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"Koby! Koby!"

In a fairly secluded valley, at the base of a large grassy hill, Koble turned his attention away the three small silver fish that were swimming around his ankles. Although the small, clear flowing creek bubbled merrily across the smooth stones, he ignored it, instead turning to look at the young girl come running down the hill, her dress bunched up her knees. He smiled amused at the sight of his sister before standing, the fish scurrying off in surprise, and steeping onto the dry grassy bank to greet her.

Finally reaching him, Sari dropped the edges of her green dress and rested her hands her knees and breathed deeply, clearly exhausted from the run. Straightening, she looked at her older brother, mirth evident in her blue eyes.

"There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you. You can be practically impossible to find sometimes, you do know that right? Well, it doesn't matter. What does matter is the fact that we were supposed to leave for auntie's grave hours ago!"

At the realization of her words, Koble's smile fell and in embarrassment, he turned sullenly to the creek, the small fish now long gone. All that was left was the bright afternoon sun reflecting off of the clear water like diamonds.

Sari sighed. "You forgot didn't you Koby?"

Solemnly, he nodded.

"Well, at least that would explain why you weren't home. Mama and Papa got so tired of waiting for you that they left with Gary, sending me instead to find your sorry butt and drag you there. And well, now that I found you we can go. Mama is not gonna be pleased though when she sees what you did to your pants. At least you thought to roll them up before going in the water though."

Although still upset that he had forgotten today's anniversary, he managed a small smile, cheeks pink with embarrassment. Ignoring the smile, she impatiently brushed off his pants were a collection of dry grass and dirt had gathered. Waving off her hands, he rolled down his pants before putting on his own shoes but before he could move in any direction, Sari grabbed his arm with both of her hands.

"Wait, before we go, I want your quick opinion. What do you think?"

With that, she gave a quick sort of twirl, her green dress fanning out around her. Studying her carefully, Koble noticed that her normally straight shoulder length brown hair had been pulled to the nape of her neck and given light curls. A clasp seemed to hold her hair back but he couldn't get a good look at it because of her twirl, and later her fall.

He raised his eyebrows amused at his normally balanced sister's fall. He guessed that because she was so used to running around in Gareth's old tunic and pants that she was unused to the weight that the dress added. Thanks to her impatient spin, she had fallen rather ungracefully to the ground and was currently somehow managing to glare at both him and her dress at the same time, her look to him suggesting that if he so much as smiled, he was done for.

Stepping back and hands in front, he helped her up as a peace offering of sorts, his own blue eyes smiling as she grumbled about the uselessness of dresses. Huffing as she stood and brushing herself off, she continued to glare at him.

"Not one word to Gary or I swear you will lose more than just your voice when I'm done with you. "

Koble smirked amused at her, he wouldn't be able to tell their brother what had just transpired, he hadn't been able to speak since before Sari had been born.

"Oh you know what I mean. I swear, I don't know how you manage it but just your expressions say more than words.

"Now tell me the truth, what do you think?"

Koble responded with a simple gesture, his hands making the rough shape of a woman's figure.

You look nice.

Sari scoffed. "Are you kidding me, this dress is hot and itchy and extremely uncomfortable. I have no idea how Mama manages to survive with wearing one of these everyday, I can barely stand it and I've only been wearing it for a little over an hour! " Sari shrugged. "Meh, but at least your nice about it. Gary almost fell on the floor laughing when he saw me. So I gave him a punch in the nose."

Trying unsuccessfully to hide his smile, he started to lecture his sister in his own way, hands on his hips and a finger wagging as he looked down at her, it was obvious what message he was trying to send her.

Now Sari, that is not how a dignified young lady like yourself is to behave.

His smile broke through at the almost appalled look his sister sent his way. A large grin on his face, he touched his nose before looking as is he was trying to break seemingly invisible sticks in his hands.

Did you break his nose?

"No, kinda wished I did though. I only made it bleed a little, it'll only be sore for a couple hours at most but that'll be it. I wouldn't dare break his nose a week before his birthday though," she replied with a shrug, she let an evil grin out soon afterwards. "I'll break then."

Did you get in any trouble?

"Yeah, but not much, my punishment was to go and find you. I think Papa was trying hard not to laugh. Sari gave a small sigh. "I almost lost this thanks to Gary though."

Turing her back to Koble, she pointed to the clasp that he had seen holding her hair back. Now though, upon closer inspection he could see that it wasn't as simple as he thought it was. It looked like it cost a small fortune, enough to buy their farm and then some. The clasp was small and made of what looked like pure silver, and not just cheap plating either. In the middle of the silver was an oval blue stone about the size of a wooden button. Scattered around the blue stone were various smaller red and green stones.

"Mama said that she got it from her dad when she was about my age. He said it was always passed down to the eldest daughter when she turned eleven, about the time that old princesses of Hyrule had had their coronations from lady into princess. But because Mama and Auntie were twins, they were both given it to share. So Mama was none too happy when I punched Gary. She even threatened to take it back, said I wasn't mature enough to have it. She relented though, although she said that she would actually take it back unless I was gone in ten seconds to find you. So I booked it. Now you know that I hate girly things like this, but I thought it was nice to look at and made me feel important."

Before Koble could respond, Sari looked up at the sun and swore under her breath at the position of the sun; it was almost to the top of the trees in the wood. Koble could only gaze on interested at the word that had exited her mouth. Sari huffed at his expression.

"Oh, don't give me that look Koby. You know that Gary's mouth is way filthier than mine will ever be, and you know I don't give a darn if it isn't lady-like to curse or not.

"Now come on, I really mean it this time. If we don't hurry we will be late and we will both never hear the end of this from Gary. If we run, we can make it though."

With a grin that could only mean one thing to his sister, Koble took off at a run towards the wood, the quickest shortcut available to them at the moment. Behind him he could hear Sari's yell as she ran to catch up.

"Hey! That's no fair and you know it! You got a head start ya cheater!"

Minutes later, Koble rest gasping, leaning on a large redwood while he caught his breath. Not far behind him he could hear Sari desperately trying to catch up. Her words brought a smile to his face, she was, as their father would say, swearing like a soldier. He was actually amused, he was fairly certain that even Gareth didn't know half the words being said. He couldn't help but wince though when he heard the sound of a smack, particularly the one of a fairly large stick swinging back to someone's face. It had sounded like it had hurt and her even louder curse certainly backed up that fact.

Shrugging, he decided to wait for his sister. Normally Koble would have continued on after his breather, he was winning after all, but decided to be nice, Sari did spend most of the afternoon looking for him after all. She was getting closer so he wouldn't have to wait much longer anyway, if her noisy advances meant anything it was that she was only a couple of meters away to his right, it would only take another couple of minutes till she reached him.

In the mean time, he could enjoy the forest around him.

He looked skyward to the leafy treetops, where the falling sun's rays cast small beams of light through the scattered patches in the leaves, piercing the dark shadows around him. Small white butterflies circled around a few of the beams, drinking nectar from the very few patches of colourful flowers that tried to soak in as much as the fading light as possible. To his left, Koble's ears perked to the small rustle of bushes only a couple of feet away. He quickly turned to the source of the noise, watching a quick flash of yellow as the creature disappeared into a hole it had evidently burrowed. At the yellow, Koble had once yet again begun to wonder if the fabled Keaton really did exist or if it was nothing more but a children's fairy tale. Koble's mind quickly decided that children's tales were just that, tales for small children. It must have just been the lack of light playing tricks on his eyes and had just been an aging fox retreating into its home.

The feel of the light wind's breeze caused his eyes to close in bliss. Even as a child he had always loved the wind. Both the destruction and calmness it seemed to cause with the same breath. He loved how the wind could cause their old apple tree when it had filled with their white blossom's to scatter on its breeze in a beautiful blanket across the sky. He loved it when the wind began to pick up its pace seemingly randomly and begin to bend trees almost in half with its strong arms. He understood that the wind was a dangerous element; it had no master and could never be bent to a person's will. No matter how hard you would try to capture it, it would just never allow itself to be caught.

Koble shrank blissfully against the wind's harmless breeze. It even seemed to somehow understand him, brushing across his cheek like a fading kiss and tousling his hair with its non-existent fingers. Feeling a cold tinge on his cheek from where the wind had brushed him, he sighed peacefully. Absolutely nothing could ruin this moment.

"I. Absolutely. Hate. DRESSES!"

Except that.

Sari's rather unmelodic screech raked painfully across his ears. Disappointed that his peace was ruined he casually opened only his left eye and looked at his sister's rather dishevelled appearance. Her once neat light brown hair was now a tangled mess filled with stray twigs and leaves, and what even looked like a stray spider, his webbed home taken away with the vengeance that was Hurricane Sari. Miraculously, her dress was clean of any scratches or mud that accompanied its wearer. Even the hair clip was still in her hair, albeit a little crooked compared to how it had been only half an hour ago. He couldn't help it. Although he knew that murder was more than likely in his future tonight, he smiled.

Sari obviously did not take it well.

"Don't you dare give me that look Koble Bryne Pinelm. I promise that I will not hesitate to make you look just as bad if not worse."

Oh, he could tell she was mad at him now. She never used his actual first name, much less his full name.

"But I don't dare to disrespect Auntie on her death-day; Farore only knows what will happen to me. So your extra lucky today, not only will you survive to live another day, but you're a guy so you don't have to wear stupid movement constricting dresses like this."

"Aww come on sis, don't be like that, it's not my fault that you were born as a weak and dainty little female."

Sari froze, looking at Koble stunned before groaning. An evil smile taking hold of her lips, she slowly knelt down and picked up a small acorn that rest just beyond her foot. Koble briefly wondered if the squirrel or chipmunk that had most likely dropped it lived in the redwood he was leaning on as he watched the nut sail in a straight line towards a fairly leafy bush on his right. He looked at his sister impressed when a short cry of pain sounded from behind the bush.

Seconds later, Gareth emerged from the leafy green shrub, gingerly rubbing a small red mark in the center of his forehead where the small brown projectile had hit him.

"Who's weak and dainty now Gary?"

Gareth frowned.

"I mean, I'm not the one crying to Mama after being hit in the head with squirrel food."

"Alright alright! I'm sorry. There, happy?"

Sari huffed angrily. "You better be, but no. That was a mean trick and thinking I would fall for it? Do you really think I'm that stupid?"

"Hey, you're the one who fell for it the first time. You almost went crying to Dad after all," Gareth switched to an extremely high pitched imitation of his sister's voice. "'Hurry Papa! Koby's speaking again! It finally happened! It must be a gift from Auntie and the goddesses themselves! Hurry Papa!' Oh wow, I almost fell to the ground laughing after that!"

Sari felt an angry blush beginning to rise. "I do not sound like that!" she exclaimed. "And that was years ago! I am much too old to fall for such childish pranks!"

"It was just last week you liar! Just wait till the others hear about this!"

Sari looked aghast but quickly responded and glared at her brother, a twinkle shining in her eye. "You do and I will tell everyone how you screamed like a little girl when Koby and I planted that garter snake in your bed just last night!"

Koble waved his hands frantically in front of his face, the meaning clear.

Hey, leave me out of this!

"You wouldn't dare!"

Sari grinned at Gareth's blanched face. "Oh I dare, trust me, I dare."

Gareth glared down at his sister who despite the height difference glared right back. With her hands on her hips and stray twigs and scratches on her face making her look more fearsome, the height difference seemed to shrink. Koble could only stare at wonder at the differences between him and his twin, made all the more evident by Gareth's towering height over Sari. He was barely taller than Sari while Gareth seemed to tower over her, standing almost a full head and a half taller.

That wasn't the only difference though.

Just looking at Gareth and Koble you never would have guessed that they were brothers, much less twins. Gareth had a full head of dark red hair and had somehow managed to have his aunt's brown eyes and was covered in small, hard muscle from his weekly sword training. Koble on the other had his father's blue eyes and extremely shaggy blonde hair and was small, scrawny, and had little to no muscle at all. The only similarities they seemed to share aside from parents and family was their oddly pointed ears, and even there Koble's was just a centimetre or two longer. Gareth even carried around a sheathed dagger at his side, though this was normally for show and not used much offensively.

"Fine, you win. Happy?"

Sari smiled smugly back. "Yes, now come one Koby, we're going to be late with the idiot here stalling us with his extremely idiotic actions."

"Who are you calling an idiot? You know what things live in here, Hyrule's clumsiest Wolfos could have stalked you and you wouldn't have been able to hear its crashing through the bushes over your loud and obnoxious cursing. How did you think I found you anyways?"

Koble noticed Sari pale and her eyes droop at their brother's words. He had been telling the truth, both of them could have easily have been attacked or worse, and thanks to Sari's noise, they never would have been able to hear the monster advancing on them until it was too late. It was lucky that it was only late afternoon, so none of the dangerous monsters that always hunted during the night were awake yet.

Sari had never been one to stay downcast though, her eyes soon flashing angrily at Gareth. "Oh please, the only creatures out and about are a few scattered Skullwalltulas and the odd Skulltula laying around. Neither of which are too scary or tough to fight. And a Deku Scrub? Please, they're cowards plain and simple, just the sight of my shadow would send them shrieking into their little nests."

Gareth grinned. "If they're scared of your shadow then the sight of your face would kill them on the spot."

Koble watched amused as the tips of Sari's ears (pointed like his and Gareth's) start to turn an angry red. He had noticed years ago that when she was angry her ears would light up like Din's hottest flames but when she was particularly embarrassed, the base of her neck would turn a bright pink, both of which were often caused by Gareth's hi-jinks. Therefore, it was always easy to tell when she was angry or embarrassed. This realization always brought a smile to his face; with this information any crush she would ever have was going to be absolute hell on earth for her. He knew that Gareth would never let her live it down for the rest of her life.

"Oooh, why are you such a jerk Gary."

Gareth gave a casual shrug. "It's just an older brother thing; your feeble little female mind couldn't even begin to comprehend it."

"Please try for my sake, I'll try to keep up."

"Sure, why not." Gareth straightened and took on an instructor's tone, one that someone would use in explaining something complicated. Koble noticed with some amusement that the stance and tone he was using did not fit with his brother's personality and build. All in all, it made for a very humorous scene. "Now, it's an older sibling's duty, particularly that of a brother, to bully and tease their younger siblings, in this cases you."

"But what about Koby, he's nowhere close to being mean like you are?"

"I was getting there! Gods, you should take a hint from Koble there and learn to shut up and be quiet once in a while. Now then, there are certain cases where there may be more than one older sibling, now this would normally just divide the level by half so you have two siblings with the a lesser amount of meanness as you call it and a higher amount of compassion in each person.

"Now though, every now and then certain problems will arise that may cause the other older sibling to not fulfill the desired quotient needed to uphold the balance in the universe, in this case Koble lacking the ability to speak. Thanks to this hindrance, he doesn't have the ability to come up with any good come-backs or bad puns. As such he is demoted, or promoted depending on how you look at these things, to filling the role of the lame compassionate older brother.

"This then leaves me to take not only his place in pyramid and take on the extra 'meanness' that he lacks but he also takes any 'niceness' out of me, leaving you with instead two totally different brothers. One of which still struggles to uphold the balance and is left extra mean while the other is what you would call the wimpy brother, full of sympathy and compassion and all that junk."

Sari blinked. "That made absolutely no sense at all."

"See, I told you that your feeble little mind wouldn't be able to comprehend the knowledge of the universe."

"Yeah, whatever. Like you would ever know what knowledge the universe holds. You can't even put your pants on the right way in the morning."

Gareth ignored her jibe. "Come on, let's go. I can see why you took this route; it's the shortest way to the pond but also the most difficult. You must have been crazy to go this way Sari when you knew you were wearing a dress. I knew that girls were stupider than boys."

Sari responded by shaking her fist in Gareth's face before they started off. "Hey, I wouldn't mind really breaking your nose this time Gary."

"Alright alright. Man, you really can't take a joke Sar." Gareth unconsciously rubbed his still tender, large nose. "By the way, where did you learn to swing like that? That is one powerful right hook you've got there."

Sari smiled before grabbing Koble's wrist and starting off in the direction of the pond. "Why, from you of course dear brother."

Although Koble didn't look back, he could hear his twin's sigh before hurrying past them, promising that he would look out for any danger that they might encounter. Koble heard Sari grumble angrily under her breath as she slowed down to kick a rock, most likely imagining it to be their brother's face. He rolled his eyes at the exchange between his siblings, they always had been a form of free entertainment; all he needed was a dinner most of the time to complete the experience.

Shaking his head in exasperation of his siblings' antics, he continued to walk as he raised his eyes skyward, as if asking the great goddesses up above for some help or some kind of sign that Sari and Gareth would at least start to get along one day in the future.

His quick prayer, if one could call it that, over, he lowered his eyes to the forested ground in front of him to step over some thick roots that had risen above the ground, only to stop when an arrow suddenly appeared from the corner of his vision and imbedded itself in the thick tree only centimetres from his face,

Seconds later, he felt Sari roughly crash into his back, she hadn't even realized that he had stopped. Koble heard her muttering under her breath about how utterly dimwitted her brothers were, rubbing slightly pink nose as she grumbled, she walked around him and stared in what he could only describe as a combination of shock and horror. She had actually been so surprised at the sight of the protruding arrow that her mouth was actually moving but no words were coming out, she didn't even bring out the repertoire of various curses that the nine year old had somehow managed to pick up. That was the first time Koble ever remembered that happening to his sister, it wasn't often that Sari was struck speechless.

Before Sari could even manage to speak a word, both siblings heard a slight rustle in the bushes and Gareth emerged, an annoyed look on his face.

"What's the holdup you two? We are running late you do realize that right, so what is taking you so long… Great Mallodus the Demon King! What in the Spirit World is that?"

Alarmed at the arrow that obviously hadn't been there when Gareth had passed by only seconds before, he drew the small dagger that was sheathed at his side, and although it was for show he did know how to use it whenever the need came. Holding it out in front of him as one would a small deku stick, his face was cast in the grim line, eyes scanning the bushes for the person who would dare try to shoot his brother and little sister.

Watching this, Koble knew that the search was largely futile, the archer had most likely run after letting off that bad shot, scared that they had killed him, and even if they had watched the arrow barely miss him, they wouldn't have stuck around as they had most likely heard the argument that his siblings had held, learning that despite their relatively young ages they wouldn't be scared to fight back if any of them had been hurt in any way. Gareth's mostly useless manoeuvre did have some use though, it brought back Sari's voice. Not surprisingly, the first words she said were an insult directed at him.

"Oh, what a good idea Gary! A dagger will do wonders against a crazed, blood-thirsty archer!

Although Koble sincerely doubted that the archer was neither crazed nor blood-thirsty, he knew that this was all part of the cover she portrayed when she was feeling particularly scared or frightened, she argued and became extremely snappy just like Gareth would try to take charge of the situation and show off what he considered his supreme skills to distract others. Just like he did when he had glowered at Sari for her insult only seconds ago, Gareth had gave a casual twirl of the blade in his right hand before sheathing it.

"Now come on, we should really hurry up and get out of here before the archer comes back, and next time he might not miss."

Following his own advice, Gareth set off at a fast walk, Sari not too far behind him, eager to leave the forest. Koble on the other hand, stayed behind to fully investigate the arrow that had almost taken his head off. After the initial shock had worn off he had begun to wonder if the arrow had really been that sign from the goddesses that he had asked for, he had quickly brushed the thought off though. Signs like that were supposed to save your life, not kill you on the spot.

Nonetheless, he was intrigued about the mysterious arrow and decided that he wanted to investigate the arrow closer. This in mind, he firmly braced his foot against the thick trunk of the tree and pulled as hard as he could to loosen the arrow. To his surprise though, the arrow hadn't imbedded itself in as deep as he thought so one quick tug and brought the arrow out and soon found himself laying on the forest floor, leaves and dirt falling around him in a cloud. Sitting up, he watched the sunlight reflect off the arrowhead as he heard Gareth's voice yelling at him.

"Come on, hurry up bro! The archer might come back for another shot at the Creature of the Lost Woods here!"

Koble turned to watch Sari's ears turn bright red, somehow matching the leaves and twigs in her tangled hair.

"Ooooh. Gary you are such a jerk!"

"Takes one to know one little sister."

Sari rolled her eyes. "Oh so mature Gary." Spotting a broken tree branch on the forest floor, she picked it up and seemed to test its weight by giving it a few practice swings. Deciding it to satisfactory, she turned to Gareth only to see him run off into brush. Sari watched stunned for only a moment. "He-hey! You get back here this instant Gareth Pinelm!"

Koble watched them run off, his twin laughing the whole way and Sari wildly swinging her branch over her head, with a small smile on his face. No matter the situation, they both always managed to somehow shake it off, an ability he had never been granted with.

Allowing one more glance towards the arrow clutched firmly in his left hand, he decided that he would look at the arrow in greater detail later that evening. Right now he was much too late for a very important event and didn't really feel like being left behind alone in the woods, even though night had not yet fallen their were still monsters that could and would cause a lot of problems if he was caught unawares.

So he hurried off after them at a quick jog, unconsciously jumping roots and weaving through trees as his ears followed the sound of his sister's curses carried by the wind.

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