chapter 3 - Lauren and the Oyster Boy

The assembled group of guys roared their approval.

House? What house! Lauren was nude and trembling on her hands and knees, her lovely pink mani-pedi shot to hell with all the scrambling around she had done with Paul and Jared moments earlier. Gah, that was beyond hot but...who were all these guys, and what did Paul mean by 'take her back to the House'?

Shit and fuck and stuff! What had she gotten herself into?

Several pairs of warm male hands lifted her naked body, ladling it into the lap of one of the boys who had watched Paul take her virginity and pump her through several mind-blowing orgasms. Somehow Lauren had expected them all to take quick advantage of her vulnerability, or humiliate her somehow, as the young thugs on the white side of town would have done. These guys were definitely...different, their touches unexpectedly gentle, their voices soft.

"Embry Call," the boy holding her said, placing a little kiss on the moist, matted hair covering her temple. He smiled down at Lauren, his dilated, half-lidded eyes nearly obscured by thick, dark eyelashes. "I'm the Oyster Boy."

Several of the guys chuckled in response as they shuffled out of the tent after Paul.

One of the boys left behind knelt by Embry, and slid a warm, wet cloth over Lauren's face. He looked a little too young to be hanging with such a rough crowd, the fringes of his shoulder-length hair barely concealing his dimpled grin. They both seemed so happy - and calm - compared to the burning intensity Lauren had just experienced at the mercy of Paul and Jared's hard cocks and fuck-hot-fierceness.

"I'm Seth," the boy whispered. "Here, let me clean you up a bit."

Lauren watched in mild shock as the youngster carefully slid the cloth down her chest with shaking hands, flipping the folds this way and that to keep the side next to her skin clean. The heat of the cloth felt good, but the cool air made her shiver, her nipples erect under his touch.

"How old are you," Lauren murmured back, allowing him to lift the arm closest to him to wipe her side.

Seth grinned more widely, his white teeth gleaming in the light of the fire as it streamed through the open tentflap. He had never seen Paul in action before, and his own virgin cock was still painfully needling his shorts.

"Fourteen." He straightened his shoulders. "Almost fifteen."

Another boy, who had been hovering in the background, draped a large blanket around Embry's neck, covering them both. Seth reached forward automatically, tucking the blanket here and there to keep it in place.

Lauren relaxed a little more. Somehow Seth's being close to her age made her feel safer, as Embry continued to kiss her hair and cheek. His warm, muscled arms held her effortlessly, shifting her a bit from time to time as Seth rinsed the cloth in a little bucket and continued his careful swipes along the peaks of her breasts and downwards over her abdomen.

"Paul can be a little rough with girls, but not all of us are," Embry said softly. "Just let us take care of you now, mmK?"

His voice was sweet and low, the scent of his bare chest mixing pleasantly with the woodsmoke. Lauren nodded dumbly, soaking in the youthful beauty of his dark face and eyes. Damn, they were all so deliciously hot in their own different ways, it was like she was dreaming!

"You're so pretty..." Seth whispered.

The cloth in his hands slid to Lauren's crotch, but as she instinctively began to open her legs for him, Embry suddenly reached out a hand to stop the younger boy.

"No pup, leave that to me," he said in a warning tone, causing Seth to retreat a few inches with a disappointed whimper.

Lauren smiled a bit at their exchange. Two handsome boys, arguing over who would take care of her after the most incredible sexual experience imaginable - did it get any better than that?

Embry cuddled her closer, kissing her lips in earnest now. Gentle, and yet she could sense by the rapid warming of his skin that he was getting pretty turned on by her naked body in his arms.

"You taste so good. Divine... like a goddess..." He slid his tongue along her swollen and tender lips, teasing the corners with the smooth, wet tip. "I want to worship you like this..."

Oh yeah, baby, keep talking...

Lauren luxuriated in his kisses, feeling an excited tingle in her pussy despite the tenderness that Paul's cock-fucking had left behind. She was still wet with his cum, sticky and buck-naked, making out with one of his friends as though it were the most natural thing in the world.

What the fuck anyway, she thought, wrapping her arms around Embry's shoulders as he lifted her, carrying her out to the firepit. They're being so sweet, and he's such a good kisser...

Seth followed behind, pressing the blanket around her bare feet where it had slipped free.

"Drink?" Embry called out to the group standing around the fire. Paul was nowhere to be seen. "Anybody got a drink?"

Holy hell, thought Lauren, these guys are all so damn sexy!

One of the taller guys bounded up to them, carrying a styrofoam cup full of punch, swimming with icecubes. He tilted the cup to Embry's mouth in a practiced motion, and Embry tilted his head to Lauren, pressing his lips to hers. After a moment's confusion, she sucked delicately at his mouth, drawing the cool fluid from between his lips.

Peach schnapps, vodka, cranberry, pineapple and orange juice... Sex on the Beach, thought Lauren as the drink filled her mouth and slid down her parched throat. How appropriate...

"She has a good mouth," the man holding the cup said. It dawned on Lauren that this was the one they called Jared, who had recently soaked her face with his jizz. Her eyes dropped to his waist, recognizing the shape of his abs and the thin line of hair that ran from his navel downwards. It had been all she had seen of him in the darkness of the tent, the memory of his cockhead pushing into her mouth fresh in her mind.

Jared reached forward to trace the path of a drop of cocktail that had escaped her lips, finally sliding his finger against her teeth and into her mouth. Lauren responded instantly, drawing the thick digit into her mouth, swirling it with her tongue. It was salty and hot, just like the rest of him.

Jared slowly closed his eyes and opened them to gaze at her with appreciation. "Very good suck-shun..." He seemed reluctant to withdraw his hand. Eyes wide, Lauren kissed the tip of his finger before he pulled it away.

Embry repeated his previous task several more times, Jared obligingly feeding him sips from the cup between doses, until Lauren was feeling much more refreshed and quite relaxed in his arms. They continued to kiss her and stare deeply into her eyes with adoration, standing perfectly still as though awaiting a cue from the others. Seth watched from the sidelines, envy and boyish lust traveling across his face with equal frequency.

It's like they've all done this before...And I think I've landed in fuckin' Quileute man-god heaven...

Lauren felt so good that she didn't say a word when she caught sight of the group's canine companion, an enormous German Shepard, seated by the fire with the shredded remains of her lace panties hanging from its jaws. She just giggled.

Don't choke on those $70 La Perla's, mutt! They're all yours.

Paul chose that moment to rejoin the group, striding down the beach path directly towards them with a fierce expression. He moved with the grace of a wild animal, his leather jacket thrown carelessly over his bare chest, his tight, black leather chaps accentuating every movement. He glanced at Lauren, the boy holding her, and then turned abruptly to face the firepit.

Embry and Jared momentarily forgotten, Lauren's mouth hung open, staring at him.

That's one fine piece of manmeat I could never say no to...

"All right, you Packies!" Paul barked, and the assembled group was suddenly quiet, all eyes on him. He turned to Lauren, and she felt herself shrink from his gaze, her cunt suddenly pounding with heat.

"You good now?" Paul smiled slowly, the wolfish gleam in his eyes pinning Lauren to Embry's chest. "All good to come with us?"

Lauren blinked at him, and nodded. God, he could make her cream herself just looking at him. Paul threw a tight-lipped smile at Embry, giving him a curt but satisfied nod.

"All in, then. Let's go."

And then he was gone, the pack of young Quileutes swiftly following after him, Embry, Lauren and Seth bringing up the rear.

Holy shit! What had she just agreed to? Lauren couldn't help but imagine that it involved being under Paul's body again, sometime soon, she hoped.

Someone had backed a pick-up truck down to the entrance of the beachpath, and Lauren allowed herself to be lifted onto a futon laid out on the bed of the truck. The sky was darker now, and the stars were beginning to come out. The boys settled in around her naked body, laying her out flat on her back and covering her with the blanket. Jared was in the driver's seat, Paul having roared off on his motorcycle some moments before, and Seth had reluctantly joined him in the cab, his young, hungry face pressed against the back window in the hopes of catching a glimpse of what was about to transpire.

Embry had launched himself up over the tailgate and was kneeling between her bent legs, messing with the blanket and massaging her feet.

"Quil, Brady...this is our new little kitty," Embry said solemnly to the two at the head of the truckbed. "Keep her warm up there, or your ass is grass."

"Aye, aye captain, Oyster Boy, sir," one of the boys shouted over the roar of the engine.

Before she realized what was happening, Embry had ducked his head and shoulders under the blanket, and the other two had squirmed down onto the truckbed, their hands sliding up and down her ribcage and onto her bare breasts.

"I'm Quil, and this one's Brady," said the boy with glasses and the longest hair Lauren had ever seen on a guy. Their hands were like magic under the blanket, lightly brushing her hardening nipples and the underside of her titties.

"Ok!" Lauren shouted back, any further reply lost in a tidalwave of sensation. The warmth of their bare chests against her arms under the blanket quickly dispelled the chill night air, and ~oh god~ what in the hell was Embry doing under there, between her legs?

Just as Embry's soft, wet mouth found her hot and tender pussy, Brady and Quil began to nuzzle and kiss her ears on either side of her head, their fingertips running along the smooth expanse of her tits, tweaking and stroking her taut skin as the heat began to radiate throughout her entire body. The truck began to move between the trees, and Lauren gasped and moaned as the vehicle rocked them down the dirt road, the stars flickering in and out of the tree branches above her.

Oh god, oh god, so good, so fucking good...

Embry's tongue was making slow, gentle sweeps across her swollen lips, thoroughly stroking her clithood every few moments as though to let her know he knew exactly what he was doing. The sensation of his mouth twitching and brushing her sensitive pussy was better than any round with a vibrator Lauren had ever experienced. She could feel him humming and moaning against her cunt, his lips sucking and tongue massaging her heat, making sure that no surface was left untouched. And then, oh my fucking god, sucking on her clit hood, sucking her clit onto the smooth, wet surface of his vibrating tongue, the boys' warm palms gently brushing her burning nipples, the trio quickly bringing her to a screaming orgasm just as the truck turned onto the main road.

"FUck!" Lauren cried out into the night air, her body writhing on the futon, the boys' happy laughter filling her ears.

"Nice one!" Quil leaned up to high-five Brady, who had a shit-eating grin on his face. "Let's lube up and go again!"


Embry poked his head up from between her legs, letting the blanket slide along his shoulders and a cold blast of air down between her legs.

"Kitty? Were you a virgin?" Lauren leaned up to look at him, his gorgeous dark eyes burning into hers as he wormed himself closer to her face. "Were you...? Was Paul your first?"

He looked so eager, so concerned, Lauren felt the need to quell the swimming in her head just long enough to answer him.

"Uh-huh... first time for everything."

The boys at either side of her reacted like a firecracker had gone off, hooting and hollering, banging on the back window of the truck until Seth managed to wrench the middle panel open.

"Kitty's a virgin!" Brady yelled.

"Damn! Nice..." Jared slowed the truck and pulled over onto the shoulder of the tree-lined highway.

"Cherries! Cherries all 'round!" Quil boomed, knocking knuckles with Brady.

Seth scowled. "Man, I miss everything!" He had just cum explosively in his shorts watching the girl get felt up by three of his comrades out the back window, and was feeling a little subdued about the whole thing. Embry was lying on top of the naked girl now, kissing her, keeping her warm, and Seth wished for all the world that he could be back there with her, too.

"Lube, man, we need lube!" Quil bellowed, breaking his reverie. Seth turned and tore open the glove compartment, handing Quil the little bottle of lubricant through the window. Quil squirted a puddle of the clear liquid into Brady's open palm, then gave himself an ample, dripping handful.

Seth grumbled and threw himself back on the seat as the truck pulled back onto the road.

"Watch and learn," Jared told him, smiling broadly. Damn... A virgin losing it to Paul on the beach, on top of an incredible blow-job that was still sizzling his brain. It was looking like this was lining up to be a very memorable night! He chuckled in amazement, shifting in his seat as his cock twitched its agreement, loading up in anticipation of a second round.

Lauren was in a haze of pleasure. Embry's warm mouth was laced with the scents and sweet-salty taste of her own juices and Paul's, and the heady combination swirled between them as he french-kissed her. His beautiful eyes seared into her. The weight of his warm body on top of hers was delicious, her bare pussy pressed against the curves of his abdominals, the hot pulse of her orgasm still reverberating through her cunt.

The head of his rigid cock had slipped out from between the open zipper of his shorts, and was nudging the back of her thigh. God, he was just so fucking cute! Those eyes! Those lips! Lauren wanted him inside her, to pleasure him, NOW.

"Dude!" Quil's voice interrupted their kissing. Embry slid his hand out from beneath Lauren to receive a shot from the lube bottle, which he quickly rubbed over his cock with a groan, then slid his fingers gently across the girl's cunt to wet her as well.

"That's Jared's dibs," she heard Brady say.

"Yup. Got that." Quil banged on the window, and the truck slowed. "Hey Jared? Man? Embry..."

"Have at it, man," Jared said, with a quick twist of his head in their direction. "You know I'm all about that mouth."

The boys in the back of the truck snapped into action. Lauren felt the head of Embry's cock press against her lips, her legs naturally wrapping around his bare torso, warm and slick with sweat. His mouth was on fire against hers once more, his tongue filling her mouth with a hot, desperate kiss.

Brady and Quil tucked themselves to either side of her, grasping her hands from around Embry's neck.




And two hard cocks, one in each hand. The boys guided her fingers around their burning, swollen pricks as they settled close, kissing and nipping at her shoulders and neck, breathing hard.

Lauren sobbed as she felt Embry slide his smooth, rigid cock into her aching, eager cunt another inch. He sucked on her lips and tongue, groaning.

"Oh god, kitty, you're so tight...feels so good..." he murmured, eyes closed.

"Harder," Quil prompted, pumping his cock into the wet heat of Lauren's tight grip on him.

"She might be sore, man, gotta take it slow," Embry gasped. He rolled his hips as Lauren tipped her pelvis to take in more of his now-pulsing rod. So good, so hot, god fuck me Embry...

The rippling burn of her cunt gave way to deep, satisfying fullness as Embry slid home inside her, balls-deep in her tight, wet slit. Lauren jerked her wrists wildly, palming the thick cockheads of the boys beside her, and cried out in an overload of euphoria as the three of them converged on her, moaning and braying.

"God, I wanna fuck you," Quil growled in her ear, his cock swelling in her hand.

"Ohh, kitty...I wanna fuck that mouth...I want that fuckin' mouth to swallow me whole," Brady sputtered, his breath coming in hot blasts against her neck.

"So good, so sweet, so good..." Embry whispered.

The truck lurched as they turned onto the unpaved road of the reservation, rocking forward and throwing Embry roughly into Lauren with one hard, thorough thrust. The crunching of the tires against the gravel was deafening. Lauren screamed with pleasure, Embry moving steadily inside her throbbing pussy, and felt Quil and Brady explode in her hands moments later, the spurting cum covering her wrists and forearms on both sides.

"Aw, fuck, fuckity fuck..." Quil groaned, open-mouthed, leaning his teeth into her shoulder. "Came so hard my nuts hurt."

Brady was silent, eyes closed, trying to catch his breath. "Jesus H. Christ..." he finally managed.

Through bleary eyes, Lauren could see the tops of the houses over Quil's shoulder as they passed into a residential area. She could hear the sounds of old men laughing, picturing them drinking beers on a porch. Embry was gasping in her ear, sweaty, trembling and hot, picking up speed.

She certainly was a long, long way from her parent's stately home in their prim and well-manicured gated community. And having a helluva good time too...god this boy feels so good, wanna feel him cum inside me...

The truck pulled to a stop in the darkness, Quil and Brady rustling with their shorts and yanking the blanket up over Lauren and Embry before leaping from the truckbed into the yard. The sounds of the truck doors slamming faded into the night air, leaving only the heavy panting and moans of the two coupling on the futon, under the stars.

Embry and Lauren were staring at each other, nose to nose, lost in their own little world.

"Baby, you're so good to me, your beautiful pussy is so tight, so wet and hot for me... You're going to make me cum inside you, kittygirl, so hot and deep inside you..." His voice was husky and low, his gaze holding Lauren in a thrall. Could fuckin' fall in love with this guy...

Embry was fucking her deeply now, his cock sliding and thrusting against her inner walls, swelling and stretching her pussy. The heat and the pressure of his cockhead thrust rhythmically against her sweet spot, sending the first tiny ripples of a deep orgasm cresting through her body.

He kissed her fully, groaning in her mouth, the heat rushing through her body as his muscled chest pressed and brushed against her rigid, tender nipples. Oh holy shit, here we go...

Lauren came again, her body jerking beneath him, Embry driving his cock inside her, pulsing, plunging, the firm ridges of his abdominals massaging her clit, sending her into a caterwauling frenzy.

"Gonna shoot inside you...oh god...gonna shoot so hard...fuck, so hard, kitty..."

"God yes! Fuck...! Meeee...!"

Lauren felt the impact of his first explosion inside her, the hot jet of cum filling her cunt just before Embry sobbed violently into her neck, his body thrashing against her as though to push the length of his cock as deeply inside her as physically possible. She was moaning and mewling nonsensically beneath him. Shot after hard shot, his cock throbbing wildly inside her, Lauren dimly realized that she had made this boy lose himself completely. And she liked that thought. A lot.

And didn't mind at all when his heavy, sweat-soaked body collapsed on top of her, still trembling from head to foot and gasping for air, her arms and legs tightly curling around him, holding him close.

The heat tickled as the very warm, very wet remains of his load seeped from her well-fucked pussy, dripping around the base of his cock still deep inside her, pooling beneath her ass.


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