[]Title: NightLight

By: Jezzi B.

URL: jezzibness. livejournal. com

Fandom: Vampire Diaries (Book & TV)

Pairing: Damon/Bonnie

Rating: M +16

Type: Multi-chapter

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the show, book series or the characters. The writing here in is for no profit and simply a fan work.


What if the main characters of Twilight had been Bonnie and Damon?


Like every story has a beginning, it has an end. This is the end of Bonnie's adventure to find more than love, but a sense of who she is. I hope you enjoyed it.


The End

There was darkness.

"She has stabilized doctor," a voice was speaking.

More darkness.

"Excuse me! My name is Caroline Forbes. I'm sorry, but that's my friend in there!" A voice was crying.

Still darkness.

"She's in a coma, we don't know when she'll wake up," a new voice.

"Bonnie, it's me, Tyler, if you can hear me know that we want you back. If Damon had anything to do with this…" a male voice was trailing off.

Endless darkness.

Suddenly, I was standing in the darkness. I could see myself, but nothing else. Below me were black, inky pools of water I seemed to be able to stand on top of. I'd been here before. I knew this place.

Death was beside me again. Holding his characteristic scythe firmly in hand.

"Am I dead now?" I asked evenly.

Death made a so-so gesture, "Somewhere in the middle…"

"Oh," what else could I say to that?

Death pulled off his hood to reveal his face. He looked just like Damon. He motioned towards a table and tea set that slowly rose from the murky water.

"Would you like tea?" Death asked.

"Um," I considered it for a moment. "No, I think there's somewhere else I'm supposed to be."

"Supposed to be, or somewhere you want to be? There's a big difference you know," Death was already setting into a seat and lifting his cup of tea.

I walked slowly over towards the table, looking at the chair as if it were a foreign object, "There's somewhere I want to be."

"Oh, then why don't you go there?" The Death-Damon was smiling craftily while wearing his dark robe.

"Because I'm stuck here, having tea with you," I answered with a degree of frustration.

"Well then, you must be here for a reason. Have you accepted the truth?" Death asked.

I dropped into the seat, but dare not touch the tea. Something told me that if I drank it, I'd never leave this place. "I accept what I am, and I accept what he is."

"It won't get easier you know—going back there—this is just the beginning of the hardships you'll face," Death informed me.

I smiled, "I'm tougher than I look."

"That you are," Death returned the smile. "Well then, get out of here…"

Before I could ask him how exactly I'd accomplish that everything was gone.

There was a voice I could hear echoing through the darkness.

"Are you really going to stay in a coma like this? I'd really hate to have sex with you being like this. I'd rather have you be an engaged participant, but if I'm going to continue to date you while you're like this, I guess I'll settle for you just lying there during it. I mean—that's what most men are used to with their girlfriends anyway."

I knew that voice.

"You bastard," I muttered dryly.

"Bonnie?" Damon was hovering over me. Light was filling my view.

I was in a hospital bed and Damon was sitting by the side of my bed.

"You bastard!" I reiterated louder.

He was smiling at me, "I knew you'd wake up. I knew you couldn't resist staying away from me."

I lifted the arm that had the I.V attached to it to weakly try to hit at Damon, "I'm going to kill you!"

Damon was lifting his arm to fend off my pitiful attacks, "Is that any way to treat your boyfriend who was willing to die with you?"

"Boyfriend? Boyfriend! You're the reason I was in that position in the first place! You bastard!" I was trying to hit him, but at the same time, I felt relieved. He was okay.

Abruptly, Caroline was rushing into the room excitedly, "Oh my god! Bonnie, you're okay!" And promptly following Caroline's loud announcement Grams and Matt were entering the room.

I felt so grateful and happy that I could have burst. The room was filled with the people I loved. When I turned to look to Damon, he wasn't there. He was gone.

"Where did Damon go?" I asked.

Caroline delivered a confused stare towards me before showering me with aching sympathy as she held me.

A week passed.

I spent the time trying to recover at home. Caroline made sure to visit me everyday after school just to be certain I was okay, and Matt made sure to deliver me the homework assignments I missed so I could catch up.

I was tired of receiving concerned phone calls from classmates I barely knew. As far as the town was aware, I "accidentally" fallen from three stories. I knew I'd get relief finally since the dance was this weekend. At least for the weekend, everyone would forget about me and focus on the dance.

I hadn't heard a word from Damon since the hospital…

I decided to distract myself by sweeping off the front porch.


I lifted my head hopeful that it was Damon.

It was Tyler. He was standing on the sidewalk that led up to the porch. I tried to smile for him, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I was wearing sweats. I hadn't been expecting company.

"Tyler, what are you doing here?" I asked him.

Tyler didn't speak right away. He took his time to walk up the porch steps and stand in front of me. He took the broom that was in my hand and rested it against the siding.

He stared at me with such intensity in his eyes, "You'll never lose me…"

I blinked, "What?"

"No matter what happens, I'll always protect you," Tyler was being deadly serious now. I didn't know what he was trying to say. I opened my mouth to ask him, but I was interrupted by the roaring sound of Damon's black convertible pulling up.

Tyler narrowed his gaze. "I'll talk to you later."

As Tyler was leaving, Damon was approaching.

"Run along, pup," Damon advised.

"Only for today, fanger," Tyler smiled.

Tyler slid into his vehicle and quickly was pulling away from my house. Damon watched Tyler's departure with satisfaction. "The list of your admirers is getting tiresome," Damon hummed.

I felt like I couldn't move. I didn't know what to say to him. I still felt betrayed and hurt over what took place. I had debated over whether or not I really forgave him or could ever forgive him for deceiving me. I couldn't figure out whether I wanted to hit kick or kiss him.

"I'm not ready to see you yet," I quickly reached for the broom to attempt sweeping again.

"I know, I know, you're mad at me. You feel that even though I tried to save you, I deceived and lied to you," Damon was waving his hand flippantly as if this were some small matter.

"I almost died," I spoke delicately.

"Aren't you even going to let me explain anything to you?" Damon asked as he leaned against the wooden pillar on the porch.

"Is that why you're here, Damon? To give me excuses?" I wouldn't look him in the eyes just yet. Not until I mustered enough strength to not give in.

"No, actually I'm here to take you to the dance," Damon spoke casually.

I finally did look at him, "Have you lost your mind?"

"Over a century ago, yes," Damon was smiling pleasantly.

I shook my head, "No, I'm not going."

Damon reached to remove the broom from my hand and replace it with his own hand. I was forced to meet his eyes as I fell the victim to a slow dance.

"Then, I'll bring the dance to you," Damon seemed to always get his way.

I tried to hate him, I really did. I wished I could just throw away everything I felt inside of me for him. It'd have been easier for the both of us if we hated each other.

"Do you know what a double-agent is? That's what I was doing with Katherine. In order to not break my cover, I couldn't tell you. Katherine was always watching, and always listening. She'd watch you from the windows, and Logan would watch you as you went to school. If there was the slightest change in your behavior, they'd have known," Damon was pulling me closer to his chest as we danced.

"So you spied on both sides?" I asked for clarification.

"No, only Stefan knew what I was up to. Actually, that day you came over for our little family get-together I had a discussion with Stefan about what Katherine was planning. She may be a bitch, but she doesn't quit until she gets what she wants," Damon was humming to music that wasn't playing.

"What happened to the keys? What happened to Logan, Frederick and Katherine?" I allowed my forehead to rest against him for now.

"Your Grams—who still hates me—said they can't be destroyed. I gave her back one and the other the Professor is having put somewhere it'll never be found again. Katherine and Frederick got away, but I feel we won't see them for a long while. Logan, however, is very dead," I could hear the smile in his voice with the admission of Logan's death.

"That doesn't change the fact that everything you did with me was still part of a plan. You made me fall for you under false pretenses," I balled one of my fists against his chest to gently pound at it.

"True. I had no intentions to really date you or develop any feelings for you beyond seeking revenge on Katherine," Damon admitted. "But if you meant nothing more than a plot, why do you think I'm here now?"

I felt a smile break to my lips, "So, I grew on you. Is that it?"

"Something like that," Damon's features were self-satisfied.

We didn't need to say that we loved each other—I could feel it. We were willing to have died together that night on the roof. Here, in his arms, I knew this wasn't the end. I knew there'd be much more he and I would face, but I knew, at least from this point on, we'd face everything together.

No matter how dark the future would be, I knew we'd be each other's night-lights…

Damon's mouth touched to my ear to whisper, "I noticed your Grams isn't here, lets put that anger of yours to good use and have make-up sex…"

I smiled, "I'm going to kill you…"

We are all the protagonists of our own love story.

Make no mistake about it; it's always a love story.

Filled with as many broken hearts and shattered dreams as the memories we treasure & cherish. Loves that never were, loves that almost were, loves that went away and loves that stayed. Love with your family, love with your friends, love with a partner. In all of us there is a love story, a beautiful, woeful and miraculous tale, waiting to be told.

This was mine…