Okay, I just had to write this to get the depressedness out of my system – Jess, you know what I mean. Anyway this is set after the 100th episode and it's what I hope will happen in the show; or at least something along these lines. This'll probably end up being only a few chapters long but I'll see how it goes. Enjoy :)

She had done it. He had cracked and she had knocked him down. She couldn't believe it. There he was; Seeley Booth; the perfect-as-a-man-could-get man standing in front of her. Asking for a chance to give them a shot and she said....no! What woman in her right mind would do that? The vision of Booth's truly sad face, his eyes welled with tears, looking at her almost pleadingly, would forever be burnt into her memory. Burnt so deep in her mind she could not escape it. Burnt into every nook and cranny so that wherever she turned, the image stared her right in the face. It was inescapable.

It had been seventeen days since that ever so eventful and heartbreaking night, and she had only seen him the once; when he'd dropped by the Jeffersonian to drop off the last of the case paperwork. He hadn't even glanced her way. Whether it was coincidence or not, not a single case had turned up in those seventeen days. Seeing as she'd knocked Booth back, Brennan didn't think she had the right to drop in and see him unwork-related. His words 'I gotta move one' were imprinted almost as deep as the image of his sorrowful face. Those four words kept running through her mind. Like a damaged record; over and over again. He would move on; he'd made that clear. So she should too, but she could not find one cell in her body willing to do so. She couldn't go back, after coming so far forward. Opening up to Booth had been a giant leap. A leap from one bridge to another. That original bridge was gone now. Crumbled to nothing but dust. It did not exist.

The clicking of heels and the dragging of shoes snapped Brennan out of her haunting daze, alerting her once again to her surroundings.

"Sweetie, you need to leave the lab," Angela said sternly, removing the instrument from Brennan's grasp.

"I have left the lab. I leave the lab most nights to go home and sleep," Brennan pointed out, matter-of-factly.

"Bren, leaving after midnight and coming back at sunrise is not what I mean. Get out of the lab and grab some lunch or just go home and relax for the afternoon."

Hodgins stepped forward a little, coming into the conversation saying, "Dr B, Ange is right."

Nodding, Brennan said, removing her gloves and throwing them in the bin, "okay. If you both want me out of here, I will go."

Outside the wind was picking up a little and the white clouds were beginning to turn a mean shade of grey. The traffic on the roads was hectic, and Brennan began to tap her fingers impatiently on the steering wheel as she got stuck in yet another build up.

Once at the Royal Diner, Brennan stepped out of her car, grabbed her purse and walked inside.

And there she saw an image that was far worse than the ever repetitive image of Booth's misery. This new image was like a stab to the heart. Multiple stabs. There, in the corner table, their table, sat a couple opposite each other. To an outsider, this would look perfectly normal. Sitting there, in her seat was a woman. Her sleek blonde hair hung neatly by her shoulders, shaping around her face. Her pearl necklace matched her earrings and her bright green eyes gazed at the man across the table from her. She reached up and delicately wiped something from the corner of her companion's mouth, before licking it off her fingertip ever so slowly. She laughed a fake and exaggerated laugh at something he'd said. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, moving away slightly as she tried to reach for his hand.

Brennan moved a little closer, unsure whether her eyes were deceiving her. This movement alerted the woman to Brennan's presence. She didn't take much notice at first, but then began to feel a little uncomfortable when she realised Brennan was staring at them. Catching his date's averted look, th man followed her gaze until he locked eyes with a wide-eyed Brennan.

"Bones?" he said, standing up quickly and stepping toward her.

"Really, Booth?" Brennan asked, gobsmacked. "I know you said you were gonna move on, but I didn't realise you would so quickly. But to bring her here. Sit at our table. I just....I....I have to go," she said, still in shock, and turned on her heel, walking away.

Had she stayed a little longer, she would have heard the two exchanges made by Booth and his date.

"Ha! Who's she? Your crazy ex-girlfriend, or something?" the woman snorted with laughter.

"Don't," Booth said rather abruptly, "speak about her like that!"

Unlocking her car, Brennan almost immediately realised that she had unconsciously parked next to a very familiar black SUV. Ignoring it, she turned her key and slammed the car door shut behind her.

Back in the confines of her car, Brennan became fully aware of the suspicion that had just become reality. Booth had moved on. He had really moved on, just like that. The thought of moving on was unbearable. The idea of kissing another man after having kissed Booth, or of loving another man after having loved Booth seemed absurd. Seemed impossible. The idea made her stomach churn. Made her want to be sick. Made her entire being ache. She had actually lost him; that was the reality. This....this revelation was all it took. All it took to push her over the edge.

Wrapping her arms around her torso, clinging to the sides of her own coat, and resting her forehead against the steering wheel, Temperance Brennan burst into tears.

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