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"Okay everyone!" Nami shouted, "The next approaching island is …SUMMER!" Everyone's ears perked up. "Go change into swimsuits, and beach clothes!"The Mugiwaras had been traveling for weeks, so they all wanted to get on land. Luffy came back out in record time in nothing but a pair of cut-offs. Nami shook her head." Luffy..You don't plan on swimming…in the ocean, do you?" Luffy laughed. "Ha Ha ha!!! I'm not THAT stupid!" He laughed uncontrollably some more. "I'm an ANCHOR! I sink! What I want is a tan!" Nami thought for a bit. "Can rubber tan?" Luffy shrugged his shoulders, and then sat on the seat that was only dangerous to him…but like that mattered!

The other Mugiwaras came on deck in this order: Zolo, Robin, and Sanji following her mumbling "Mellorine "and his eyes in hearts. Ussop and Chopper were still dressed in their normal attire, because they were going to stay on board to make medicine and some more ammo. As they neared the island, everyone was getting anxious. Luffy and Zolo were racing to the beach, and once their feet hit the sand, they both fell flat on their faces.

"Why are you so…covered up, Nami-Swan?" Sanji said glumly. Nami decide to humor him by adding" Well, I didn't change yet…" Sanji almost died from blood loss, "Do you need some HELP!?"

"What happened to YOU!?" Robin questioned a bruised Sanji. "Aaaa… nothing my sweet Robin-Chuwan!" mmmnnn… she thought. Robin grabbed her bag and pulled out a bottle of tanning oil."Sanji-kun, could you-" "YES!!!!!!!" Sanji shouted quickly, his eyes almost exploding. He took the bottle from her, and laid her on her stomach. He rubbed the oil on her back and thighs then flipped her over.

She gasped at the sudden flip, and then she chuckled at herself. He poured a teaspoon or two into her navel, and she squirmed a little. Sanji just giggled like a school girl and spread the glossy substance on her front. He tickled her sides when he reached them. He was pouring the oil on her upper chest, but she stopped him before he rubbed it in. "Thank you Sanji, I can finish." He continued standing there, like he was gonna miss Robin rubbing her chest!"go away Sanji –kun…" Sanji looked down at his feet, and walked away, Nami walking past him giving him her evil-eye glare.

Nami laid next to Robin and they both fell asleep, and tanned together for a half hour before….

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