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Chapter One:

Fairy World, approximately 15000 years ago:

It was midday in Fairy World, the wind rustled the leaves gently, birds sang as they flitted about their business and a church bell clanged joyfully out across the area as the doors to the chapel burst open, spewing out numerous figures; the ring bearer and other young children, bored and uncomfortable in their suits and skirts, quickly fluttered away, unaware that the picture taking and congratulations would continue for several hours after the doors opened. The new couples parents came next, two of them attempting to make small talk as the others glared disparagingly at the family they were now a part of. Last of all came four boys, each of about twelve years of age. One of them, Asian, dressed comfortably in a formal white suit and top hat fluttered ahead of the rest, laughing as the others pulled at their collars and ruffled their hair, he flew higher, landing on a tree branch and falling about with mirth as he watched the others. Another, wiry and red haired, twisted off his tie, pulled a crimson ponytail out from under the hat he had been forced to wear and flopped down by the trunk, yawning and soaking up sunlight as he stretched out on the ground. A third simply sat, straight backed and acute, pulling a small pocket book out of his jacket he began to write, using a pen which he had poofed straight out of thin air. He flicked a hair out of his eyes, the spiked purple mess on his hair completely at odds to the rest of his attire. The final, green haired and neat in a plain white shirt, the top button undone, slouched miserably over to the other three and knelt in front of the purple haired boy and waving a hand in front of his eyes.

"Creevy. Creevy. Anyone in there," the green haired boy called to his friend, poking him in the stomach several times.

"Leave him alone," came a voice from up in the trees, the white hatted boy grinned, mimicking Creevy's actions, "the master is at work."

"Hassian..." the red haired boy groaned, "its a wedding not a comedy act."

"It's my cousin's wedding," Hassian giggled, almost toppling from the tree, "I might as well have fun. 'Sides, we're only kids once, we're young, we're foolish and we're some of the most intelligent children Fairy World has ever seen. We my dear Red Black," he said quite seriously to the other boy, "are the ARCH". He began to laugh so hard that he fell off the tree, landing straight on Creevy and the Green haired boy.

The green haired boy, Amelius Cosma, grinned lopsidedly at the other two on top of him as he pulled himself from the pile, he stood up winced as a baby from the procession let out a piercing shriek.

"Babies," he rolled his eyes, "should be a law against them."


Some fifteen thousand years later, a similar wind was blowing through the trees of Dimmsdale, Timmy Turner was playing catch on the lawn, as a moving van rolled past, Timmy didn't even notice it, just another van going to another part of town. It slowed, pulling up five houses down, across the road from the Turner establishment. Several hours later a car drew up. Three people emerged from it when it drew up behind the van. The first two people were ordinary, normal neighbors who no one would ever look at twice, the kind of neighbors whom the Turners hated, unless they were accompanied by a child or two to sap their income. Fortunately the final character settled the score, a small girl, shorter than Timmy but of about the same age, with wide, sad eyes and a quiet demeanor about her. She was adopted, and obviously so, as both the adults were thick built people with hard green eyes and brown hair. She was thin and soft featured, her eyes were a pale grey and and her hair seemed to sparkle in the light, being a light lavender colour, which blew like dandelion seeds in the wind, each strand as independent and soft as the rest of her face and carries her personality naturally.

Looking around her neighborhood, she saw a weird buck toothed boy staring at her, he looked at her indifferently, but his Father, grinning widely from ear to ear, waved whole heartedly at his new neighbors, as was the custom, before turning up his nose and drawing the curtains, as was also the custom. the girl smiled, she wished that her foster parents were like that, but they were always so busy, her foster father being a clerical worker at a franchise selling office blocks to people who worked in large corporations and her foster mother being a saleswoman representing a firm of Hoover manufacturers. She sighed, feeling her fathers hand on her shoulder, she stared sadly up at him, shrugging off his hand and trudging sadly into her house, she opened the door to what was now her room, slouching into the middle of the room and dropping down near a box, which she rummaged inside and drew out a ball. She batted it around, wishing she had someone to play with, a brother, a sister, a friend, even a dog would have been better than nothing. She sighed, throwing the ball at the wall where, weirdly, it stopped, falling directly to the floor before it hit the wall. It wobbled, deforming and glowing red, its entire form changed as it shook itself into the shape of a red haired, well groomed man. He smiled warmly, flipped his ponytail back behind his head and clearing his throat, before dropping to the floor in front of the girl.

"Kaycie Clark." he stated, she nodded, but he already knew who she was, "My name is Red Black and I will be your new fairy godparent."
Kaycie stared at him blankly, "A fairy what-parent? Why do I need one of those?"

"Well," Red grimaced, "I don't do this kind of stuff normally, I was personally chosen by Hassian Orion of Fairy World Godparenting HQ, Yellow crown etcetera, etcetera. Apparently now that it has been five years since you apparently arrived planet, it's time for us to introduce you to our way of life, rather than just quietly spying on you."

Kaycie's head spun, "Sent me here? What do you mean? What makes me so special?"

Red laughed, "You, my dear Kaycie, are the eldest child of a somewhat powerful fairy family whose parents died roughly 1500 years ago."

"How powerful?"

"You were part of the royal family." Kaycie stopped open-mouthed, Red grinned again, "Yeah, 'cos princesses make everything better."

Hooray for princesses, they make writing so easy. More to follow, maybe even a plot.