Well, this should be interesting. I've never done a Zelda fanfic before, despite playing the games for the past five years. Should be fun. And yes I know that this is a veeery long prologue, 17 pages and 9,288 words in Microsoft Word, but honestly this is nothing. If anyone had read that Whell of Time series you would know that the tenth books Prologue is 99 pages long! Heck, mines nothing compared to that! And for those wondering, this is my own adventure fic, it is not based off a certain game, although it does include certain elements and objects of most of the games in it. *hint hint*

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In a time of darkness, where hunger and strife ruled the nation of Hyrule, a baby boy was born. This baby grew up in the darkness, training in all forms of combat, learning knowledge of the time, and the hunger for a better world. Deifying the rulers of this time, the young man set out on an adventure to fix the time, with only a sword as his protection.

The lords of this realm were furious that such as man should commit such treason to his country. With this anger as fuel, they sent out legions of soldiers, man and beast alike, to stop him on his journey. The knights soon met up with the hero at the edge of a wood and engaged in battle. For two days and nights, they fought the fiercest battle men of this age had ever known and would never be seen again. The hero fought against countless scores of men and beasts, leaving hundreds of dead bodies littering the floor, their blood staining the ground.

A hero can only last so long though, at the beginning to the third day, fatigue overcame him and he retreated into the wood. The army never followed, they knew of the tales of men who entered this cursed wood and never returned. All around him, the tress were dying from lack of sunlight and the contaminated blood-soaked ground. No matter how gruesome the sight, he continued to march forward, distancing himself from the dark army.

He continued to walk for a day and night, never stopping for rest. At dawn, he came to a majestic tree, its golden branches bathed in the early morning light. Humbled at the sight, the hero dropped to his knees and bowed to his head to what he was sure was a tree of the goddesses. In the silence around him, the hero heard a voice whisper softly in his ear, commanding him to the tree.

Obeying the words of wisdom, he stood on his weary feet and advanced toward the tree. Soon he heard another voice, this one deeper than the first, ordering him to cut off naught but a single branch. Courage filled his body as he raised his gleaming sword above his head, reddened with the blood of his enemies, and brought it down in a wide arc, slicing off one of the golden branches. He watched in utter amazement as the wood hit the ground, no longer a branch but a horn burnished with golden trim and emerald leaves encircling the bell.

Again another voice was heard, a voice filled with power as he received instructions. Once the voice quieted, a sense of refreshment encompassed his entire form, erasing his bone-deep fatigue. Filled with hope of what the voices had promised, the hero knelt foreword and reverently picked up the horn, the enchanted wood cool to his touch. Silently, he left the mystical tree behind and walked toward the battlefield he had only hours ago escaped from.

By the time he reached the edge of the dead wood, a thick sheet of rain had begun to fall, cleaning the blood-drenched ground of the horrors committed. All around, the cries of the corrupted soldiers never reached his ears, so intent was he on completing the mission set by the holiest of voices. Soon, he was surrounded, swords points aimed at every part of his rain soaked body. Still, even in threat to his life such as this, he never raised his sword, instead holding the glowing horn high so that all those around could see its golden sheen, he placed it to his lips. Around him, the soldiers stiffened, afraid of what evil magic this horn might possess.

And lo and behold, the hero blew, letting loose such a magnificent sound that to the men there, even on their death beds, the resounding call still rang clearly in their ears. Immediately, both man and beast felt humbled at such a call and never moved as he continued to blow. As the hero blew a second, a third, a fourth time, the clouds ahead broke and let forth a stream of sunshine. The soldiers stood awed, such a sight had not been seen in many generations. Slowly, the rain began to lessen and they watched astounded at the trees they had thought dead come to life in front of them. They watched the tree straighten its boughs and green buds appear on the once black branches.

One young soldier stood shaking, scared of the unnatural events taking place around him. Whether this perpetrator was man or beast, none can recall, but just before the hero could let loose a fifth call upon the horn, the soldier raised his sword and thrust it into the hero. The final call died on his lip as he forward, dead before he hit the ground, the golden horn rolling out of his now dead grasp and onto the dead grass. Then, a flash of blinding light! From where the horn lay, now stood three tall goddesses, their regal beauty causing the men and beast to fall to their knees in reverence, and at Farore's words, to bow their head in shame.

"You dare to kill a messenger of the goddesses? We lead this man to the middle of the cursed wood to Golden Tree, where we instructed him to cut off a piece of the sacred branches to allow him to wield this horn. This horn was to bring the light back to this shadow covered place and install hope into your lives once again. Now, you have only allowed us to even the battle between light and shadow, not to fully overcome it as was our plan to bring peace back to Hyrule. Sister, retrieve the horn so we may possibly undo this folly."

Unconsciously, the men's backs straightened. They were going to be given another chance to blow the horn, but who was to be worthy enough of such an honor? Expectantly, they watched Nayru with watchful eyes, waiting to see who of them would be given the horn. Confused they watched as she placed the burnished horn atop a small rock at Din's feet. In horror they witnessed the goddess of power raise her fire blazoned sword and brought it down onto the horn.

The soldiers watched amazed as the horn split into five pieces with a powerful flash. Without a word, each of the three goddesses lifted a piece off the ground with a carefulness that is reserved when holding a child. Silently, the then placed them in a small silver box held by a young girl dressed only in white. All the soldiers knelt frozen in a stunned silence at the events taking place in front of them, jumping when the smooth voice of Nayru spoke to them.

"Despite your gravest of errors, my sisters and I will take naught but four of the five fragments of the Horn of Light and hide them across the four corners of Hyrule. The last will be given to you to hold until a later time, when the prophecy will finally be fulfilled."

With these final words, the small girl walked forward and grabbed one of the two halves of the horn left on the ground. Gingerly, she placed it into the small silver box and sealed it, leaving only a single piece of the gold and emerald horn behind.

Once again, a flash of heavenly light then descended onto the goddesses and their young retainer. Before they could leave this world and return to their own, Din's powerful voice rang through the ears of the men and beasts. "Remember, when a time of darkness once again falls across the kingdom, the Hero of Light will be reborn again. He will complete what this hero could not and finally bring light to the land again. This I say is true. This, is the Prophecy of Light!"

With a final flash, the men closed their eyes, else they be blinded by the goddesses true forms. When they reopened their eyes to the new world of light, they noticed that the body of the hero had disappeared with the goddesses as well, all that was left was the final piece of the horn, still shining as brightly as ever in the new morning sun. From there, word was sent across the land, to every corner of Hyrule, of the heavenly encounter and…

With a sigh, Princess Zelda, the esteemed ruler of Hyrule, rubbed her blue eyes tiredly as she stared back at the books flowing black script. For months now, ever since Link's departure to see the rest of the world, she had been searching all sorts of history books to try and the possible locations for the missing halves of the Horn of Light. Since then, she had been majorly unsuccessful.

Her left hand's thumb and index finger currently fiddled with the edge of a pages top corner while she picked up the quill and held it over a clean piece of paper, a piece that had been empty for a week now. The book she had been studying was one of millions like it. It was actually a small section in a series of fairy tales told to small children, but unlike them, she knew it wasn't a myth but in all actuality true fact. Although there had been small parts added to make the story more magical for minds of the young children reading the tale, it had all the major facts. The reason she believed in legend with all her heart though was simple enough, she actually owned one of the pieces of the Horn, the piece that had been left for her people to watch over for the goddesses. It was this reason that she had started to look for clues to the others locations. Zelda didn't know why, but she had the ominous feeling that the foretold "time of darkness" would indeed come again, and sooner than she hoped. She was just lucky she actually at least one fragment of the Horn.

My sisters and I will take naught but four of the five fragments of the Horn of Light and hide them across the four corners of Hyrule. Zelda had a fairly good idea where they most likely were located but she still had yet to discover their precise locations. The last will be given to you to hold until a later time. Thankfully, she at least knew where that was; it was actually right next to her sitting on the dark redwood desk, parts of the burnished gold still shining in the setting sun's rays.

The Horn piece Zelda owned was a small section of the bell, the once bright emerald leaves chipped with age and almost invisible against its oaken wood. The gold had faded away to almost nothing, although some still did remain, shining with what she guessed was as bright as the day it was first blown. The section though had been passed through generations of her family, going farther back than she could even remember how her family had ever actually managed to get hold of the Horn she did not know.

Groaning once again in frustration, she leaned back in her chair and gingerly rubbed the bridge of her nose. Turning to look out the window, she noticed that large fat flakes had begun to fall despite the shining sun's rays. It had obviously started to snow, and recently to at that, the sky had been clear when she had started her research only a couple of hours ago.

Standing up from her desk, the princess walked over to the warmly glowing hearth to warm up. Her eyes watched the flames dance gracefully across the logs, odd shapes she couldn't even begin to understand appearing in the flames. The fire itself seemed to send a light into the new twilight, sending the darkness back and casting long shadows on the castles stone walls. When a time of darkness once again falls across the kingdom, the Hero of Light will be reborn again.

The crash of her door being slammed open disrupted her thoughts as she turned angrily to yell at the intruder.

"What in the goddesses names do you…," the words she had been planning to say were forgotten when she took in the intruders form. He was wearing a full suit of armor with the golden Hylian crest shining on his breast plate. His cape flowing behind him was an empty white, not yet colored with the achievements he would soon be later awarded. A fairly new recruit, but it wasn't his clothing that stopped her mouth, it was the pasty white complexion of his face, complete and absolute terror pasted upon it.

"I-I'm terribly sorry for the interruption your grace but you have to come with me, th-there's no time to explain!"

From atop the castle's western tower, Zelda watched with wide eyes at the army that was quickly over taking the hills and about to enter the town surrounding the castle.

"General Falier, why in the goddesses name was I not alerted of this earlier?"

The commanding tone in the princess' voice was as obvious as the snow gathering on her fur-lined cloak. From underneath her scrutinizing gaze, the general it was directed to grimaced but did not look away.

"We were just alerted of their presence ourselves just a few minutes ago majesty."

"Then how could you not manage to see them until now? They're at most a mile from the town!"

"They seemed to be using the passing blizzard for cover. It had been blowing for a few hours earlier and has only just began to let up."

Zelda shivered and brought the warm cloak closer to her body, the mention of the blizzard only reminding her of how cold it really was. She realized now though that there really was nothing Falier could have done, he couldn't control the weather after all.

She glanced another look at the advancing army, the general still evident out of the corner of her eye though. He was an older, heavy set man, the lack of battles and indulgence of foods taking an obvious toll on his body. Yet, no matter the amount of weight he gained, the fat would never make the numerous scars decorating his body disappear. He had seen many battles if the various stripes of red, blue, and green were any indication. Red for the power he had held when leading his troops into battle and emerging victorious, blue for the wisdom shown in the strategies and tactics used in the battles fought, and finally green, for the courage exhibited when acting in the face of danger and fear to save another, or to take the most dangerous tasks when needed. Although not the most attractive general or soldier in the castle guard, he was by far her most trusted and well-decorated.

"General Falier?"

If Zelda had expected him to jump or show any form of surprise at the unexpected question, she did not show it when he calmly turned his head towards her, the snowflakes atop his helmet not even disturbed by the movement. "Yes my princess?"

"What exactly is the advancing army made up of?"

"Evil beasts my lady. Darknuts, Dinolfos', ReDeads, Stafos', Moblins, Iron Knuckles, and others. There is such a large army that even my best scouts can't even begin to count the numbers, lest the different species. It is obviously an army sent by the King of Evil himself, Ganondorf."

Zelda couldn't help it; she sensed a spark run through her, quickly filling her body with fear. It took most of her will power not to show it to the soldiers on the roof, she had to hide her shaking hands in her own cloak, hoping that everyone mistook her involuntary shudder as one of cold, not of fear. She had governed her people before, Zelda knew not to show your comrades fear, if they knew that you felt it, then they too would feel fear's cold clutches and lose heart in battle. Even if she did manage a firm hold on the shakiness of her hands, she still needed to take a deep breath, lest the shakiness of her voice give her away.

"How long do you think until they storm the castle?"

Falier ran his hand across his helmet, brushing the snowflakes that lay atop to the pure white ground, soon to be tainted with blood, before answering. "Thirty minutes at most Princess Zelda. There is no time to assemble a proper force; we will have to make do with what we have on hand."

Zelda watched the man rub his stubble in though, noticing that the lack of battle had made the man lazy, hence the belly that had not been there a year before. Age had also taken its toll on the man, what little hair the man had left was almost all white.

"I suppose we will have to. Assemble the guard; I will return to my chambers, I have some final arrangements to attend to."

With a flurry of flakes falling from her cloak, Zelda turned to back inside the castle but stopped when a hand firmly grasped her arm. Shocked, she turned to stare at the general's rather abrasive movement, delicate eyebrows raised in surprise. Just as abruptly as he had grabbed though, he let it go just as quick. He even looked stunned at his actions but hid it so quickly she wasn't even sure that it was ever there.

"I'm sorry Princess Zelda, but everyone here knows of your lineage and how favored your family has been by the goddesses. So you see, the men were hoping you could pray and win some goodwill from Nayru to hopefully win this battle."

Despite the situation, Zelda couldn't help but smile wryly under the shadow of her hood. In spite of the views of the soldiers, she wouldn't exactly call her stance with the goddesses as being favoured. The horrors her grandmother had gone through for being the holder of the sacred Triforce of Wisdom wasn't what she would call a blessing by any means. Still though, she could not deny Falier's wish, he had not experienced what those generations ago had.

"I will try my best," she promised, "but, you have to remember that Din favors Ganondorf as well. I make no promises that this will work, this might be the will of the goddesses after all."

Zelda walked with more confidence than she felt to the towers edge, looking down unto the army she could now see clearly. Despite knowing full well that she would not be able to stop a single attack by a Wizzrobes or a Moblin's arrow, she still clasped her hands and bowed her head. Before she could even start the prayer, she felt a wind blow around her, pushing her hood back from her head and letting her dress flap around her ankles. If it wasn't for the golden clasp that held her cloak together, it would have blown right off her. Ignoring, the wind, she began her prayer.

"Goddess of Wisdom, of Time, of Law, and of Water. Without your watch over Time, the legendary hero would have not been able to defeat Ganon, without your gift of Water, we and our crops would perish of thirst, without Wisdom we would not be where we are now, and without Law, we would not be here now. Oh Nayru, most wise of the goddesses, lend us your aid in this battle so we may triumph against the evil forces that now threaten to destroy your people. Give us this aid, so your people may live longer.

"With Wisdom you guide us, with Law you give judgment and life, with Water we prosper, and with Time we age and grow wiser in your ways. Nayru, may you ever guide us."

And please, she thought quietly. Send Link home soon.

From around her the wind that had blown settled to naught but a slight breeze. Drawing the hood once again on her head, she stepped towards the general and his men, whom stood star struck at the phenomenal sight. Slowly, she walked past, stopping only to lay a hand on Falier's shoulder. Even though she spoke in but a whisper, the silence carried her voice so that all could hear her.

"I have done all I can General Falier, the rest I fear, is up to you."

With those words, she departed the tower and entered her castle.

The study's large doors slammed open as Zelda entered the room, her once peach complexion now a pasty white. With carelessness her teachers would have been shocked to witness; she flung her snow covered cloak to the floor, too many thoughts running through her head to realize what she had done.

It had been almost eighty years since Ganondorf had last attacked the castle, the last time had been when the Hero of Time had saved her great-grandmother, a story which had been told to her and Link often as a child. Now, here he was again, making yet another attack to try and claim the kingdom. She couldn't understand how though, her grandmother had told her how Link had killed Ganondorf, so he couldn't possibly be alive, and even if he was, he had to be over a hundred years old, in no condition to stage an attack.

And it's just my luck. Zelda thought bitterly. Even if Ganon had somehow managed to find the fountain of youth, Link's off on an adventure in another kingdom somewhere else. He isn't even here to help us.

Of course, she couldn't be sure if he was the real wielder of the Triforce of Courage or not but she had grown up with the boy and was an expert at using the sword and archery. He was the closest thing the kingdom had right now to a hero.

Suddenly cold, Zelda turned to see if the fire was still blazing only to see that it was. It just didn't seem to be sending off any heat towards her. The sun had almost completely set by now so the only light in the room was the hearth, sending a cascade of red and yellow light across the room. To Zelda's amazement though, despite the fire's dim light, the Horn of Light half still sparkled. With a shock she realized that if Ganon knew about the Prophecy of Light and found it, he would surely do all that was in his power to destroy it.

With clammy hands, Zelda grasped the horn and looked around for a place to hide it. She had no secret compartments in the room or anything to hide it in, and no matter how many times she peered across the room, her eyes kept locking onto the fireplace.

The fire's flames reflected off the princess' once clear blue eyes, now cloudy with worry. The fire would be the perfect hiding spot but would the fire burn it? All the stories she had read sometimes mentioned that Din's sword was of fire when it struck the horn, others that fire decorated the hilt. If she had had a few more hours she could have safely deduced a proper conclusion but she didn't have hours, she had but minutes. So, with a prayer to the goddesses, Zelda flung the sacred fragment into the fires red hot coals, praying that it would not burn.

A loud crash turned her eyes to the door as it was flung open, letting two hideous blue skinned Moblins enter the room, their sharp yellow teeth glinting in the fire's light. Their dark steel swords were stained with blood, most likely those of her loyal soldiers. Their soulless yellow eyes stared into hers, sending shivers down her spine.

Trying hard to portray the image of a fearless princess, Zelda straightened under their unwavering gaze, fully conscious of her shaking knees. "You dare enter the Castle of Hyrule, where beings such as yourself have no place in these halls? I, the Princess of this realm, order you to leave at once!"

Her defiant stare began to waver though when they began to laugh at her and speak to one another in a series of grunts and hisses. The one on the right started to stare hungrily at her, as though eyeing a large pig or a pile of rupees. Fear clouding her judgement, Zelda rose her hands and cast a spell. Din's Fire began to envelop the Moblin, sending him blazing as he fell to the floor, screeching in pain as he tried futilely to put out the magic flames.

The other Moblin turned towards her, angry at the princess for killing his brother. Raising his sword, he moved to cut her down, only to be cut down himself. Behind the now dead creatures, one a still burning husk the other a bloody corpse, stood Falier, his sword hanging over their bodies, a mixture of blood covering his armor, effectively hiding the golden eagle from view. He had only a cut on his forehead, continually sending a steady stream of blood into his left eye. He hurriedly wiped his eye clear, staring at his hand as if shocked to see blood. Shrugging, he took and already bloody handkerchief from his pocket and wiped both the red blood from his hand and the green blood from his sword clean. As clean as they could get though, the once white blade smeared with blood. Placing the sword in its scabbard, he turned to Zelda.

"Are you alright Princess?"

Now even more white faced than when she entered the room, her skin was almost transparent know, she nodded. "Yes, thank you Falier and… look out behind you!"

Quicker than anything Zelda had ever seen, Falier had turned to face his assailant, sword already free of it scabbard. Before he could do so much as block though, the man's golden blade decapitated Falier's head from his neck. Blood poured from the neck, staining his once three-colored cape a single red, the color of the power that had killed him. From above his headless body, Ganondorf, the King of Darkness himself, grinned maliciously at the kill.

"Nightey night, fool."

Zelda had watched this entire scene before her eyes with horror, bile rising in her throat, and cast her eyes downward only to stare into the empty brown eyes of her general's head that had rolled to her feet. The little color that was left had left her face, her body shaking uncontrollably. From beneath her, she felt her knees buckle and started to fall.

"Catch her you fools! Don't let her fall to the floor!"

Before she could reach the cold stone floor, she felt someone, or something, grab her arms. Scared, she turned to stare into the helmets of the two Darknuts that had caught her.

"Put the Princess into her chambers. And do not let a single piece of harm come to her delicate body. I have… special plans for her," he ordered with a sneer.

With a stiff backed nod to their leader, they yanked Zelda to her feet and dragged out the hall. Before leaving the room, she gave one last look back and stared into the malevolent eyes of the King of Evil, the smile on his face paralyzing her heart in fear.

Oh Link, please return home soon. You have no idea how much we need you, how much I need you.

With that last desperate thought, the last hour's terror finally reached her and she fell into unconsciousness. Fainting into the arms of her captors, they dragged the Princess Zelda done the silent hallway.

It had been three weeks since the invasion of Hyrule castle, three weeks since Ganondorf overthrew the throne for himself. The town surrounding the castle was mostly untouched, save but the Southern quarter, the direction in which Ganon had attacked from lay in ruins. The people that had survived the onslaught were left homeless and forced to move to the Eastern section. Overcrowded before, the area was now fit to burst with the population increase. The common people were left in the dark, not knowing why the town had been attacked or if the Princess Zelda, the last of the royal family, was still alive.

For now, she was.

In this space of time, Zelda had been shut up in her room, only been let out in the morning and evenings to use the latrines. Food was brought to her by either a servant or one of Ganondorf's minions three times daily. The food or drink his beasts brought she refused to touch, the grin she received when they laid it before her often made her think it was poisoned. She knew that this was faulty logic, the food her own servants brought could have been just as poisoned, but nonetheless, she felt safer when her own brought it to her. About half-an-hour later, someone would return for the plate and leave a pitcher of water in its place. In the evenings two servants would bring up hot water and a maid would help to undress her for her bath. Life was almost the exact same as before Ganondorf took over.

Except for the fact of course, that I'm nothing but a prisoner in my own room, the locked windows and doors are but my bars, she thought sourly.

Aside from the occasional mishap, like when a couple of guards stationed outside her door got in a fight over a pretty maid that walked by, everything was normal. Despite being trapped like a mouse, she was living the life of luxury while her people outside were cramped and starving, a thought that always continued to pass through her mind daily. Unfortunately, there was absolutely nothing she could about it, the one thing that infuriated her to no end.

Although the daily events were all that was left of the order that had previously been in her life, it was decidedly boring. There was little to do of amusement in her room. She had a few papers tucked away that detailed the import of grain from Labrynna and the production of silks from Holodrum, but they were very tiring to read. In fact, the only reason they were in her room at all was because they helped to put her to sleep at night. There were very little interesting books in her room; it had gone to the point where she had actually gotten only her most trusted servants to smuggle in some books from the castle library for her. When reading though, her thoughts often drifted to the Horn fragment she had thrown into the fire. Zelda would dare not ask for someone to check on it though; even the most loyal of servants would release confidential information to escape torture. It was after all, one thing to smuggle in books and another to investigate an important piece to the Prophecy of Light.

On the 22nd day of imprisonment, Zelda had expected the day to be like the last three weeks, sitting in her room bored out of her mind. Breakfast had already come, a bowl of oatmeal with fresh raspberries and toast, and was currently reading in an armchair by the widow, waiting for the empty tray to be taken away. A knock at the door alerted her and she hurriedly hid the book under the seat cushion, she wasn't supposed to have it after all. With porcelain hands she smoothed out the wrinkles in her dress as best she could and brushed a couple of stray hairs behind her ears. Another knock sounded this one more impatient and louder than the first.

"Yes?" Zelda tried to hide the annoyance in her voice, she had just found something important containing the Horn of Light.

"It's the King; he wishes to speak to you."

Confused, Zelda furrowed her eyebrows. Her father, the previous King of Hyrule, had been dead for ten years now. What in Farore's name is that guard talking about?

"Tell him I am busy at the moment and will speak to him later."

"King Ganondorf wants to speak to you now. He does not wait for spoiled brats like you to see him."

Zelda bristled under his words. I am not a spoiled brat! She thought angrily. But Ganondorf, king? What is that man blabbing on about?

"Send him in then."

With an air of importance, an air Zelda wished to blow out; he swept into her room, the golden crown of Hyrule resting atop his red hair. Ganon's smile was broad, as if trying to display a sense of welcoming, but his eyes were cold, staring at her with disdain.

"Ah, and here is our most esteemed guest! I do hope you have been most comfortable?" When Zelda didn't answer right away he continued unfazed, although she was pleased to note that his smile did falter for a moment. "I hope you will be glad to hear that I plan on releasing you from your solitary confinement in your room."

"…I see. Thank you," Zelda replied coldly. She was glad not doubt about that, but she wasn't about to let Ganondorf know that.

"I assume you wish to know why I am releasing you like this. Well, I need you to appear in front of the people in a uhh… ceremony of sorts."

"I see. I will be sure to dress accordingly then," breathing deeply; she spoke through her teeth with great difficulty. "I-I thank you deeply for you generosity King Ganondorf."

Smiling as though he was the cat who got the cream, he spoke smoothly. "Anything for the former Princess of Hyrule."

A knock at the door interrupted any other words that might be said.

"Just one moment please. I'll be there soon," Zelda called out to the door, never taking her eyes off Ganon's face. Abruptly, startling her, he waved his hand and walked to the door.

"There is no need dear Princess. I was just about to leave anyways."

Shortly after his words, the door opened slowly and Mira entered cautiously. Her head was bowed meekly, a curtain of blonde hair effectively hiding her face from view. With a start, she seemed to just realize that Ganon was in the room and gave one of the shakiest curtsies Zelda had ever seen, she was surprised that Mira hadn't fallen over yet. With barely even a glance towards the maid though, he walked out room, sunlight glinting off the crown on his head and his dark red cape trailing behind him. Watching him leave her room in such contempt, she felt the compulsion to just run up and rip her father's crown off of Ganondorf's greasy head .The guard at her door bowed deeply towards his new king and sent Zelda a self-satisfied smirk before shutting and locking her door.

Suddenly exhausted, she sank into the arm-chair, she hadn't realized that such a short conversation could be so draining, or so long. Wincing in pain, Zelda suck her hand under the seat cushion and pulled out the book she had hidden there what felt like years ago. The Light in Us All had by far been the best book, what she had taken as deep, long winded religious book on the spiritual nature of the goddesses, it instead detailed the events that had occurred shortly before and after the hero's death. Published by an anonymous author, it had even listed the possible locations for the Horn's fragments and who the unknown hero most likely was. Instead of returning to her research though, she only fingered the books course brown front and placed it reluctantly on the table next to the chair, eager to return to her reading.

Hiding her disappointment, Zelda rose and faced Mira, whose curtain of hair still continued to hide her pale face. Portraying calmness she certainly didn't feel, she gave Mira a small smile in a weak effort to cheer her up, or, at least, prove that Ganondorf's visit hadn't bothered her. Despite it all, Mira seemed to shrink down even more and adverted her hidden eyes from the princess' as though ashamed. Ashamed for what though, Zelda didn't know.

Zelda herself felt a small part of her will crumble a little at the small movement but shook it off and moved towards her closet.

"Well Mira, we should go and decide exactly what I should wear to the ceremony later. What do you think about this one? Or maybe red? What do you…?"

"Excuse me you highness?" Mira squeaked.

To say Zelda was surprised at the interruption was almost an understatement. In all her years of working for the castle, Mira was not well known as one to interrupt when someone was speaking, much less someone of royal blood like herself. She was one of the quietest and meekest maids Zelda had ever had, if not the meekest and quietest. Despite the appalled motion that Mira gave when she realized her actions, Zelda waved her on to continue.

"I-I-I am so sorry Princess Zelda for interrupting you, but you see King Ganon has already sent me with a dress for you. He requires that you were it for the ceremony this evening."

It was then that Zelda noticed the neatly folded fabric in her servant's hands. Taking from Mira confused, the fabric unfolded itself as it unveiled a pure white dress, decorated with only lace and pearls.

Frantic, she turned to Mira. "Did Ganondorf leave you with any instructions with what the dress was to be used for? If he has, I demand that you tell me this instant!"

Zelda watched Mira shrink up against the wall before squeaking out, "N-n-no, he hasn't. He has only told me that the dress is needed in tonight's ceremonies."

Suddenly fearful, Zelda glanced down at the pure white silk. Does Ganon intend to marry me to secure the throne? With a start she realized that she had sunk down unto her bed at Mira's words, her fists clenching the fine silk tightly.

Without a word Zelda stood up from the bed, thrust Mira the white dress, and walked towards her bedside table. Opening the top drawer, she frantically rummaged through its contents. Smiling slightly in triumph, she let out a breath she hadn't realized she had been holding in the first place. Slowly, she turned back to Mira, the dress now draped carefully over her arm and her head still bent down; deciding that whatever the princess had been looking for must be private.

"Mira, I have an important job for you."

Cautiously, Mira looked up a bit, fiddling with the silken dress nervously.

"Wh-whatever it is, it shall be done my lady."

Deep in thought, Zelda nodded, the newly found object still hidden in her hands. "I see. Tell me, are you currently seeing someone outside the castle?"

"Of course not! I-it is illegal for servants to court while in service to the castle." Mira head had almost straightened at Zelda's question and her fingers began to fiddle with the dress even faster. In an effort to calm the maid down, Zelda smiled warmly.

"There is no need to worry," she reassured. "I only want an answer; you will not be punished for your reply."


"Would you be able to stay with him in the event that you were ever evicted from service?"

"I-uh-suppose so…"

At Mira's answer, Zelda gave her first true smile in weeks. "Good. Now Mira, you must not tell anyone about what I am to ask of you."

"Of course Princess Zelda, what is it that you wish of me?"

"During tonight's ceremony, I want you to escape from the castle. Knowing Ganondorf, there will be no one situated in the castle so there will be no witnesses to your escape and no one to stop you. No one will even realize that you had left. When you leave, I want you to take this with you."

At Zelda's outrageous task, Mira looked up so quickly that you could actually see her deep green set eyes. This was nothing though compared to her reaction when she unwrapped the soft black fabric passed to her. In total shock, the dress that had lain across her arm fell to a heap on the floor when her arms fell to her sides.

"I-I am honored that you have entrusted me with so important a task but I cannot possibly do what you have asked of me. And to take such a royal object from you, it has been passed through your family for generations! Since-since Nayru, the great Goddess of Wisdom herself entrusted it to your family."

Her hands shaking, she moved to return the royal heirloom back to Zelda who shook her head firmly and rewrapped Mira's fingers around it before pushing it so that Mira held it to her heart. "No. You have promised me that you are to fulfill this deed and you must. I fear that this ceremony isn't what is expected and if I die tonight, I want you to tell you children about the greatness that was the Royal Family of Hyrule. I am sure that Ganon will falsely accuse my lineage of betrayal and I want someone to overcome these falsehoods.

"Now, I am in need to be prepared for tonight's events. Come Mira."

Ganondorf stared out the large window, the panes of glass covered in snow. The midday sun was slowly setting over the horizon as it approached the hour of the ceremony, the hour Ganondorf had waited his whole life for. The many Wizzrobes Ganon had brought were working hard to keep the snow at bay. It wouldn't do to have it snow tonight; I want everyone to witness this memorable event.

As one would expect of the Lord of Darkness, sundown and night had always been his favorite time of the day. The setting sun always let forth a stream of brilliant bloody reds and the night brought an army of stars to chase away the cowardly sun. The moon would then strike fear and darkness into the people, two qualities he loved dearly. Ganon's attentions towards the blood red sun were interrupted by a knock at the door though.

"What do you want? I'm busy in here!"

A muffled reply was heard through the thick wooden door that Ganon had to strain to hear. "I have news of the princess your majesty."

"Fine, enter then, but be quick about it! My patience has been tried this last couple of weeks."

Ganon growled under his breath, he was tired of receiving boring news like his every hour and his earlier conversation with the brat hadn't put him in good spirits.

The door opened to announce a Hyrulian soldier, he had traded in his once polished, gleaming silver armor for the black he know wore with pride. After falling to his knees in a respectful bow, he rose to his feet, his spiked helmet held carefully under his arm, not even a quiver in his stance. Ganondorf was surprised to note that he actually recognized him as one of the first soldiers to trade in his previous armor for the ones he wore know, and the only one eager to do so. He was also the soldier who had stood guard outside Zelda's door. He was also pleased to notice that his nose had an awkward bend to it, it had obviously been broken before, and it showed that the man was no stranger to hand-to-hand combat.

"Well, what are waiting for? Speak!"

The soldier gave an honorary salute before speaking. "The prisoner, former Princess of Hyrule, is ready King Ganondorf. She is now waiting for the ceremony to start."

"Good, good, you may leave soldier. I will be along shortly enough," Ganon commented as he impatiently waved him out.

Bowing as deep as the black armor would allow him, the soldier advance toward the door. Satisfied that all was going according to plan, Ganon turned and realized that the fire in the hearth had yet to be put out, it was still burning strongly, lessening the darkness that he so loved.


Obediently, the young soldier turned back, face still as impassive as ever.

"What is your name boy?"

Face unmoving, he replied curtly, "Bael, sir."

"Bael? No surname?"

"No my king, they are nothing but a way for the royals to categorize us with the masses. I left it behind when I joined the guard so I may not be classed by name, but by skill."

"You are wise to think that, but I did not call you back to tell me such. I called you back so you could extinguish this fire for me."

"Of course highness."

As Bael moved towards the fire, he said over his back, "Oh, and thank you my lord for removing the royal family from rule, if you hadn't done so then I would have."

Although Ganon didn't reply, he smiled as he placed the King of Hyrule's crown upon his head. He was not surprised to see that it fit perfectly.

I am the true King of Hyrule after all, he thought smugly. The former was but a weakling who bent to every peasants whim, the illness that killed him is but proof to the fact.

He moved silently towards the door when he turned back towards Bael, the dying embers glinting maliciously in his eyes.

"Oh, and Basil…" Ganondorf was pleased to note that the soldier did not even flinch at the incorrect name. "If you continue to serve me dutifully like this, there may be a promotion for general or even lord, in the future, if you live that long of course."

With an evil smile, he turned and walked out the door, cape swishing behind him. Now, it was time to put the final piece into place."

From atop the podium built in the center of town, Zelda stood tall and proud, fully aware of the villager's eyes staring at her. She couldn't blame them, when the word had spread that the princess herself was dressed in white and was standing in the center of the town, everyone had quickly gathered to see if the rumor was true. The cold still bit thorough her though, and the white dress wasn't doing much for holding in warmth with the thin material. The wind wasn't helping either, her unbound hair flapping in her face; she was continually brushing it back.

Whose ever idea it was to have your hair free to be the picture of virginity and purity better be burning in the afterlife. After brushing back her hair for what felt like the hundredth time, she resisted the urge to rub her arms. Oh well, she thought sullenly, at least it isn't snowing.

Zelda turned her head quickly to the sounds of trumpets blaring, a sound reserved only for announcing the king. The crowd parted so Ganon pass through, not out of respect she noticed, but out of fear. Fear of him and the entourage of Moblins carrying the Gerudo flag behind him, not out of respect. Zelda noticed with distaste that the crown reserved for the true King of Hyrule was still on his brow, a proud and smug grin on his face. Zelda did begin to draw the traces of a smile though when her people had begun to boo at the false king.

Despite the jeers from the townspeople, the smug smile was still on his face, and Zelda noticed the fur-lined cloak he wore, suddenly jealous of its warmth. A sudden gust of strong wind once again blew her hair into her face but she refused let it show that the elements bothered her. Still, she couldn't help but stare when Ganondorf gaped at her free flowing hair in surprise. Not sure how to react, she unconsciously brushed her hair back behind her ears. Suddenly, he smiled, as if amused by her, and she bristled in anger, turning her back towards him.

Smirking, Ganon turned towards the heckling crowd and raised his arms. Zelda had hoped that her subjects would continue to jeer at the man but was disappointed when they began to quiet done, afraid of what he might do to them if they didn't. Opening his mouth, Ganondorf let forth a strew of words that Zelda didn't know someone of such evil was capable of. Amazed, she watched entranced.

"People of Hyrule, I know of your hatred to me and it is not completely unfounded. For generations my ancestors have attacked the royal family but it is not for the reasons you believe. You believe that we only wish for the princess' piece of the Triforce so we may take over the land. That is not true. We have only come to stop these people from exploiting your needs. They have no right to be favored as such by the great goddesses. The wisdom she has been granted is used for but her own gain. She uses the Goron's in the mountains as a source of free slave labor; they mine diamonds and other riches for her, to be used in her jewelry. The Zora's water has become polluted for ages thanks to the cannon that was placed there simply for tourist attraction, spitting gun powder into their once clean water and poisoning their lungs.

"And what about my tribe, we used to be the royal families most trusted guardians, even before the Shiekah's took our place, but we began to warn them when their desire for more power made corrupted them. So how did they repay us for our generations of protection? The cast us out into the Gerudo desert without any necessities to defend for ourselves against the blistering heat and scorching winds, the winds that gave us no end of trouble day and night.

"So here you are, the poor working with their noses in the mud to gain even a scrap of food or a single green rupee to support your family while the royals sit inside warm castle, growing fat on roasted duck and lazing around with the money you make for them. The family should end now, and your deeply beloved princess that you see here before you will be the last of her family to ever rule this magnificent kingdom."

Zelda couldn't move, she was so much in shock, she couldn't even speak. All of what her captor had announced had been lies. The Goron's were paid daily for their work and were treated well for the labor they offered. As for the cannon, it was filled with a type of material that dissolved as soon as it hit the waters of Lake Hylia. The Zora's even said that it helped to fertilize the lake bottom. It was true though that the Gerudo's had once been her families guardians eons ago but had been evicted because the leader had tried to assassinate the king and take the throne.

What had shocked her most though had not been the pack of lies coming from this man's mouth but the cheering that had come from his false speech, and the people were taking her lack of speech as a sign that everything Ganondorf had said was true. Currently, the people were screaming for exile, imprisonment, or for her to work on a farm for the rest of her days. All were cheering that is except for an aged couple, whom she recognized as Link's parents staring in horror at the events proceeding before them. Their two younger children were cheering with the others as well, although they didn't know why. Zelda squirmed under her peoples hateful glares when Ganondorf began to speak again.

"Don't worry, I can promise you that justice will be served, and sooner than you may think. You can all see that your princess is dressed an dress of the purest white, but not for the reasons you think. I could never lower myself to taint the honored Gerudo blood with this so-called blue blood."

Zelda furrowed her eyebrows in though. What in Hyrule does he mean?

"To end the flow of royal blood that runs through her family, through her veins, I will perform a sacred ritual done by only those of true Gerudo heritage. I can promise you this, no one named Zelda and shares the royal families bloodline will ever retake the throne.

"Princess, come and stand before your people in front of me as the last Princess Zelda."

Unsure of Ganon's true actions, Zelda walked cautiously and stood tall before her people, they staring back just as confused as she was.

"Your family has long lived as rulers but that time has now ended. It is time; a new ruler shall be chosen to lead this land to greatness. The land that the great goddesses Nayru of the Wisdom, Din of the Power, and Farore of the Courage meant it to be. To do this a sacrifice must be made, the drop of blood of the former ruler must be given to create this land anew. With this blade, blood will be drawn and stain the earth, becoming the foundation of a new, more powerful empire.

"And for a land as large and prosperous as Hyrule, not a drop will suffice, but a gallon."

Zelda slowly that the words sink I with dread. She wasn't going to be married, she was to be a sacrifice. I'm not wearing a white wedding gown, but a white sacrificial dress. And the gallon of blood that is needed then…

All thoughts left her mind when a sudden feeling of coldness, colder than anything she had ever felt before, took her over. Coughing, she felt a trickle of blood run from the corner of her mouth. Lowering her head slowly, she took in a sword covered in blood, her blood, jutting out from her stomach. Not a sound was heard, even the wind seemed to quiet in shock, until Ganondorf pulled the sword from her stomach with a sickening lurch.

Gasping for air, Zelda fell to her knees, staining the once white silk red. Her vision blurred from loss of blood, her once clean hands now red as she tried to hold the blood in. Slowly, she felt what she thought was rain run down her cheeks before realizing that it was actually a mixture of her tears and freshly falling snow. Amidst the muted screams of the people, she fell onto the blanket of snow, almost invisible with the once white dress.

Groggily she fought to keep her eyes open, but it was a losing battle. Unconsciousness was quickly winning her over. The battle lost, she closed her eyes, the last sounds she heard being her people screaming in horror and Ganondorf's maniacal laughter vibrating through her ears.

Oh Link, why didn't you come? All hope is lost, you are too late.

To the horror of the townspeople around her, their princess stopped moving. The last thing she ever felt being the snow that melted on her face.

With that, Princess Zelda, the last princess of a long line of ruler of Hyrule, died on the thirteenth day of the second month in the year of the Goron. On this day, so remembered in the minds of scholars everywhere, the Era of Prosperity ended, replaced by Ganondorf's new reign, henceforth known by the people as the Era of Darkness.

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