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Chapter Nine

Anti-Fairy World, Thirteen

Red Black woke up, he was alive. Sure his Ribs hurt and one of his legs wasn't connected but that was nothing a couple of band aids wouldn't fix. He groaned in pain, trying to get up, but realising that the bus was still on top of him, and reached out towards where his wand should have been.

"Looking for this," Red winced as the voice of Anti-Cosmo drifted down to him.

"Give that back to me." Red gasped, feeling his lungs crushed by the bus.

"Oh I think not." the monocle wearing Anti-Fairy replied, "you've caused quite enough trouble already. I mean the invasion was fun, but really. Trying to assassinate Cosmo is a bit much. I'm his Anti-Fairy, I decide when he dies. You got that... Dad?" Anti-Cosmo grinned, taunting the man responsible for his freedom and creation was almost as fun as causing nine hundred years of bad luck.

"Oh when I get out of here I'm going to rip your wings off. You are so... so grounded mister!" Red shouted, unaware of the cogitations of this sentence. The Anti-Fairies laughed their heads off.

"Ah man!" Anti-Cupid guffawed, turning to the Anti-fairies behind him. "DROP ANOTHER FEW BUSES LADS!" he hollered. Red gasped as they fell on him.

"Sweet, talk ya way outta that one pommy." Mike sneered, turning to Anti-Cosmo, who nodded, and the blue winged creatures scattered.

"WAIT!" Red called after them, "PLEASE! I CREATED YOU! I PLACED THE HAIRDYE! I GAVE YOU LIFE!" he trailed off as two black cloaked figures appeared over him.

"Red Black?" one asked. Red didn't answer.

"That's him." The second figure threw back her hood and Red's eyes widened as Garovaki looked down at him.

"Mr Black," one of the figures began, "my name is Grimoire Flowerpetal. I represent a figure of some importance in Fairy World and, after viewing your performance today, would be very happy if you were to join us."

"I'll do anything," Red shuddered, "if you'll just get these buses off of me." Garovaki looked at the other man, who shrugged ("buses aren't my specialty"). Red groaned again, his pupils rolling back in his head as he fell unconscious.


A week later, Timmy found himself walking down his road to the end of the block, towards a winged taxi, the same kind that usually arrived to take godparents when they became no longer needed. Yet this magical cab had not come for fairies, or at least not godparents. Kaycie Clark stood on the edge of the edge of the road, flanked by the very two fairy warriors she had arrived with. Timmy didn't know why he had bothered to get up that morning, it was windy and a light cover of snow lay on the ground. Timmy found it odd that it should be snowing, being July as it was. But he had been told it was a thank you present from the Fairy Council and had thought it was best not to question them (The thunderstorms they'd sent after the Darkness had been bad enough). Kaycie beamed at Timmy as she saw him approach, waving vigorously. Timmy rolled his eyes, if he didn't watch his step, that girl would turn into a real Tootie. She stopped waving when he walked out from under a tree that had been shadowing his head, to reveal a light blue cap perched on the top of his head. It didn't suit him, and made her want to giggle. But, then again, that would would be rude, so she just gawked at him instead. He glared at her and she stopped that too, starring awkwardly at one's feet was a much better idea.

"Timmy! Wow... nice hat," she giggled slightly "Um, well... I'll be off now, the council says I can't stay here, after what the Anti-Fairies almost did... And Griffry isn't old enough to know about Fairies yet." Kaycie brightened up, "So, anyway, I'm off to live with my uncle."

"The crazy one or the stupid one?" Timmy asked.

"Crazy one," Kaycie admitted, "the stupid one's already got a godchild. Lives on a farm somewhere. The crazy one's apparently much safer, 'cos he lives in Fairy World."

Timmy smiled, looking down at the three dogs standing nearby, who grinned back at him, then up at Kaycie again. He drew a tattered pink object out of his pocket and handed it over to Kaycie. Kaycie looked down, stunned; this was Timmy's pink hat, the one that had fallen into the shredder. As far as she knew it was the only one he had (unbeknown to her, Timmy's mom had actually bought him seventy more when she found out his hat was missing. But that was besides the point). Kaycie smiled warmly, putting the hat in her back pack and climbing into the cab, her brown haired guardians following her. She looked out the window, waving as the cab flew off. Timmy smiled weakly, lifting one hand open palmed as the magical cab flew off and out of sight in the direction of Fairy World.

Timmy turned away,walking back down the road with his three fairies in tow. He was caught inside his own head, busy thinking about what had happened. He was so busy in fact, that he didn't see a shadowy figure in a lumpy long coat round the corner and head towards him, his head buried in a book.

"Seems like that's the end of Red Black," Wanda said, turning to Timmy. Timmy grinned widely, his buck teeth becoming even more noticeable than usual.

"Yeah. But it makes me wonder, why was Red like that?"

"Well..." Wanda hesitated thinking for a moment, "It's probably best of Cosmo tells you." Cosmo grinned, beginning his story.

"When I was little..." Cosmo stopped as Timmy bumped into the man in the long coat, causing both man and boy to fall, landing on their backs. "Errm, I mean... WOOF?"

"Oh sorry," the man smiled, getting up, he sounded slightly British and had brown hair and a little goatee that made him look slightly crazy. Timmy pulled himself up, apologizing. The man grinned, picking up a book called Stormy Seas: a guide for coping with humans Timmy stared at it. The man stared at Cosmo. Timmy dismissed it, walking past the man in the long coat, who stared after them. The man stared at the green dog, and the small circular puppy stared back at him.

"Could it be?" The man shrugged and reached inside his pocket, drawing a particularly large block of chocolate out of his pocket and hurling it at Poof, who swallowed it in one go. The man turned, walking away. As he did so a head popped out of his coat. A purple and blue parrot who looked up at the man.

"Was that?"

"Nah, can't be..."

Timmy turned to Cosmo and the green haired fairy began his story. As the four walked into the distance, through the snow.

"When I was little Uncle Red always seemed kinda distant. Didn't seem to like me all that much. So anyway, on my sixth Fairy birthday..."