Look who's back? [:

He was thrown against a tree. I must handle this quickly, but what must I do?

Follow your instincts.

That was the best thing he heard all day.

His eyes bled crimson red. His magenta marking turned jagged and matched his terrifying eyes, making him look almost exactly like his younger brother in demon form. Sesshomaru looked like a powerful yet amazing god. He looked frightening, but people wouldn't be able to resist the allure of his power.

He growled ferociously. Inuyasha growled back. That was not a good thing. The lord of the west was being challenged. And that was never ever a good thing.

He growled again and waited for the attack that he knew was coming. It came, indeed.

Inuyasha charged, claws first with a deadly smirk on his face. He jumped up, swiping at Sesshomaru's face. Sesshomaru dodged to his left and elbowed Inuyasha in the back of the neck. He fell forward on his hands and knees. Sesshomaru kicked him in the ribs and pressed his boot onto Inuyasha's throat. Inuyasha grunted and growled. Sesshomaru pressed his foot harder, making Inuyasha stop his growling. Then, he smirked. He grabbed the ankle of Sesshomaru's foot that was on him and twisted it, making Sesshomaru spin in the air. He landed on his feet, but by the time he came back down, Inuyasha had already set his eyes on the forgotten ookami.

With fierce eyes, Kouga stood his ground. He was not about to die by the hands of his supposed rival. Kouga closed hi eyes. Slowly, Kouga's teeth elongated into shining, deadly blades. His claws grew sharper and his tail seemed to have grown spikes at the blink of an eye. At last, his eyes turned the crimson red that adorned the other demons features.

Kouga crouched down, with a feral growl. He wanted Inuyasha to attack him, but not for an adrenaline rush or just to fight, no. He was thinking as if it were as clear as crystal water. He was trying to give Sesshomaru an opening.

Kouga glanced at Sesshomaru and then back at Inuyasha. He grinned as Inuyasha assumed his position and attacked. Right as Inuyasha was about to reach him, he somersaulted out of the way, making Inuyasha turn his back on Sesshomaru. Kouga glanced at Sesshomaru again and nodded, but Inuyasha saw this time. He turned just as Sesshomaru reached him and clawed the demon lord across his face.

Seeing the half second distraction, Kouga leapt into the air and landed on top of Inuyasha. He grabbed him into a bear hug and kept his arms still, but Inuyasha kept bucking his head back, hitting Kouga in the face.

Kouga started growling into Inuyasha's ear. He still wouldn't stop moving and hitting Kouga, so the ookami's growling became louder and more fierce.

As soon as Kouga started showing his status in his growling, Sesshomaru stepped in and got right up to Inuyasha's face. He snarled, but Sesshomaru roared all of his authority.

Very quickly, Inuyasha's fight went down. He stared into the eyes of Sesshomaru while trying to scoot back, but he couldn't. Kouga was still holding him. The only other option he had was to burry his head into Kouga, and that's exactly what he did. He was cowering in front of two of his greatest enemies, but he didn't notice. All he knew was that there were two very strong full demons who were scaring him.

He mewed, frightened that they were going to do something drastic to him. He didn't notice how powerful they were before.

As soon as they heard how frightened he was, Kouga and Sesshomaru immediately stopped their growling. Kouga started petting Inuyasha, slowly coming out of his demon-ish form. Sesshomaru knelt down in front of them and started licking his markings that were adorned on his cheeks and eyelids.

Inuyasha whimpering had quieted and soon enough, his markings began to fade. His eyes opened to reveal golden eyes instead of crimson.

Sesshomaru stopped licking him, though he was still in his almost demon form. He was staring at Inuyasha while Kouga was still petting him.


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