Title: Nightlight

By: Jezzi B.

URL: jezzibness. livejournal. com

Fandom: Vampire Diaries (Book & TV)

Pairing: Damon/Bonnie

Rating: M +16

Type: Multi-chapter

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the show, book series or the characters. The writing here in is for no profit and simply a fan work.


What if the main characters of Twilight had been Bonnie and Damon?


PLEASE do not expect this to go the way Twilight did. I'm just using it as a platform to launch he story. Since Damon and Bonnie are nothing like Bella and Edward, don't expect the same plot structure or flow. Just accept it if I change people's last names to fit the story.

CHAPTER 1: The Inevitable...

So this is how I die.

How could I have possibly known—well—how could anyone have possibly known that today was the day that I was destined to die?

Fate can be such a bitch sometimes! You'd think that I'd have more control over fate than I do, seeing as I'm more in touch with the supernatural than most people.

Some people choose to die for great causes; noble ones even. My choice was to die for him…


"Bonnie, honey, you don't have to do this," my mom said to me.

I was standing in front of the security checkpoint at LAX airport preparing to say goodbye to the life I'd always known. Goodbye to my amazing cheerleading career, which I adored. Goodbye to the sunny beaches of California and the excessive over usage of suntan lotion. I'd be turning in the homeland of boob jobs and tummy tucks for the boring sedation of Mystic Falls Virginia.

God, "Virginia" sounded like a vaginal disease.

I forced a smile for my mother's benefit.

"Mom, don't worry, I'll be with Grams," I comforted her.

The truth was that I really wasn't all that thrilled about living with Grams. There had always been something strange about my grandmother and something even stranger about Mystic Falls. I was ready for a change in my life though; after all if my parents were planning on moving on with their lives I needed to figure out a plan for myself. Gram was neutral territory.

"Flight 1102 departing to Norfolk Virginia is now boarding at gate E."

That was my cue. I leaned over to tightly hug my mother and kiss her cheek.

"Don't be scared mom, you can reach me anytime, that's what cellphones are for you know," I was being cheeky.

My mother was falling into accepting the idea that I was adamant about going to Mystic Falls. She kissed my hair, and waved.

"Try to stay on Grams good side! You know how crazy she is!" Were the final words I heard from my mother before heading through security.


Bugs, I hate bugs. When I reached Mystic Falls they assaulted me. Mystic Falls had too many trees, too many places to get hacked up by an axe murderer and buried. I couldn't stop thinking about horrible college horror movies where the girl wanders off into the woods with her arm flailing and conveniently drops her phone, ultimately leading to her untimely death.

I need to stop being so morbid.

I reached the front steps of my Grandmother's house. It was odd that she didn't come out to greet me; the taxicab was loud enough to at least merit her rushing out the door to see me.

I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

A few seconds pass and there is no answer, so I rang the bell again.

Finally the door slowly opened to reveal my grandmother. The best way to describe my grandmother, she was once a very beautiful woman. In her old age her beauty had matured and been replaced by an expression of apathy.

"Oh, you really came," she said.

I narrowed my gaze at her. I had told my grandmother for the past two months that I'd be moving to Mystic Falls. "Grams, I wasn't just joking all this time, I told you I was really moving here."

"I thought you were just trying to upset your mother," my grandmother waved for me to come into the house.

"God, Grams, so you don't have anything ready for me? Did you even clear out your sewing room, where am I going to sleep?" My new life was off to a great start.

"You can still use the sewing room, I'll just get you a sleeping bag until we work it all out. Oh honey, watch out, don't mess up that line of salt," My grandmother warned.

I turned my head almost quick enough to have caused whiplash. Sure enough the front door and all along the walls were lined with salt. Strange crystals and runes lined against the coffee table near the living room as well.

"Um, grams, can I ask why you have salt all over the place?" I regretted asking immediately after I spoke.

"Oh that's just to keep the evil spirits out—" Grams spoke about it so casually, "—make sure you don't be inviting anybody into this house either, this is an invitation free zone. I won't have any of them night walkers crawling all over my walls."

I tried to smile. Grams was a flippin' loony bird.

"I feel at home already…" I murmured.


"Bonnie Bennet," I announced to the woman at the front desk of the school main office.

It was my first day of school at Mystic Falls, I felt like I stood out already. There was something about small town life I'd never understand. In Los Angeles I was used to the idea of blending into a crowd unnoticed. Sure I was a cheerleader, but I never fit in with my peers. I just always felt like there was something horribly wrong with me, something that wasn't human about me…

"The new girl, hm? Must be such a drag leaving behind a place filled with celebrities to come to this stink-hole town," the woman handed me a map as she spoke.

I hadn't asked for her opinion.

"It's not a drag—I wanted to be here," I was trying to convince myself more than her.

I'm pretty sure she scoffed and said "Yeah, right" under her breath, but I couldn't be sure.

I found my classes with little difficulty. The teacher's gave me no special attention or notice for being new, which was a relief. I noticed people occasionally giving me curious glances, but overall, it was nothing like what I expected. Los Angeles would have eaten these teens alive.

The bell rang.

The teacher warned us about our homework assignments and I prepared to collect my materials.

"Hey, you're Bonnie, right?"

I turned around to find myself face-to-face with a tall blonde boy that possessed naturally blonde hair. He reminded me of the typical, southern farm boy, he had the same vacant eyes and sweet disposition of a lab dog.

"Right. And you are?" I smiled at him.

"Oh, I should have said that part first, I'm Matt," he offered me his hand.

I was touched by the gesture the boys in Los Angeles never offered such formal greetings. I shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you, Matt," I said.

"So uh, I hear you were a cheerleader?" Matt was scratching the back of his head nervously. How was word about me traveling so fast?

"Um, yeah. Actually, I sort of was—where did you hear about that?"

"Small town, people know things, people talk—you know I play football, so, I guess we'll be seeing each other a lot," Matt was being too nice.

I wasn't dumb; it was pretty obvious that Matt had intentions of perusing me. He had yet to learn that I wasn't impressed by player statistics on the field. He probably assumed I was just another typical cheerleader who swooned over the football stars. "Maybe, but I don't think I'll be trying out for cheerleading here, I think I'm going to actually just focus on books for a while. Less dangerous," I pressed my books against my chest and darted out of class.


Lunch came quickly. I was faced with the horrible dilemma of trying to figure out where to sit during lunchtime. This was an intense moment, based on where I sat it would determine my peers for the rest of my high school days. Unfortunately there was only one person who had really gone out of their way to speak to me—Matt—and I couldn't approach him.

"Hi, new girl? We were in Spanish together, I'm Caroline," a pretty blonde girl was speaking to me. She had a tray in hand with only a single yogurt cup at the center. I could tell immediately from her smile and physique that she was a cheerleader

Dammit I was already being recruited! I tucked my hair behind my ears, trying to give Caroline a clear view of my defiant eyes.

"Hi Caroline, I'm Bonnie," I had felt like I'd been saying my name a thousand times already.

"Great, so I really think you should sit with us. I saw you talking with Matt, and I figured anyone who's cool enough for Matt to like is definitely prime in my book, you know. Oh my god" —Caroline had a dramatic pause— "this is so not low-fat yogurt, I specifically asked for low-fat."

Just when I was dreading my return to a shallow, pointless lifestyle, I saw them…

There was a table that seemed to be away from the clutter and clamor that filled the rest of the cafeteria. The three of them stood out like black diamonds in a sea of white.

The first one was absolutely beautiful; she had long, straight, chocolate hair. She reminded me of a traditional classic movie starlet. Delicate arms, and a mouth that would entrance any man she smiled at.

The second was one of the most attractive guys I'd ever laid eyes on. He had serious eyes with a strange glow ringing them. He looked strong without going overboard. I couldn't help but notice that he had the perfect profile. He remained very close to the girl at his side.

The final one looked like the oldest one of the bunch, but it wasn't that which captivated me. It was the intensity about him. He wasn't simply gorgeous; he was the type of beautiful that was accompanied by a shortness of breath and your heart sinking deep into your stomach. His blue eyes were practically electric beams of fire. His dark hair that was unruly and yet perfect that way. The part that was the most unforgivable were his lips, they curved in ways that would make you go mad.

"Who are they?" I felt like such a spy.

"Oh," Caroline's voice held irritation. "Those are Professor Alaric's kids. The pretty girl that I just hate is Elena, the gorgeous one right beside her is Stefan and the other one at the end is Damon."

I could see the resemblance between Damon and Stefan, but I couldn't see it with Elena. Those two seemed almost protective of the girl.

"Elena doesn't look like she's their sister," I was thinking out loud.

"They're all adopted, though Stefan and Damon are actually brother's by blood. How they're related though I will never know, they're like oil and water." Caroline explained.

I was unconsciously watching Damon. Something about him just haunted me. I tried to make more of an effort to at least look like I was eating, but I couldn't shake the unsettling feeling he gave me. It felt like watching a sleeping panther in the jungle, anticipating an attack at any moment.

"I don't recommend getting interested in Damon" —Caroline had caught me staring—"I used to date him. He thinks he's some kind of ladies man, like he can get anyone he wants. He's out to just use you—the bastard!"

"I wasn't interested," I clarified.

The moment I spoke Damon's sharp eyes turned to meet mine. Instantly I felt all of my muscles freeze when our gazes aligned. Had he heard what I said? It would have been impossible! He was too far, and the place was too noisy. Still though—he did the strangest thing. He lifted his arms as if he was using an imaginary archer's bow and I was his target. He released the phantom arrow and smiled at me the way a sinister fox would.

Something was wrong with me, because I actually found myself loathing him and feeling attracted to him in equal measure…