This will be a little different than most Digimon Crossovers, well, from any I have seen anyway. I am sorry to say that Renemon will not be present, or at least not until later, haven't decided yet. A pairing may develop in the coming chapters depending on the feedback from this one. This is my first story so I hoped it doesn't disappoint and I will gladly accept any advice you can give me.

Also, for the sake of my sanity, the ages have been edited, the Tamers are all 14.

Chapter 1: Reborn

He was dead.

It was over Uchiha Madara, the man who kicked off the fourth great shinobi war, lay dead at his feet. It had been a long time coming, and now there was only one ninja left in this world. Naruto knelt before Madara's body scowling at the madman's rapidly aging face. Soon his body fell to dust, the last remnant of the shinobi age, Uzumaki Naruto, fell to the ground waiting for the darkness to take him.

The darkness came, but just a soon it was gone replaced with a dull blue glow, transparent figures dance about him, numbers and symbols faded in and out of view.

"Where am I?" His voice startled him; it was higher than he was used to.

"You are in a data field, an ocean of digital information."

The voice came from every direction, transparent figures shook with the sound.

"Where am I? What is going on?" Naruto asked fearing he had been caught in another of Madara's Genjutsu, fearing he had failed.

"Relax, you have not failed, all traces chakra have been erased from your world, save what is needed for its people to sustain life."

"Then why am I alive, I should have died, and the age of shinobi was to die with me!" Naruto yelled.

"You did die." The voice said softly almost hesitantly.

"If I died then what do you call this?" Naruto barked lifting his arm in front of his face. It was at this point Naruto Realized something was wrong.

Being a shinobi meant you spent a lifetime training your body to fight, to kill. Such training brings about knowledge of one's own body that helps a shinobi to recognize his or her body's limits. This was not Naruto's body. He was an 18 year old man; this was the arm of an academy student, albeit a very familiar academy student. That was only his first discovery, as he looked down at himself in shock he noticed his lack of clothing, as well as the fact that he was floating about weightlessly.

"What the hell happened to me? Why am I a kid again!?" He yelled frantically, while trying to maneuver himself in the air.

"You died, but your soul was burdened by the sins of the Kyuubi, this is your redemption as well as your reward." The voice said, gaining a distinctly female tone.

"You have been reborn as a Digimon, a being made of data, you however are different."

"What do you mean different, and how is this reward, what am I meant to do?"

"Well most Digimon are more animalistic lacking human features and their early stages of digivolution. You however, will gain back your previous power as you digivolve, as of now you can only use the abilities you had up to the Chunin exam finals. Fitting as your evolutionary class is rookie. You are going to be sent to a world different from your own, to fight a battle against evil forces there. If you succeed you will be allowed into heaven when you die, also this gives you a chance at a life without that fox on your shoulder."

Naruto was torn, on one hand he was going to have to fight again; he had hoped to be done with the fighting, but the chance at a life without the fox. Now that was quite the reward, to be able to make friends and not fear what they would think if they knew, to never again be sought out or controlled, to love. And that voice, this voice was so comforting like a happy memory he never knew he had.

"I accept," Naruto said after a short pause," now who are you?"

The dim blue light intensified, Naruto shielded his eyes from it. After rubbing the spots out of his eyes, he came face to face with someone who he had only ever seen in his dreams and the worn photos hidden behind his father's face in the Hokage tower.

His mother Uzumaki Kushina stood before him wearing a simple black dress and orange blouse. Tears were streaming down her face as she held her arms out for her son.

Naruto, his will literally launching him across the data field, embraced his mother burying his face into her stomach do to the height difference.

"I am so glad I get to see you before you go, I am so proud of you" She choked out," my little Maelstrom. You have to go now, you have a mission to complete, battles to fight and a young girl who needs you."

Naruto nodded against his mother as he dried the tears that had fallen, looking up at her he asked "Will I see you again Kaasan?"

She smiled down at her son, "Of course you will, and by that time you will have had lots of children for me to us to watch over together along with your wife."

Naruto blushed heavily, prompting another hug and a squeal from his mother.

"I never got to do this in life, my little Naru-chan, you blush so cutely." Her voice grew serious," But you will be giving me plenty of grandchildren right Naru-chan?"

"Hai Kaasan."

"Maybe with that partner of yours, if anyone could "tame" my Maelstrom it would be a girl like her, she reminds me of me at her age…"

"Kaasan…" Naruto murmured.

"She is quite the tomboy, but so serious, you will have to break her of that first. She is a red head too, so the girls will have a better chance of inheriting my hair color."

Kaasan…" Naruto said, getting annoyed.

"The boys will probably be just as handsome as their father and grandfather; oh I just can't wait to see them!"

"Kaasan," Naruto yelled," I haven't even met the girl!"

"You don't think I did my homework?" she said sending him a look of mock hurt," I made sure my baby had the one best suited for him, all the others were either boys or far too naïve. When I learned from Kami you were being given this task I told her straight away that I would be choosing your partner. You have quite the adventure ahead of you, you must be careful, you will be a wild card, and you should not technically exist in their world. Hell not only do Digimon normally stay in the Digital world, you are not of either world so there may be some variables unaccounted for."

Naruto nodded, "I understand I will be careful, so when do I go."

Just then glowing white doorway appeared and a voice was heard coming through it, "I just want one strong Digimon!"

"That would be your cue Naru-Chan," Kushina said giving him final squeeze," do me proud."

"I will Kaasan," Naruto replied," wish me luck."

With that Naruto walked through to doorway.

"There will be none stronger than my boy Makino Rika."

On the other side of the door Naruto found himself in a mass of green and blue data streams flying about there were three large screens all looking in on a singular room where a young red haired girl sat frightened. Crowded around the screens were all manner of creature, some animalistic, some just plain frightening, and some oddly cute. Heeding the girls cries Naruto released a large amount of killing intent on the gaggle of creatures, which caused them to flee. He approached the center screen.


Makino Rika had just returned home from a Digimon Card tournament in which she earned the title "Digimon Queen", it was a hallow victory. Placing her deck and card scanner on the table along with her first place medal she laid back on the floor with a sigh.

"I am so bored."

Just then the doors closed on the room, the light outside took on a sickly purple hue mixed with inky black, the rest of the room was shrouded in darkness save for the bright light shining from the card scanner on the table.

"What's going on?" Rika called out not expecting an answer.

The light expanded and took the form of three large white screens, on the other side the screens were filled with the shadowy visage of many different Digimon all calling out to her.

"There she is!"

"The Digimon Queen!"

"Make me digivolve!"

"Make me stronger!"

As their cries grew louder and they began to inch closer to the screen Rika was crawling back in fright, the Digimon were reaching out of the screen! When her back hit the wall she cried out; "I can't tame all of you! I just want one strong Digimon!"

A blue card from within her deck on the table began to glow; the hoard of Digimon chattered and fled as if frightened. Out of the center screen a lone figure approached, it was about her height, and strangely human, she had never seen a Digimon like this. It stopped before the screen striking blue eyes shining from a shadowed face.

"Who are you?" Rika said timidly.

The eyes shone brighter for a second then the figure spoke.

"I am a…special Digimon, chosen for you, as you were for me, see you soon Red-Chan."

The figure winked one eye and then the screens all phased out.

Rika approached the table finding the strange blue card with a pixilated swirling design on it, like a whirlpool.

"Alright, let's see what you got." She said, swiping the card through the scanner.

The scanner began working numbers flew across the screen until it began to glow and change form, it became thicker and heavier. It was a white device with a small screen rimmed in light blue, there was a blue strap at the top, the bottom had to blue buttons, and one yellow one above them. Looking over it she was convinced she was dreaming. The screen began to shine, and with it Rika's determination returned, clutching the D-Ark to her chest she made her wish.

"I wish that Digimon was mine, and that I knew how to make it Digivolve, I wish I were a real Digimon Tamer!"

The same figure appeared before her, and again she was baffled, this wasn't a Digimon this was a boy, about her age. He wore a long red cloak over a semi-tight white shirt; the cloak had black flame like patterns crawling up the sleeves and at the bottom. He had on loose black pants that were wrapped tightly to his shins by black tape. There was also some white tape on his left thigh beneath which a harness of some sort was attached. It reminded her vaguely of a card holder like hers. Attached to his hips were a number of scrolls on both sides, while around his neck was a leather cord attached to a strange green crystal. Her eyes fell on his face she held back slight blush, he had strange whisker like marks numbering three on both sides of his face, while his unruly blond hair was held in a wrapped pony tail that fell just between his shoulder blades, the rest of said hair spiked out wildly giving him a feral look. His eyes striking blue eyes still held that strange shine as well.

Meanwhile Naruto was examining his new partner; she was cute, in a punk sort of way. She had red hair in a high pony tail with a few strands framing her face. She had on a brown jacket and shirt which had a scull symbol on it. She had tight jeans that cut of half way down the shins, and a few belts wrapped around her thigh. She also had a nice figure for a girl her age, not that he was looking.

Rika regained her senses and gave Naruto a stern look, he was certainly not a Digimon she had ever heard of, but if she was going to be his tamer she was going to have to get to know him a little.

"What's your name," Rika asked," You're not any Digimon I have ever seen."

Naruto gave her a bright smile.

"That's because I was special ordered just for you Red-Chan."

Rika blushed slightly then scowled," Don't call me Red-chan! Now what's your name?"

"Uzumaki Naruto," He replied.

"Now your Digimon name," Rika said," it always ends in –mon."

"Sorry," Naruto chuckled," I told you I am special. My name is Uzumaki Naruto, and I am a Shinobi of the leaf."

Just then Rika's D-Ark began to glow, a holographic disk shot out, showing a picture of Naruto.

"Uzumaki Naruto, Rookie Level, Type: Unknown."

"I am a ninja," Naruto said," It may say rookie there, but if those guys from before were any indication, then I am still a cut above the rest."

"I'll believe that when I see it," She scoffed," My name is Makino Rika, and I am going to be your Tamer, I will accept nothing but the best."

"I'll show you the meaning of true strength Rika-chan," Naruto laughed," Believe it."


Next chapter will have more action, and also I might make it a pairing, though the whole grandchildren thing was just me having fun with Kushina's character, because there are really no limits on what you can do with her. So I hope you all liked it, and are looking forward to the next chapter.