A/N: Hi! So I'm having issues understanding Sanji's character as far as my main story so I wrote this drabble to help understand him a little better and to see if my take on him is okay. Of course, it probably would have helped to write a serious part but maybe that will come later. In any case, enjoy!

The Angel

Robin stared down at the purple, almost white, dress a light smile on her face. I simply stared at the dress in appreciation, the way that it fit her curves, making her look even more stunning than usual. The shopkeepers fluttered around her, making sure that the long flowing dress fit her correctly. I watched to make sure not a single one of them dared to touch her in an inappropriate way, ready to beat the crap out of any shitty person who dared to try.

The raven-haired beauty's gaze went to me, lips pursing. "What do you think, Mr. Cook?" she inquired softly. I swayed back and forth in happiness, delighted that she would ask my opinion.

"Robin-chan looks even more beautiful than usual," I bubbled. She smiled in appreciation. My dear Nami's taste in attire was perfect, as usual, even to fit the other angel who graced the ship with her presence. Robin's gaze went to the shopkeepers.

"I'll get it," she told them calmly. The main storekeeper bobbed her head. She was a pretty woman, although she had nothing on either of my crewmates.

"Your friend already purchased it for you. She simply wanted you to try it on first, just in case we needed to make any alternations," Robin looked slightly shocked for a moment before smiling gracefully.

"I see. I'll need a box to take it back to the ship in," she murmured before her attention turned back to me. "Mr. Cook, could you go tell Mr. Swordsman that I'll be down in a moment?" I nodded quickly, although I wasn't looking forward to talking to the grumpy shithead. Normally he was fine, a good sparing partner for whenever I needed to release some tension but today was one of his unbearable days. But the fool was always grumpy when Nami forced him to coming shopping.

I didn't understand why Nami had insisted upon him coming since he was useless in this type of mood. I was plenty of protection for the archeologist alone, even if the town was filled with bounty hunters. It wasn't as if he would protect her if needed, spouting his nonsense about there being no difference between a man and woman, never understanding that a gentleman would always protect a lady.

Nonetheless, since it was a request from a pretty lady, I moved to go tell the swordsman that we could go soon. He would probably be relieved, considering he had bluntly refused to come in and see Robin in all her beauty deciding to guard the door four floors down. As I turned, there was suddenly the loud sound of footsteps rushing at me. I turned quickly, kicking my attacker as he tried to stab me in the back. He fell to the floor with a cry.

My gaze whipped around the room in an instant, searching to see if Robin was alright. Several men fell to the floor near her, spines snapped. The seriousness on her face made me feel guilty. I wasn't fulfilling my duty to her, letting her fight like that. I rushed to her, knocking down every single shitty bounty hunter who posed a danger to her. Within minutes, every one of them was on the ground and Robin uncrossed her arms from her chest. I scanned her body, to make sure that none of the shitty men had injured her in any way. If so much as a scratch marred her body, I was going to kill that shitty swordsman. I found no sign that she had been touched in the least, however, to my relief.

The black-haired beauty seemed to making sure the same applied to me before a smile replaced the serious expression. Her gaze went to the storekeeper, who was looking extremely nervous. All she received was a graceful smile. "I would still like that box," Robin told her politely. The storekeeper trembled slightly, curtsied and ran into the back.

I walked over to the window and made sure there were no more of the shitty bastards waiting outside for us. I didn't see any nor did I see Zoro fighting. Unless he had let them get past him, there was no attack waiting outside for us. I was busy double-checking the surroundings downstairs when Robin shouted out a warning and a pair of hands shoved me, roughly, right through the window.

The feeling of falling took over my body in an instant and I only had moments to realize my mistake. This fall would hurt and the idiotic swordsman wouldn't let me hear the end of it. But if I was hurt, I was certain my dear Nami would spend her time tending to me. The thought made me swoon as I fell, although my body was still waiting for impact, eyes closing.

The impact never came, however, just the feel of arms wrapping around my body and the feeling of falling vanishing. My eyes snapped open in surprise, catching sight of a pair of pure white wings and an angelic white dress fluttering in the air behind what was certainly a woman hugging me tightly. It was clear I was dreaming or that the impact had set me into a daydream where a beautiful angel rescued me and I simply hoped that I would be able to stay in it.

"Are you alright, Mr. Cook?" the angel's voice murmured in my ear. By this time, I was swooning in the angel's arms, shocked at how realistic of a dream this was, unable to utter a response. There was the soft feeling of a landing, my feet touching the ground, the angel bending down to set me on the ground, stunning blue eyes staring at me. There was worry in them before amusement took over and black hair fluttered around the face, contrasting strongly with the white wings. The angel pulled away from me, amusement on her face.

It was odd, the angel almost looked like Robin, although I was disappointed for some reason that the face didn't look like Nami's. "Mr. Cook?" the angel repeated, this time no worry in her face. I continued to stare, my eyes no doubt hearts, ready to cry out at her, when the ugly mug of Zoro appeared next to the angel. All my joy vanished in an instant, along with my dreams as I realized that the angel was Robin, her wings made up of hands.

"What the hell happened to you, dart brow?" Zoro inquired in amusement. Robin's lips twitched into a smile as she stood up fully, wings disappearing from her back in a puff of flowers. I quickly got over my dreams to answer the swordsman, my mood sour at him for ruining my dreams.

"We were attacked by bounty hunters, you bastard," I growled. He continued to grin. The archeologist's attention was caught by a nearby story and she walked away silently, almost-white dress swishing after her.

"You're pathetic. I thought you were going to protect Robin, not that she was going to protect you," he mocked. I stood up slowly, putting a cigarette in my mouth and lighting it, leaning forward slightly, stewing silently at his comment.

"You want to start something, you shitty swordsman?" I inquired harshly. His grin increased, one hand sliding down to where he had his katana. Without a word, he rushed at me. I quickly moved my left leg to block him, stopping his blade easily. We proceeded as usual attacking then defending until Robin walked back out of the bookstore she had gone into, expression calm. Two hands quickly forced us apart lightly, both us turning to look at the woman in front of us.

She forced books into both of our hands with a smile and a quiet "Thanks," before supporting her backpack over her shoulder and walking towards the ship. Zoro stared down at his in confusion. I didn't bother to look down at mine, happy to carry Robin's pile of books for her. Of course, he didn't feel the same way.

"Hey, what…" Zoro started to protest before a look of surprise spread across his face. He stared at the books one last time before going after her. Wondering what had surprised him; my gaze went to the books she had given me. They were all cook books of some kinds, most from islands we hadn't been too. Robin-chan's generosity knew no bounds! I walked after her quickly, only to see that Zoro had taken my place beside her, no room on her other side for me to walk. I took in her relaxed pose and the calm, brilliant smile that she sent at the swordsman and realized one thing: my beautiful angel had been stolen by a barbaric demon.

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