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"On the last piece of One Piece!"

(ha ha, I remember this show…..)

Nami laid next to Robin and they both fell asleep, and tanned together for a half hour before….

Before….. Luffy and Zolo came to poke their sides in attempt to wake them. Nami and Robin both groaned.

"Mmmnnn…." Nami muttered "what do you want..." The two men grinned. "Let's play volley ball!" they both shouted.

"The two women smiled. This will be quite a match thought the teams, boys against girls!(except, Sanji, of course, who had decided to play with the ladies…)"come be on my team!" he shouted, sauntering over to greet them on his side of the net.

They both rolled their eyes, but decided that it would be fun to lay this way.

Robin only had one dilemma…..

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