Chapter 15: Snake Like a Train

Come Sunday morning Henry was sleeping soundly in his bed, or at least he was, until he felt a heavy thumping on his chest.

"Wakey, wakey Henry." he heard his partner whisper harshly.

"Terriermon knock it off." he mumbled as he awoke.

He saw Terriermon standing atop him, but he seemed very rigged. Before he could ask his question was answered in the form of his little sister.

"Good morning!" she called in a high pitched sing song voice.

She was standing there holding Terriermon up to his face in her normal Chinese style pink top and her brown hair in two cute little pony tails.

"Wise an' shine!" she said, still having trouble with her 'r''s, Henry noted."Henwy that angwy kids on the phone again!"

"Angry huh? I'll give him angry." Henry growled out inwardly as he took up the phone.

"Takato, this had better be important," Henry said in a tired voice. "it's six in the morning."

"Hey Henry!" came the boys too cheerful response from the phone nearly startling Henry into dropping it.

"I was thinking as Tamers we should always do our best to get the jump on any potential threats!"

"Great..." Henry muttered unenthusiastically.

"I'd like to but," Henry glanced at his calender seeing the circled date and the note that read "New Card Shipment!"

"I've got other plans, sorry."

With that the boy hung up.

"Ah, well okay." Takato responded crestfallen.

Takato stared out the window of his bedroom morosely before coming to life once more.

"Rika!" He said as he dialed." Her and Naruto are sure to come along, maybe even Yuma and Renamon too."

After a few short rings he received an answer; " Makino residence, Naruto speaking!"

"Naruto, it's me Takato I was wondering if you and Rika would be interested in patrolling the city today, or if Yuma and Renamon may be up to it?"

"Well," Naruto looked over his shoulder as dress after dress was tossed out of Rika's bedroom door. "Rika, her mother, and grandmother are all going out today to pick up some clothes and such for Yuma. I doubt Renamon will want to let Yuma out of her sight for a while but I'm free."

"That's great!" Takato yelled.

"Yeah, well look, you an Guilmon take the park and the area surrounding the school. I'll handle the train station and west Shinjuku since that's where Rika and the others will be headed anyway."

"You can count on me!" Takato saluted over the phone.

"Good luck." Naruto said before hanging up.

Takato nodded to himself as he repositioned his goggles and tossed on his deck holder and D-Ark. Wearing his signature blue hoodie and tan cargo shorts, he was ready to do his duty, to defend the defenseless, to-

"Takato there's some friends here to see you!" His mother yelled from below. "There at the front door!"

"Wonder who that could be." Takato questioned.


Naruto sighed as he skulked the rooftops of west Shinjuku, so far it had been quite the boring day. He was able to distract himself, however, by checking in on Rika and the others from time to time. The four girls meandered around the various shops picking up this and that every now an again for Yuma. He could catch a small glimpse of Renamon from time to time, as she shadowed her new partner.

Yuma was flustered at the amount of things that they were picking out and needed to be reassured multiple times that it was okay. She clutched a small bag of clothing to her chest as she followed the three Makino women at a subdued pace. She kept herself quiet, afraid that she would make some mistake and they would decide they didn't want her.

"Yuma." Rika spoke, breaking the young girl from her morose thoughts.

"Huh?" she replied eyes wide in surprise.

"I wanted to know what you thought of this shirt." Rika reiterated slightly peeved, didn't like shopping all that much to begin with.

"Oh," she regarded the long white sleeve shirt with the lavender body," it's fine, but I really think I have enough."

"For the last time don't worry about it dear." Rena stated with a smile as she scanned a few clothing racks.

"Naruto's recent windfall is taking care off all of it," she laughed." who would have though he would make so much money off those pictures?"

Rena selected a bright yellow sundress from the rack and held it up to Yuma who blushed under her contemplative stare.

"You just look so cute in everything!" Rena gushed.

"I remember the year your father got his holiday bonus and I took you to the market Rena." Grandma Makino smiled.

"I can still remember the look on his face when we came home with all those bags, he always was somewhat cheap!" Rena laughed.

Yuma, however, was scared. What if Naruto was mad at her for spending all his money? Rika noticing the girls nervous expression took it upon herself to reassure her.

"Don't worry Yuma," Rika told her." Naruto got all that money in the first place so that we could provide for you."

Yuma nodded timidly.

"Besides, if he has any trouble with it," Rika palmed her fist in a mock threatening fashion." I can handle the idiot."

The moment was ruined by Rena and her mother laughing out loud at the scene that unfolded before them.

"Kaasan," Rena gasped." It's almost exactly what you told me that day!"

"It seems history has a way of repeating itself." Grandma Makino said as she laughed behind her hand.

Rena nodded a bright smile on her face; "I don't think that Naruto is as frugal a Tousan as mine, Yuma."

Yuma nodded with a blush on her face at all the attention. Yet, her mind was lingering on the current conversation. If the Makino's were her new family, did that make Naruto her Tousan?

Rena just laughed and went back to shopping while Rika huffed, a slight redness to her cheeks. Grandma Makino looked on worried as she realized that Naruto would be the only male influence in the girls life thus far. She knew he was older than he looked, but was unsure if he knew how important he may become to the little girl.

She sighed as she watched the younger ladies brows the many shelves and racks, things were just getting more and more complicated.


Naruto smiled as he watched the small car skid to a stop, it was a hell of a throw if he did say so himself. The back tires of the vehicle were completely blown out by his kunai as he descended from the rooftop towards his targets. Three men armed with handguns burst from the doors slightly shaken yet determined to escape. They had just robbed a local jewelry store and were sure that their loot would make them a killing.

"Not so fast!" Naruto yelled.

"Look!" he heard the people on the street whisper to one another.

"It's that Zorro guy."

"Didn't he get rid of those gangs near the park?"

"I heard he's a secret military agent."

Naruto laughed internally at their wild assumptions, he was just your average forlorn spirit searching for redemption in a world not his own.

"Just let us go freak!" Yelled one of the robbers.

"Yeah, even you can't dodge a bullet weirdo!" called another.

Naruto chuckled flashing them a feral grin; "You have no idea how many lowlifes like you make that mistake."

Naruto stepped forward as he drew a kunai from his belt.

"St-stop!" called the lead thug.

Naruto just continued forward now standing just fifteen yards away. The men were panicking their weapons shook slightly in their hands, and when Naruto reach the ten yard mark it became too much. The first thug opened fire and Naruto having watched his arm tense and his fingers curl, was able to use his quick reflexes to sidestep his shot. Once, twice, three times as he advanced on the group. After the second shot the mans friends wised up and began to flee. While Naruto finally dashed forward knocking the mans firearm away with his blade then knocking him out with the pommel.

He fell upon the other two like a bird of prey, landing a kick to both their exposed backs at once as their heads met pavement with a dull thud. After a quick application of his signature "Z" he sped off to the cheers of the crowds and whirl of police sirens.

From the rooftop adjacent Naruto pondered his current location. The chase had lead him away from the girls shopping and he had not really been paying much attention. Inwardly he scolded himself for not studying enough of the local geography to keep his bearings during the chase. His thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice, and an unfamiliar cry of; "Snot Blaster!"

"Guilmon?" Naruto questioned.

Naruto turned behind him seeing the park and nearly cried at his own idiocy. After a small bout of self loathing he gathered what was left of his pride, straightened the brim of his hat, and set out for the park.

The sight that greeted him there was not that of a serious tamer patrolling the park with his radioactive dino at his side. No it was said tamer pushing said dino around in a grocery cart firing paper wads from his nose at his fleeing friends.

Naruto watched as they took a sharp turn sending Guilmon tumbling into a nearby tree as Takato flipped head over heels, the shopping cart skidding to a stop. The assembled group laughed as did the digimon, Naruto saw that there were at least ten people there. Judging from their ages they were friends of Takato, and maybe Henry they did go to the same school after all.

The laugh fest was broken by the intrusion of a snide voice from a nearby tree.

"You are pathetic." Impmon said from his perch looking down at the group. "You should be ashamed of yourself Pineapple head, I bet you think your real cute playing around with all these kiddies doncha'!"

Guilmon looked up at the purple pest his head tilting to the side, not fulling understanding the insult. Meanwhile, Naruto was making his way stealthily closer to the group.

"Your nothing but a trained monkey," Impmon called snapping his fingers. "ba-boom!"

"Takato do you know this guy?" spoke the brown haired girl in the green dress standing next to him.

"Yeah Jeri," Takato sighed." unfortunately, this is Impmon do yourself a favor and try to ignore him."

"How can you ignore someone dressed like that?" asked the boy standing opposite him in the tennis cap.

"Yeah like I care," Impon scoffed." better than that cape wearing freak."

"Now that was uncalled for." Naruto scolded dropping on the branch Impmon was standing on." I happen to like this cape."

"Naruto..." Takato sighed with releif.

"Takato." Naruto nodded, then turned to Impmon who was trying to slip away. "Where are you going Imp?"

Impmon stiffened before turning on a heel and pointing; "Somewhere that I won't have to deal with freaks like you and Pineapple head."

"You could stay and play with the kids." Naruto offered.

Impmon grimaced and a look of what Naruto assumed to be hurt passed his face. It was quickly replaced by a frown.

"I won't lower myself to playing with these humans." he scoffed." Unlike some halfbreed weirdos and their dino pals, I don't need no stinkin' humans!"

Naruto reigned in his anger at the halfbreed comment, it bugged him for some reason. But he felt there was something to Impmon, he must have had a partner at some point otherwise the Juggernaut would have claimed him like it tried to claim Renamon.

"Are you sure," Naruto asked." or are you just afraid of being hurt by them again."

"Shut up!" Impmon defended.

"Struck a nerve Impmon?" Naruto pushed, hoping to get the emotional mon to open up.

"No of your business," Impmon said launching a small fireball at the blond as he leapt away into the trees. "halfbreed loser!"

Naruto sighed before looking back to the gathering of people all of which were focused on the conversation. He could hear some whispering of "Zorro" among them and smiled brightly hoping to leave a good impression in this persona.

"Hey you, what did Impmon mean by halfbreed?" spoke the boy in the tennis cap in an accusing manner.

"Kazu," Jeri chided." you can't just ask someone something like that out of the blue."

"It's alright," Naruto said, as he leapt to the ground." the name's Naruto, or some of you may know me by my alias-"

"Zorro," supplied a bespectacled boy from the group. " your that crime fighting guy on all the news broadcasts."

"He's also the my friend Rika's digimon partner." Takato said.

"Rika, as in Makino Rika the Digimon Queen?" Kenta asked astonished.

"Yeah," Takato replied." and she deserves the title, but she can be a bit...gruff."

"Maybe because she has to deal with friends like you." Naruto supplied.

"Yeah maybe becau-hey!" Takato squawked indignantly as his friends laughed.

"What are you doing here Takato?" Naruto questioned." Last I checked you were supposed to be on patrol, and that shopping cart his one lame squad car."

"Well," Takato sighed." I was going to, but then Kazu showed up with the others wanting to see Guilmon. One thing lead to another and suddenly we're here at the park."

"In my defense I did not anticipate the group growing so fast." Kenta added.

"Forget that," Kenta said looking intently at Naruto. "You don't look like any digimon I've ever seen."

Naruto chuckled absentmindedly scratching the back of his neck in a nervous gesture that had stuck with hims since his youth. The others had taken notice of what Kauz had said and were now looking him over trying to find any sign he was a digimon. Some of the bolder ones even grabbing at his cape swishing it away as if they would find a tail hiding there.

"What gives," Kazu said." you look like a normal kid."

"I am far from normal," Naruto said." as for the digimon aspect, I am a special case."

"Special how?" Jeri asked using her small dog puppet.

Naruto gently pushed the little hand puppet away as he answered.

"I am part human, part digimon, admittedly more human though." Naruto laughed.

"Which is a good thing otherwise you dating Rika would be pretty weird." Takato nodded sagely.

The gathered boys looked shocked while those of the female gender either giggled or smiled knowingly. Jeri clasped her hands together smiling brightly as she sent a quick sideways glance at Takato only to gasp. Naruto had roped Takato under his arm and was now grinding a fist into his head.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you to keep peoples personal lives private!" Naruto yelled.

"I didn't know it was a secret." Takato grunted as he fought at his captors grip.

"What if my arch nemesis learns of my relationship with Rika?"

"Arch nemesis?" Takato cried. "Since when do you have an arch nemesis!"

"I don't yet, but one could pop up any day now!" Naruto responded.

From his position in a tree a few yards away Impmon scoffed before heading out in search of the other humans. If only to inform them of how very pathetic they were compared to a free digimon like him. He steadfastly ignored the tugging at his chest that he knew pulled toward what was once his home.


Rika flexed her hands trying to regain some feeling in her fingers which were cut off from circulation by the braided twine of the shopping bags they held. She glanced at Yuma who still clutched a bag to her chest her eyes averted down as if she would like to hide within it. Rika sighed wondering what she could do to help.

"Just be kind to her," Kushina spoke." she just needs time to get used to the idea of having a family."

"I guess," Rika responded in thought."it just seems like no matter what we tell her she won't come out of that shell of hers."

"Like I said, we'll just have to wait and see. Maybe Naruto can help later," Kushina said her voice gaining a sad tone."he may be able to understand her better, being an orphan himself."

"Hey," Rika said."No need for you to get all sad now too, there was nothing you could have done."

"Your right," Kushina relented." I just can't help but wish I could have been there for him."

"You can be here for him now though, right."

"Yes, and I thank Kami every day for this great gift."

"Speaking of, where is he I wonder?"

Kushina was about to reply when Rika's D-Ark went off, the compass like hologram appearing as it beeped erratically. As if on queue Renamon morphed in from Yuma's side snatching the young girl up and darting out the door.

"Move now!" was all she said, and all that needed saying.

"Baa-san, Kaasan, we have to get off the train!" Rika called, before looking to the people in the cars."Everyone off the train!"

The two Makino women looked shocked at first, but after all they'd seen they were quick to comply with Rika's wishes. The other passengers just shrugged or laughed at the yelling girls before going about their business. That is until the conductor came tearing through the train, yelling his head off about giant snakes.

The front of the car seemed to fizzle away and the assembled passengers cried out as they saw the gaping maw of a huge white cobra! As one they scrambled for the door and Rika was lucky to get away from the scrambling mass of limbs before hand. There was much screaming and yelling as they made their way to the exit never looking back as the beast just continued on its path.

"Yuma!" Rika called.

The girl in question flinched at the sudden yell and fought to meet the eyes of the older girl. A yellow paw set on her shoulder and she looked up into the fierce eyes of her partner. Gaining a bit of courage she timidly met the girls gaze.

"Yuma," Rika calmed. "I know you are new to this, but we need to stop that thing."

"But," Yuma whispered." its a monster, it destroyed the train!"

"That's exactly why we have to stop it." Rika said resolutely." Imagine if someone were on that train, we can't let it go on. Naruto isn't here right now, that means you and Renamon are the only ones left to stop that thing."

The twelve year old shook slightly at the prospect but the calming presence of her partner somewhat soothed her nerves. Renamon was her first friend, with her by her side she felt safe, but to battle a monster like that? What if she failed, what if she lost Renamon?

"Yuma," Renamon finally spoke, her calm elegant voice breaking the tense silence. "Yuma, we have a responsibility to uphold."

Yuma looked up at her partner shock evident on her face.

"This digimon has threatened this city," Renamon stated." what is to be your new home."

Home. A word so familiar yet so foreign. Home is what they called the places she stayed with the other children, home was every place she had ever been taken by bus or train. Yet here, now, in this subway tunnel, home was something that was and would be forever, if she wanted it to.

"This city needs you to stand by it Yuma," Renamon stated." I need you need you to stand by me."

Yuma whipped the tears from her eyes, tears she hadn't realized she shed. With a small sniff and a resolute nod, a new fire burned in her chocolate brown eyes.

"Alright!" she said gripping the D-Ark she wore like a charm around her neck.


"I don't know who she takes after more, you, or Naruto." Kushina smiled.

"What!" Rika squawked, her rebuttal cut short as she was lifted by a tail onto the back of the silver Kyubimon sitting just behind Yuma who held onto the stripped rope like reins. From her positon she took hold of her D-Ark hoping to catch a glimpse of the beast. It would seem they were way behind though, as they ran through the dark subway tunnels.

After a good fifteen minuets they saw a light up ahead from her vantage point she could see the beast dematerialize another train. Henry dashing out a young boy in his arms, and a bunny toting a shield ten times his size on the boys heels. As Henry made his way to the mouth of the tunnel Rika, and Yuma came by on Kyubimon.

"Rika, Yuma!" Henry gasped, barely raising his hand in time to catch the cell phone tossed at him.

"Call goggle head, he may know where Naruto is!" Rika shouted.

Rika didn't really think Takato all that useless, she just needed to make sure Henry knew to ask. With them barreling down the tunnel she needed to be quick about it. Speaking of.

"Yuma use this." Rika said offering the girl a card.

"What do I do with it?" Yuma asked, looking at the small card labeled "Hyper Speed".

"Swipe it in your D-Ark." Rika responded.

The girl did as she was told a light shining from her D-Ark as Kyubimon gained speed.

"That's more like it!" Kyubimon roared.


"Hello, Matsuki residence." spoke the woman on the other end of the phone.

"Eh-Takato?" Henry stuttered as he ran with Terriermon on his shoulder.

"Is this about me changing my long distance carrier?" the woman asked incredulously.

"I'm sorry, this is Henry!" Henry said dissuading her.

"Oh, hi Henry, Takato is over at the park with some classmates I could take a message for him if you want."

"No thanks," Henry said as he rounded a corner taking a set of stairs to a small overpass." I gotta go, uh, Merry Christmas!"

Henry hastily hung up as he continued running.

"Takato's the one who was all fired up to patrol today, and now I can't even find him!" he muttered.

Said boy was hanging upside down from a tree in a trap planted by the most intense hide and seek player ever.

"Knowing Takato he's probably off finding big foot tracks or something!"


Bellow the streets of the city the white snake had reached another station taking with it another train, remarkably there had yet to be any casualties. That was probably in part to all the trains being attacked while parked in a station. The snake coiled around the many pillars of the station and glared down at its foxy adversary.

"Now that you have no more innocent people to terrorize, maybe you'd like to pick on me?" Kyubimon asked her riders having already gotten off.

Leaping into the air she was covered in deep red flame as she cried: "Fox Flame Dragon!"

The flaming red dragon ripped forth snarling at the snake as it overtook the beast. There was a wicked hiss and smoke billowed from the beast. Kyubimon smirked in triumph until the smoke cleared to reveal the form of the snake looking no worse for wear.

The beast chuckled low, sinister, then snapped forward hissing as its tail whipped about gripping the fox about the waist.

"Gah!" Kyubimon cried as it was squeezed tightly.

"Kyubimon!" Yuma yelled.


"Gargolaser!" yelled the newly evolved bunny as it fired emerald green energy from its Gatling arms."Put her down!"

The snake hissed paying no mind to the attack, but instead using the fox like a flail to bat the bunny aside.

"Where's Takato!" Rika shouted.

"I couldn't find him!" Henry responded.

From his vantage point on the stairs leading out of the station Impmon scoffed; "Yeah, some team."

Meanwhile, Rika had finally gotten a read on the digimon.

"Sandiramon, Ultimate level!" Rika gasped.

The snake reared back its head, having dropped Kyubimon, and they finally got a look at its purple underbelly. Colored the same shade as its hood, and near where the head met the body was a green vest like portion with gold swirls on either side.

"Treasure Lance!" it hissed as it spat out a long green shafted lance, with a spear like tip and ax like protrusions.

It gripped the weapon with its tail and stabbed at the two downed digimon who immediately leapt away from the blow.

"We can't beat it like this," Henry shouted." It's too strong."

The snake once more lashed out with its spear crushing the concrete where Kyubimon once stood. Yuma gasped, things were not looking good.

"Don't worry Yuma," Rika said." we can do this!"

Yuma nodded as the beast coiled once more its red pupiless eyes searching out its next target.


"Okay we give in!" Takato called, as he lay along side his winded classmates.

"There is no way we could ever find that guy." Kazu gasped.

"He's like some kind of ninja." Kenta exclaimed.

"Not some kind," Naruto said appearing behind the shocked group." the best kind."

"Takato, Narumon," Guilmon said his eyes darting about." I smell a digimon."

Naruto frowned, wishing he could scent out digimon like Guilmon could. Sure he could feel their presence when they where targeting him, or sense them bioemerging, but Guilmon could hunt them down if need be.

"So your just now noticing?" came a snide voice.

Back up in the tree was Impmon gesturing harshly to the ground.

"They're down there fighting for their very lives, and your up here playing hide and seek!"

"What?" Takato asked.

Meanwhile, Naruto had fell to the ground placing an ear to it while Guilmon continued to sniff.

"He's right." Guilmon said after a moment." I can smell them, in the tunnels below."

"The subway tunnels." Naruto surmised.

"Move to the head of the class genius." Impmon sneered."no that you wasted time overworking your pathetic brain your friends are becoming snake food. Bravo, nice work!"

"You mean there's an actual Digimon fight going on in the subway systems?" Kazu asked. "I don't know about you dweebs, but this I gotta see!"

"What are we waiting for, lets go!" Kenta cheered.

"Common Takato, can we come with you?" Jeri asked.

"Absolutely not!" Takato yelled. "This isn't a game, this is for real, and its dangerous. You guys could get killed!"

"Takato's right." Naruto said, nodding his approval. His respect for the goggled headed boy grew a bit as he watched him draw a card and scan it.

"Digimodify: Digmons Drill Activate!"

Guilmon grew drills on his previously clawed hands and began using them to dig down into the subway tunnels. Amidst the awed faces of his classmates Takato gave one final wave before descending, Naruto right on his tail.


"Fox Flame Dragon!" Kyubimon yelled letting loose another roaring flame at the white snake.

Once more the beast just laughed as the flames died away. This time , however, his chuckle was interrupted by a cry of: "Bunny Pummel!"

Gargomon planted a Gatling arm glowing with emerald energy into the snakes chin. The beast seemed to recoil only to lower its head a smirk on its scaly lips.

"That didn't have quite the effect I thought it would." Gargomon sighed.

"He smiling," Calumon muttered from his position atop a light post." I have a bad feeling about this."

"What are we gonna do guys?" Henry questioned.

"Gargomon, any bright ideas?" Kyubimon asked.

"Just one," he replied." let's not do that again."

"We'll we have to do something!" Rika shouted.

"Watch out," Yuma said." he's getting ready for something!"

Indeed he was, Sandiramon had reared its head back and began to breath in deeply. Sickly green particles of power began to focus within its mouth as it hissed. The glow grew brighter still and Sandiramon looked about ready to strike when the ceiling above him caved in.

A couple dozen pounds of concrete impacted on the beasts head, causing it to loose its focus. With the concrete came Guilmon and Takato, both bouncing off the snakes head and landing next to their friends.

"Sorry I'm late." he said, as he and Guilmon stood up both slightly winded from the fall.

"Look who finally decided to show up." Rika said. "Have you seen Naruto?"

"Right here," Naruto said from atop the white snakes head." seriously why did it have to be a snake?"

Said snake bucked beneath him, and had he not leapt toward Rika's side he would have found himself in the jaws of the beast that now slammed shut around his previous position.

"Not this time you scaly bastard!" Naruto yelled.

"Enough talk." Rika said dismissively drawing a card along side Takato. " Lets take this thing down."


"Guilmon digivolve to...Growlmon!"

Naruto in his customary swirl of leaves was now clad in his battle cloak emblazoned with the words, "Aprentice Sage". The four champions stared the beast down, any previous fear washed away by the presence of their comrades.

However, Sandiramon was smart enough to realize when he was beat. Four champion level digimon could give him a run for hims money in this enclosed space where his best attacks were hindered. Better to make a hasty retreat then fall before he could even begin to terrorize the humans.

With an angry hiss the white snake coiled itself up before shooting off down a tunnel at high speeds. However, he was quickly followed by the others who, using their modify cards, were able to keep the creature in sight. Though, Naruto did not need one due to his natural speed. It was all they could do to stay at that pace, as it seemed that Sandiramon was putting his all in getting away.

"And just when I though things couldn't get any worse." Henry cried from the back of his "Speed" amplified partner Gargomon.

"What do you mean!" Rika called from Naruto's back.

"The train!" Yuma yelled.

As one their eyes locked on the small red lights shining overhead. Each light was actually a small sign, a sign that read "Danger, clear tracks." A train was coming, and below them the third rail blazed to life, sparking with electricity here and there.

"This is bad!" Takato surmised.

"They wont be able to evacuate the train!" Yuma cried. "It's going to evaporate it like the others...that means..."

"All those people are gonna die if we don't do something!" Henry stated.

They pushed onward in tense silence for a few moments, each hoping beyond hope to make it in time. Naruto growled at this rate things were going to get messy. As it was people didn't know about digimon. Sure there was Hypnos, but the rest of the government as well as the city itself seemed to know nothing. If this train was destroyed, not only would people die, but it would open up a terrible can of worms. People would want answers, and they would be in short supply.

"We have to stop it before it gets to the train." Naruto stated." On top of that, we can't allow any of you to be seen, not yet."

"Then what do we do, we are barely keeping up with this thing as it is!" Henry said.

"We still have our ranged attacks." Gargomon supplied.

"Yes," Kyubimon replied." but the time it takes to use them would put us to far behind, and if the attack fails."

"Then it's over." Rika finished.

After a moment light they began to see the beginnings of a feint light surrounding Sandiramon. They had been going straight the whole time, so it seemed they only had minuets before the end.

"I think I have an idea." Takato said.

"Where all ears." Naruto said mid leap.

"Naruto you haven't used modify card yet right?" Takato questioned.

"Yeah," Naruto said." but I don't think I could take this thing on my own, not without digivolving."

"That doesn't matter." Takato said. "You also mentioned something about a transformation technique once right?"

Naruto nodded, and Takato smiled, a smile that reminded Naruto why he liked the young boy so much. He was a prankster at heart, and as Takato detailed his plan he could only smile.

"Takato, your a genius."


Naruto stood before the white snake. He had transformed into his normal Zorro attire, and tried his best to look stalwart in the face of evil. Behind him the train screeched to a stop, they were able to see the creature coming and had put on the breaks. Had Naruto not been there the train would have been destroyed. A quick use of the "Hyper Speed" modify card, put Naruto in the perfect position for their little show.

As the people gathered at the front of the car Naruto could see a few small children pressing up against the glass. He smiled, this would be their lucky day, a hero would come to life before their eyes.

Naruto brought his hands into a ram sign and with a smirk on his face he raised his right hand to the sky pointing both his fingers.

"Ninpu!" Naruto called, as he brought his arms to his side and then launched them forward." Shinobi Change!"

Smoke swirled around his form and when it cleared he stood in his battle cloak, only this time with his Anbu mask firmly in place. He noticed the many people on the train pulling out cell phones and hoped to put on a good show.

"The wind howls!" Naruto said taking up a pose very similar to that of his teacher Jiraiya.

"The sky rages!" Naruto spun on a heel taking up a exaggerated battle stance.

"Air Ninja, Hurricane Red!" Naruto finished standing straight and tall, his cloak billowing behind him.

Sandiramon had no idea how to respond to the ridiculous antics of the strange digimon before him. Had he not seen him digivolve himself, he would have thought him some insane human.

For whatever reason the others seemed to abandon their chase and Sandiramon took this as a good sign and readied himself to deal with the pest before him.

"Prepare to be defeated foul beast!" Naruto shouted.

Sandiramon nearly laughed at the audacity of it a mere champion defeat him, a deva.

"I call upon the three beast to punish you!"

Three what now.


Sandiramon found himself feeling uneasy for a moment as the Kyubimon from before bounded off the wall beside his head. A trail of ruby fire in its wake.


Another chill ran down the snakes overly long spine as Gargomon used his head like a spring board to land next to Naruto.


Sandiramon quickly realized his mistake as Growlmon flew overhead with translucent wings, landing beside the red clad ninja. He should have torn straight through the digimon, and the train alike, but he like to play with his prey and that would be his downfall. In this cramped tunnel there was no turning back, he could only fight his way forward.

"Ninja Art: Punishment of the Three Beasts!" Naruto called.

As one Kyubimon, Growlmon, and Gargomon unleashed there most powerful attacks. Growlmons rich orange flames found themselves reigned in and guided by a ruby colored dragon that coiled about the collum of flame. Sparks of emerald could be seen along the dragons body, giving the illusion of scales.

"Venom Axe!" Sandiramon called in response, launching a larger version of his spear from before. Its blade was coated deep purple.

The two attacks met, and after a brief struggle the spear was torn asunder, and the flames danced onward. Sandiramon could only cry out in pain as the flames scorched his skin. It wasn't over yet though.

"No!" Sandiramon cried. "I am one of the twelve Devas sent by the The Sovereign One, I cannot fall here!"

"Rasengan!" Naruto shouted as he planted the spiraling ball of destruction right on the beast charred forehead.

With a flash the creature was sent rocketing down the tunnel, falling away to data along the way. Their job complete the digimon disappeared into the shadows as Naruto turned to the people on the train. He could see the adults looking on in shock, while the children had looks of awe on their faces.

"Don't worry," Naruto said grinning behind his mask. " your all safe now."


There was a stunned silence as the group finally made it back to the park, having taken the tunnel Guilmon had dug. It was, of course, broken by the ever so delightful Kazu.

"Amazing," he exclaimed pointing."you guys are all real."

"I must be dreaming." Jeri commented.

"Nope," Takato said. "That there is Gargomon and Henry, the fox is Kyubimon and the girl is Yuma."

"You already met Goggle Head and Dino Boy." Rika commented.

"And this is Rika, Naruto's girlfriend." Takato said.

"Hey! You can't just go around-" the girl began indignantly.

"Don't worry I covered it with him earlier." Naruto said placing a calming hand on her shoulder.

"I don't think we should be out here in the open with the digimon like this," Kenta began. "what do you think Takato?"

"Your right." Takato smiled. "Common guys, to the hideout!"

Rika scoffed. "You mean the shed."

"It's a hideout." Takato insisted as the others ran off ahead.

Rika sighed; "I think we'll just head home."

Takato shrugged, and with a wave left after his other friends.

"Well lets go." Rika said.

"Um." Yuma's voice broke in, startling them as the girl had been rather quiet on Kyubimons back." Would it be alright...if..."

Naruto smiled at the girl. "Just take a deep breath and ask Yuma."

The girl did just that before looking back up at the older looking blond. "Could you carry me home..."

Her voice was small as she averted her gaze not sure what he would say. When she had first seen him digivolve she had been astounded and wondered how old he really was. She had been surprised at his generosity when it came to her new belongings. She had been even more surprised by the fact that he went through the trouble of earning money, just so she could live with the Makino's. She was downright astonished that he had offered her a home in the first place.

That was just it. He had offered her a home. He had provided for her what she needed to live comfortably, and had asked nothing in return. He had done everything for her that she had wished one day that her mother or father would do. And she would soon find as she learned more about him, that the barrier that kept her from accepting him as just that, a father, would soon shatter. It had already broken aesthetically, and she found herself far more comfortable around him than the Makino women.

Her thoughts were broken as she felt a strong pair of hand catch her under her arms. She gasped as he shifted her onto his back, where she wrapped her arms around his neck. She smiled into his shoulder as she looked out over the world from a new, higher vantage point.

Not yet, but maybe one day she would have a father in him. She could only hope.


I hope this pleases.

Now in regards to Naruto and Yuma's relationship. She wants to see him as a father, and hopes she can do so. It will take a while for that kind of connection to develop.

Now, Naruto is very inexperienced in romance. However, he is still a man, and is capable of maturity when need be. One such instance would be when trying to care for a young orphan girl. He was an orphan as well and as such knows very well the kind of longing Yuma feels. That will be the base for this connection.

Yuma will not see Rika as a mother, Rika is simply to young for that to work out. Yuma will instead latch onto the elegant, mature Renamon as a mother figure. This in no way means Naruto will be getting with Renamon, at most they will be good friends.

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