Desire's Darkness

Chapter 12 – Guilty Pleasure

Previously on Desire's Darkness-

I have to turn and duck and dodge and squeeze my way through to the other side. Who in the world could own that many guns?

And Itachi is in the middle of it all… He was the Master. He was the King. He called and they answered. He said jump, and they all asked 'How High?'

He controlled all.

So what am I going to do about this?

Nothing. I am going to stick with my original plan.

Then it clicked. Everyone is staring at me because I wasn't just sitting in a corner brooding being high and depressed. I am laughing, smiling, bright, and happy, playing around and making myself known. It's something none of them were familiar with. I couldn't blame them. It's a bit of a shock to me too.

This feels so great. This is my new life. A new beginning. And no Uchiha is going to screw this up for me.

"The power to change is in my hands." This mantra I kept for myself when I needed to reassure and reaffirm my resolve to do the right thing. I haven't had much need of it to be honest but it still kind of helps. I am not going to give up on myself and I'm not going to stop trying to get out of this life.

"Day dreaming?" a cool, velvety voice whispers in my ear, startling me out of my reverie which he has a bad habit of doing. I shiver involuntarily at the closeness and lean forward, away from him so I could turn my blonde head to look at him.

"It's none of your business," I snap, setting down the book I had been pretending to read in the bench window of my room. His eyes alight with mirth as he leans away and smirks at me.

"Sure it is, since I own you and all," he replies. That's always his answer. To everything! 'Because I own you', the cheeky bastard.

"No you don't. You can't own people. Leave me alone," I growl, turning back to my book.

"Oh, on the contrary; I completely disagree. You can own people quite easily," he says matter-of-factly as he sits at my feet on the window seat.

I sigh and set my book down again, glaring at him. "I suppose you would know, being the Drug Lord you are but that doesn't apply to me. I am not yours to do with as you please and I am not going to be ruled by an ass like you. I don't know how many times I have to tell you!"

With a mischievous smile on his pink lips, he shrugs, "You'll give in eventually. When you realize how bad you want it."

"How bad I want wh-?" I am silenced by a sudden attack on my lips. Itachi forces his tongue into my mouth and dances it playfully around mine as his hands wander my body under my loose shirt and fleetingly brush against my crotch. With a gasp and some strength, I manage to manoeuvre out from underneath him. "The fuck? Seriously? Keep your perverted hands to yourself ya weirdo!"

I stalk out of the room, away from that infuriating smirk on his pretty pale face. Stupid Uchiha! I am plagued by them here! But by my own choice so I can't really say anything but still. The end of the school year and my graduation just wasn't coming fast enough. Though I do have to admit that during my stay here, I have been enjoying myself. The scars on my wrists were completely healed and just pink reminders of my old life. The clarity in my mind was a constant reminder of the drugs I was no longer on. I was so happy about these changes that living with the Uchiha's doesn't bother me so much any more.

That and it was kind of getting entertaining to tease and goad Uchiha into losing his cool sometimes.

A few weeks into going back to school I have to admit that I haven't missed a day. I haven't cut classes, I haven't disrespected anyone, I haven't gotten into any fights and my grades are only getting better. I am quite proud of myself. Pulling through all this bullshit feels great.

I mean, I do get picked on a bit from the old gang who used to get drugs from me. But once they realized I seriously quit the stuff, they stopped associating with me all together. Even Sasuke has stopped talking to me too. He looks really distracted and busy all the time. Probably trying to manage that 80% he sold me for, cheating bastard.

Though hanging with all the guys and actually being able to have fun and associate instead of being depressed, snappy and moody all the time is an amazing feeling. It's easier than I ever thought it would be. It seems natural. Like I was always meant to be this way. Maybe I was. I'm glad I figured it out.

Work has been great to me too. Sai has been a complete gem, even gave me a raise and a few more hours of work on weekends just to help me out that much more. I appreciate everything this man has done for me. I really do. Even keeping his offer on the table to move back in with him to get away from the Uchiha household. Just the thought of the 2 of us being cramped into that one tiny apartment sends shivers down my spine. I like space. I can't picture myself stuck in there for months until school ends.

Days later, I am in the kitchen late one night after getting home from work and trying to fix myself a dinner in the dark. Rustling around in the fridge is distracting me completely. With a bagel shoved in my mouth and my hands full of condiments and things to put on said bagel, I am completely vulnerable to the sudden grasp of warm hands around my body.

I gasp and tense, trying to pull away immediately but can't do much else due to all the things in my arms. "Ah, you've left yourself so open, dear pet… One would think you were getting a little too comfortable here…" Itachi's sultry voice purrs in my ear. I feel myself blush and whimper slightly. Fuck… what do I do? I am usually so good at avoiding situations like this.

"Gerfoffmmphpemmph!" I try to wiggle my way out of his grasp, bagel still shoved in my mouth.

His hands slide around me, gripping me tighter and pulling me flush against him. I gasp and struggle to keep hold of everything piled in my arms, staying still so as not to drop and break anything. "Mmm, mmm, lemmgemmm, Itchimm! Immgomromehfomm!"

Itachi chuckles at my vain attempt to escape and slips his hands under my shirt as high as they can as the food I am holding is crushed to my chest. Then as one of his hands stayed rubbing tight circles against my stomach and hip, his other hand strayed down and played with the button on my jeans. I shake my head and try again to escape but I am very limited to what I can do without dropping everything. He holds tight, his hot breath ghosting over my ear and neck making goose bumps rise over my skin.

I moan in helplessness as his hand quickly works the button free and pull the zipper down, making my jeans considerably looser. I'm an easy target. I push back against him, hoping to knock him off balance but he is a stone pillar and I am just a tiny breeze, all shaky and unstable and unable to do anything.

"Look how hard you are! Already, dear pet? It must have been a long while since you've given yourself any attention," he teases, his warm hand grasping at my dick through my boxer-briefs. I whimper and close my eyes. It has been a while actually… since things have really turned around I haven't really felt horny…

But here… now… with his hand on me, his breath chilling me, his voice teasing me… I realize just how much I want this pleasure. My body didn't fight it because it wanted it…

"You like this, don't you? You like your Master touching you," he murmurs into my deaf ear. I'm not listening. I'm long gone into the sense of sensation and pleasure. The feeling of his warm, firm hand stroking me through my underwear steals my breath and I only have enough consciousness to keep holding onto the food in my arms and the bagel in my mouth which is starting to get soft and soggy from my saliva. I let out a whimper and tense, my erection throbbing in his hand. "You're so hot when you're helpless and wanting," he smirks.

I open my hazy blue eyes. What am I doing? I'm giving into him? I'm letting him have his way with me? What's wrong with me?! With great will power and mental resolve I moan and pull free from his grasp and quickly go around the counter to set everything down and spit out the bagel. Panting and flushed and now more frustrated than ever, I glare at him with half lidded eyes. He almost had me, that seductive bastard. But I won't let him know how close I was. Passing it off like its nothing, I smirk at his incredulous look. Itachi really thought he had me!

"Jeez, do you ever think about anything other than sex?" I growl, not even wanting any of my food anymore. But I start making up my bagel anyways, always keeping the bastard in my peripheral.

"Oh, yes. I think of many other things. But most of it has to do with you," he sits at the counter and watches me. Creepy.

"Don't you have anything better to do? Count money, sniff drugs, sell guns, kill people?" I grumble quite grumpily.

Itachi smirks and shakes his head. "Always so accusing and untrusting… Don't you remember? I only handle about 20% of that business now and since most of it is gone, I have a lot of free time on my hands… More time to spend with you if you would ever let me."

Cautiously, I put everything away, constantly aware of the tightness and discomfort in my still undone pants. "Never," I retort, taking a bite of my bagel.

"You know," Itachi stands and makes his way towards me slowly, like a predator stalking its prey, "How would you ever know if you like it or not," he puts his hands on either side of me on the counter so I'm trapped, "if you never try it? I can be very kind and passionate." His mischievous eyes lock with mine and I swallow my mouthful of food.

"What makes you think I don't already know and I just don't want to do it with you?" I snap, an eyebrow rose, trying to remain calm and cool despite the huge hard-on I was still carrying.

"That hurts, Naruto… I'm wounded that you would think so little of me," he says, his voice soft but I can tell that he really is fine. Just teasing me more.

"Hmm," is my only response as I take another bite of my bagel.

"You know, Naruto… You are a very interesting person… Not much can hold my attention for very long but you… despite all your attempts to evade me, insult me, and ignoring me… I am still most intrigued by you," he admits, his dark eyes flashing from my lips to my eyes and back.

With a smirk, I finish my bagel and take my time chewing and swallowing, making him wait in agony for my response. For some reason, despite the situation, I feel like I have the power and control right now and it makes me feel almost giddy. Me? Have power over Itachi? What a wonderful idea.

"Man… when you pick a lost cause, you really commit, don't you?" I finally reply and with a sudden surge of boldness (or stupidity) I lean in, reach forward and brush my fingers over his crotch. Though I wasn't expecting him to have his own hard on. But I rub very softly, teasing. His breath catches in his throat and something changes in his eyes. They are dark. Dangerous. Blazing with an out of control fire. I squeeze his thick cock before letting go and slipping out of his grasp and running upstairs to my bedroom.

With my heart pounding painfully and a giddy rush of adrenaline coursing through me, I lean against the door, ram my hand down my own pants and start jacking off, pumping furiously. I pant and whimper and flush with the rough pleasure. In my mind I try picturing some hot chick or some hot guy sucking my cock, moaning, enjoying every second of it just as much as I am.

But no matter what I picture, Itachi's face keeps intruding. His perfect, pale lips around my length, his fiery, dangerous eyes locked on mine, his hand cupping my balls and the other gripping my hip to steady himself. His hair a mess. Naked, his own erection straining and leaking pre-cum in his excitement. Fuck, that picture of him is so vivid and so hot in my mind that with a shudder and a moan, I cum. My seed splatters over my hand and stains my underwear and jeans but I don't care. That was amazing…

Panting and now exhausted, I wipe my hand on a clean part of my underwear, undress, and throw on some new boxer-briefs. Then I crawl onto my bed and sigh with content. I only feel slightly guilty. I mean, yeah, I pictured Itachi, but he is hot and did tease me… maybe it was the giddy rush of adrenaline and lust that took control but I don't care. So what if I pictured him sucking me off? No one else knows and I'm not about to tell him about it. I'm sure he thinks about me all the time… and especially now after me touching him like that for the first time in the kitchen…

No harm no foul.

That was a one time only thing. I'm positive.

With my face still flushed and blissful sensations and naughty images still crossing my mind, I snuggle under my covers and close my tired eyes. What I did was ok…right? Itachi wouldn't know about it so it doesn't matter…right?

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