They were tighter than a married couple.

They acted just like one.

They had the same last name, were they really that different?


When they were children, he was her personal sun.

The joy and the freedom of being outside.

In his gaze Isabelle bloomed.


As they grew older and years passed, he was still her sun.

His touch upon her skin burned.

And the moment he entered a room she felt flushed and warm.


As they sleep next to each other, she would curl up against his body, seeking the warmth.

Alec's eyes were ice, but they warmed her face.


He brought that cherry blush to her cheeks.

He made her laugh.

She would dance before him like she felt the sun upon her skin.


At Jace and Clary's wedding, they danced together.

She wore a green dress, but she pretended it was white.

She pretended he was hers.

She pretended they were married.


But he was still forbidden,

Because even though they had the same last name – just like a married couple – they also had the same blood.


I don't own TMI.

Just so you know, I don't like Incest.

I just like Alec and Isabelle, seperate.

So they came together.

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