Okay. So, I have a huge ton of really random fanfiction one-shots and things I've started over the years. Since there are a lot of them, I don't really want to create individual stories for each of them, for fear of spamming my account with pointlessness. Especially since none of them are completed—in fact several of them even cut off abruptly mid-scene. But I don't want to go back and complete them, since I have lots of other projects to work on, including school work.

But I had a free day today, so I decided to spend my time organizing them, so that I could shove them into this Mass Collection of Random Junk. Because otherwise, they would only ever sit on my computer collecting dust.

Some of these are Bleach. Some of them aren't. I stuck it under the Bleach category since most of them have at least some Bleach in them.

If you want to continue any of these, go right ahead. Seriously, don't even ask me. As long as you don't copy/paste my actual text, I'm fine with it.

Keep in mind that a lot of these were written back when I was still writing Yu-Gi-Oh stuff, and all of them were written quite a long time ago. Because of this, the writing style in them definitely isn't my best... And neither are the ideas... (wince) Don't judge...

I'll start off each "chapter" with a brief explanation of the story I was writing at the time.

This particular story was the result of my wanting to write a crossover with Death Note, mostly because of the similarities between terminology used...

The name ShiniKami comes due to the fact that "Death Note" is a play off of "Shinigami". Kami can mean "God", but written a different way, it can also mean "Hair", or "Paper", depending. When you combine Kami with other things, as in Shinigami, or Origami, the k changes to a g. Therefore, Shinigami means "Death God", but it can also mean "Death Paper". Hence Death Note. The whole thing's a pun.

(On a random note, that also means that Shinigami could mean "Death Hair", and Origami could mean "Folding God", or "Folding Hair"......)

Ignore Light; he is drastically out of character.


Kurosaki Ichigo was sitting at a table outside of a café, where he'd been for the past hour or so, boredly sipping lemonade from a glass and watching the empty street around him without really expecting to see much.

The street wasn't terribly busy. Occasionally, somebody would walk by on their way to work or school or wherever, but for the most part it was deserted. Ichigo himself should have been in school, but instead he was stuck here, miles from home on watch duty, his shinigami representative badge sitting out on the table in front of him.

He was hoping that it would go off, but this was unlikely. He had been in the city for a few days now, along with Rukia and several other shinigami, and even though this area was supposed to be having increased activity—supposedly, tons of strong hollows—which was his whole reason for being here, his badge hadn't started screaming 'hollow' at him the entire time.

Ichigo sighed. When Rukia had first told him of this new assignment from Soul Society, he hadn't been much happier than he was right now. He wasn't part of the Gotei 13; they shouldn't be able to order him around, especially not after all he'd already done for them. Ungrateful...

Of course, he had to agree to the assignment, if grudgingly. He couldn't refuse; not with this many lives in danger...

So, it had happened. Several low level shinigami had been stationed in Karakura town to take care of the regular tasks, and Ichigo was sent with the other fighters to deal with the more powerful hollows that would be here.

Unfortunately, the promise of a good fight out of all of this hassle was starting to look like some elaborate hoax after all. He was wasting his time here...

In complete boredom, Ichigo began going over the various points of the mission again.

The past few months, the biggest news story in Japan had been the serial killer, Kira, who apparently felt it was his duty to kill criminals, even those who were in jail but not actually sentenced to die. The strangest thing about the murders was that there was absolutely no evidence. The criminals died of heart attacks, without anyone anywhere near them...

There had been a particularly big uproar when a special detective calling himself L had appeared on television and challenged Kira directly. Since then, the killings had been concentrated in the Kanto region of Japan, where L had stated Kira was hiding.

Ichigo had found the news reports interesting, of course, but had ultimately dismissed it as unimportant to his life. Catching serial killers was the job of the police, not a teenager. Not even his side job of shinigami representative was going to get him dragged into this.

Or so he had thought, until Rukia had shown up with a report from Soul Society.

Normally, the shinigami don't get involved in cases in the real world. If there's a mass murderer going around, they just post more low-class shinigami in the area to take care of the extra soul burials that needed to take place because of it. However, this case was apparently different.

According to Rukia and her horrible bunny drawings, the criminals who were being killed would create big problems. A human who has done great evil while they were alive can't be given a soul burial. They skip the 'plus' stage and go straight to being hollows because they'd already lost their hearts.

And Ichigo knew from first-hand experience that hollows like these tended to be very strong hollows, ones that lower level shinigami would have serious trouble with.

So the problem was, by killing people whose souls would immediately become powerful hollows, this Kira killer was unknowingly creating hundreds of hollows and setting them upon the innocent people of Japan...

Or supposedly. None of the other shinigami who had been assigned to the area on emergency call had seen anything unusual either. There weren't even very many normal plus spirits in the area, much less the far more dangerous hollows. Something was very wrong here.

Whatever that something was, it was making Ichigo annoyed, bored, and probably failing all of his classes for no reason.

Speaking of annoyance, Ichigo had just run out of lemonade again. He glared down at the empty glass, and then sighed and checked his watch.

It was getting close to the time when the shinigami in the area were to meet to report, but not close enough that he actually needed to start heading that direction. Idly, Ichigo wondered if he had enough time for another drink or if he should take a quick walk around the area he'd been assigned to one last time.

After a moment, Ichigo decided that he didn't want any more lemonade, but he didn't want to get up and patrol either. He rested his chin on his arms and continued watching the street boredly.

Almost immediately, he spotted something that made him look up again, his eyes wide.

There, across the street, a teenager probably only a little older than he was himself was walking along the sidewalk. Behind him, a tall, skinny hollow was hovering just over his shoulder, thin black wings of some sort outstretched to keep it aloft.

Ichigo shot up out of his chair, grabbing his shinigami representative badge off the table. The badge hadn't gone off! How was there a hollow here if the badge hadn't gone off?

It had obviously been here for a long time, probably stalking this boy, Ichigo realized. The badge only picked up the entrance of a hollow, not its continued existence.

Whatever. First things first, he had to get that boy out of here so that he wouldn't get hurt. Dashing across the street, he grabbed his shoulder. "Excuse me. You're in danger. Please get out of here, quickly!"

The boy stared at him in wonder, jerking away from his hand. "Danger? What kind of danger?"

Ichigo glanced at the hollow in worry, gripping his badge tighter. "No time to explain. Just go!"

"This is interesting, Light... I think this human can see me," the hollow said suddenly, a wide grin spreading on its face.

Ichigo tensed, quickly pushing the teen out of the way a little so that he was standing between him and the hollow. "Go!" he repeated.

"H-hang on," the teen frowned at him. "I don't think you-"

The hollow began to move forward, trying to edge around Ichigo to get back to the teenager. Ichigo scowled.

"I don't have time for this," he muttered. He slammed the shinigami representative badge against his chest, activating it and changing to his shinigami form. His body fell behind him and the teenager caught it in surprise.

"What the... Hey, are you all right?"

Ichigo ignored him, reaching up and gripping Zangetsu's hilt. Unsheathing the sword, he held it up, ready to attack. The hollow stumbled backward several paces, looking shocked.

"Hey, hey, no need for violence," it stammered, raising its hands in a show of peace. "What's with the giant sword? What are you?"

"What sword? Ryuuk, what's going on?" the teenager asked in confusion.

Ichigo glanced back at him, surprised that he seemed to be talking to the hollow. So he could see after all... "Hurry up and get out of here!"

The teen gave no sign that he'd heard Ichigo, keeping his gaze locked on the hollow, who looked just as confused as the teen did.

"I don't know what's going on," the hollow whined in answer to the teen's question. "He just suddenly appeared with-"

Ichigo had had enough of this. He swung Zangetsu at the hollow and it quickly ducked out of the way, backing up again. "Why have you been following this boy around?" he demanded threateningly.

The hollow looked like it was contemplating an answer, but finally asked its own question instead. "What are you?" it asked again. "I've never seen anything like you..."

Ichigo raised an eyebrow at it. "A hollow that doesn't know what a shinigami is?"

The hollow's brow furrowed in concentration. "You mean to say that you are a shinigami? But, that's impossible! And what did you call me?"

"A hollow," Ichigo repeated. "You must be a new one, if you don't already know all this. Why are you stalking this boy?"

"I'm not stalking him," the hollow said defensively. "It's not called stalking if he knows I'm here. And what do you mean, new? I've been a shinigami for hundreds of years, I'll have you know."

Ichigo's mouth fell open slightly. "Wait. Hang on, you honestly think-"

"Ryuuk, what's going on?" the teenager asked again, looking exasperated. "This boy just ran over here and spontaneously died on the spot, and now you're talking to thin air!"

Ichigo stared at him, then back at the hollow. "He can see you, but he can't see me?" he asked in disbelief. "And why are you calling yourself a shinigami?"

"Why are you calling yourself a shinigami?" the hollow demanded. "You're just a human! A human with a giant sword, sure, but a human!"

Ichigo scowled. "Technically, I'm a shinigami representative," he clarified.

"A representative?" the hollow repeated. "I didn't know you could do that."

"Ryuuk," the teenager said in annoyance. "At least tell me what I'm supposed to do with him!" he gestured at Ichigo's body, lying on the sidewalk.

The hollow frowned at it for a moment, then looked up at Ichigo. "I don't know. What do you want Light to do with that?"

Ichigo hesitated for a moment, and then made a quick decision, sheathing Zangetsu and replacing it on his back. "I'm not quite sure what's going on here. I have other questions for you, and probably for him too. Will you accept a truce until those questions are answered?"

The hollow thought about this, and then nodded. "Okay. I wasn't the one attacking anyone, anyway, so a non-violence truce works for me."

Ichigo didn't quite trust the hollow, but he needed his questions answered. Walking over to the teen, he knelt down and got back into his body.

The teenager stared, his mouth hanging open, as Ichigo opened his eyes and quickly got to his feet.

"What...? But, you were just..."

"Dead," Ichigo confirmed. "I know. Come on. We need to talk, so we should go somewhere a little more private..."

"Wait, shouldn't we get some introductions, first?" the teen reasoned. "I'm Yagami Light. And this is Ryuuk."

Ichigo frowned. "Kurosaki Ichigo, shinigami representative. Come on. I've been staying in a hotel near here." He began to walk, keeping an eye on Ryuuk in case he tried anything.

Light nodded, following Ichigo down the street.

I was fully planning on continuing this. The only reason I wrote this part was to write the next scene, where all of the explanations occur...

Basically, the idea I had was that a really long time ago, a hollow ended up with the hollow ability of eating souls by means of a book instead of just eating them. He shared this book with other hollows, creating more of them for them to use, and designing them so that not only would using them make the other hollows not have to physically eat people, but so that it would also make the original hollow gain more power. So the first hollow was just greedy and lazy and was making the other hollows do his work for him.

They separated themselves from the other hollows, and throughout the years, the terminology got mixed up—or they purposefully started calling themselves Shinigami, since they felt themselves to be above other hollows. Or something like that. I don't know. I didn't have it completely worked out.

But at any rate, that's the deal. These hollows who call themselves Shinigami continue to live on in this other dimension that they created for themselves to hide out in, occasionally coming out to kill more people with their death notes, providing themselves with the spirit energy needed to keep surviving...

And that's why, even though there should be lots of powerful hollows in the area, there aren't any. Because the criminals aren't just getting killed by the death note, their actual souls are being consumed by it, distributing the spirit energy to the "shinigami" who owns the death note.

... Anyway. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It never would have gone anywhere once the explanations were done. So now it just sits around collecting dust...