"This is too much for us." Imonoyama Nokoru stood from his comfortable leather chair. He looked through the window, "We need professional help on this one."

"I have to agree, Kaichou. There is nothing we can do. This case is nothing like before. Clamp School's future is on its stake." Said Ijyuin Akira, taking the empty cup from kaichou's table.

Nokoru sighed, after five years being the Clamp School Detective, he didn't know this day would be the day when they were hopeless. He turned back to the last person who seemed to be very quiet. "Suoh, we have to hire professional."

"I'm finding them now, but if we hire adults, there will be much commotion. We have to find professionals in our age. It takes long time, tomorrow I can give it to you." Said Suoh, while walking towards his trusted friend. He put a hand on his shoulder, smiling slightly, "We will save Clamp School."

Nokoru nodded, "I hope so, Suoh. This school… is my family's future hope. I don't want it closed because of this." He sighed then turned around, "I hope we found them and stopped this case."


"We won't give up just because of this." Nokoru gripped the small paper on his hand, "I won't give up."

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