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Chapter 35

You dream.. Your dreams maybe come true.. Maybe not.. I dreamed of a girl.. A girl that held my heart.. A girl I loved and loved me back.. Didn't know her name then.. Look at me now.. Living the dream.. She is here.. She loves me.. And the most important.. I love her too..

Ashley and I were engaged for five months.. We didn't want to wait to get married.. Someone might say that everything with us were so fast.. We moved in together.. She proposed after four months and we married after a year.. If you found the one why don't do all these things? Why not be with your other half completely? What stops you? Exactly.. I wanted to be married with Ashley.. I wanted to be able to call her my wife..

Everything was perfect.. We married to an unconditional place.. Yeah.. I am sure you have seen weddings taking place at the beach, under the water, a church.. Well Ashley wanted to arrange everything.. Typical Gemini.. She wanted to surprise me and she wanted to have the last word.. Not that I didn't love it.. She was way hot arranging everything.. Well I had the flower arrangement and the guests.. She had to choose the place and the one who was going to marry us.. I asked her.. I asked her so many times.. All she was saying was 'it will be a surprise'.. And it was..

We married on December.. Yeah.. Beautiful.. That's what I said.. Denver was beautiful in winter and especially Christmas.. I wasn't anxious.. Actually I was so calm.. I don't know why all the brides are so nervous for their day.. Ashley from the other hand was a little bit nervous.. She is so cute.. Ok.. She is hot.. Don't tell her I said that she is cute..

My mom was here a month before the wedding so she could help me with everything.. But really I didn't need anything.. Jenna was my maid of honor and Steve was Ashley's best man.. Our best friends to our special day.. Steve became my best friend too.. After everything happened he was there.. And I will never forget that..

Mom was running up and down.. She was crazy.. I was calm and she was saying 'we have to do this, we have to do that'. But I was thankful for her being here.. A girl needs her mom to her wedding..

I couldn't wait to marry Ashley.. And to make love to each other as a married couple.. If you told me now that 12 years ago I would fall in love with a girl and marry her I would say you are crazy.. But I am still in love with a girl and I am still married with her.. And it's like we met yesterday..

Oh.. yes.. the wedding.. I was curious of what Ashley would wear.. She have told me to wear a dress.. When I asked her she was again ' a surprise'.. I wanted to know.. She knows how I get when I don't know things but yet she was keeping me in dark.. The only thing she said was 'bring something warm with you'..

I remember the day of the wedding.. Everything was so perfect.. And she was the most beautiful girl in the world.. I knew that everyone knew where our wedding would be held.. And everyone kept it a secret from me.. So once I got inside the car they blind folded me so I didn't know where we were going.. I was wearing a white strapless wedding dress.. I had my hair in curls as Ashley likes them and a light make up.. In general I was simple.. Nothing too much.. And I liked it..

Once we were there I was still in dark.. Literally.. Jenna was near and Summer too with my father and mother.. They held my hands guiding me where I was going to meet the love of my life.. We stepped in and immediately I knew.. I didn't have to see that we were in an ice rink.. I felt the cold and the warmth.. It was a place I grew up.. It was my second home.. I smiled and pull off the cloth they had on my eyes.. All I said was 'Ashley' while smiling..

She was there.. In the middle of the ice rink.. Looking beautiful as ever.. Smiling.. And she was hot.. White tight pants with a white vest.. I could see her abs.. She was so damn sexy and all I could think was that I wanted her right there.. My father took my hand and guided me to her.. To my soon to be wife.. To my love..

Once I found her there I wanted to kiss her.. And that I did.. I didn't see her for three whole days.. They wouldn't let me.. I told them that it was a girl and girl wedding but still no.. No.. I should sleep away from her.. I really hated to be alone without her..

"You look beautiful baby"

"You look perfect"

And she was perfect.. I was curious why she wanted for us to get married here.. But when she started saying her vows I knew why..

"Spence.. I didn't know what love was until I met you.. From the day I met you I feel complete.. You are it for me.. I wanted to marry you here because it is where everything started.. I saw you here and I lost my heart.. I lost my mind.. That day I knew I was yours.. So I wanted for us to marry here.. Where everything started and where everything stops.. I want you to know that I am yours.."

I still remember it.. After so many years.. Like it was yesterday.. Ashley Davies was, is and will be mine forever.. And I am hers too..

After the wedding we left everyone and we started our honey moon.. Ashley prepared that too.. Another surprise for me.. Paris.. City of love.. She knew I wanted to go there.. And I would be there for a month with my wife.. My wife.. I still feel that everything is a dream.. But it is not..

We continued with our practices.. We were the golden couple.. Ashley was a town hero and I was one too.. I won several other golds to state championships and to tell you the truth all I did was having fun.. All these years I was stern and wanted the gold so much.. Now I was having fun and I was relaxed and I was the top.. Ashley still was there waiting for me while I was practicing.. She said that she was feeling aroused by seeing me skating.. And every time she would help me release my stress after the practice.. I followed her too to some championships she had to go.. Like I would leave her alone.. I had to watch for anyone wanted to woo my girl..

We were married for six months when we started to discuss about starting our family.. We both wanted a kid.. It would complete our happiness.. The thing was that we both wanted to be mothers.. And I couldn't wait to see her pregnant..

When we discussed it we sat down one day and looked our programs.. That year I would be out a lot to different championships and Ashley would have no championships.. So we thought that she would be the one to carry our first child.. I so wanted a little Ashley running inside our house.. I didn't like Ashley being pregnant and me not being there for her.. She assured me though that everything would be fine.. We had our family.. And they would be there for her..

We were pregnant after 8 months of trying.. Ashley was pregnant and I was a happy mother and wife.. I was always with my ear on her tummy trying to listen our baby.. Which was silly actually because our baby was a little bean then.. But every time she would stroke my hair and hold me tight there.. She was always saying that we were her two loves..

That year I had to be away from her two times.. Two times, which was two weeks total but it was like I was leaving her for two years.. I couldn't leave her and every time she would push me out the door.. Every time she was trying not to let her tears fall.. I couldn't though.. Every time I was crying..

After 9 months our baby was born.. It was a healthy girl.. She had the beautiful brown hair of her mother's and blue eyes.. You wonder why blue eyes.. I donated the eggs.. We wanted to have something from both of us.. Ashley was calling her her blue eyed angel.. And she was.. She was calling us her blue eyed angels.. And she was my goddess..

Angelina was the perfect baby.. She wouldn't wake up at night, and she wouldn't cry at all.. She was waking up only to eat.. Ashley was breast feeding her.. Every time she did that I was next to her.. I loved how she looked when she was feeding her.. She looked so calm.. They looked so perfect.. My girls..

Angelina was two years old when Ashley and I were to go to the next Olympics.. Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.. Russia held a special place in my heart.. It was my first gold and after that Ashley proposed.. Angelina was too young for us to bring her together and Russia isn't a friendly place in winter and with a child.. I was that close to stay behind and not compete.. My mom assured us that she would take good care of our baby girl.. I thought that my heart would break leaving her..

That month my mind was constantly to our baby.. I was calling every hour just for her to listen my voice and just to listen calling me mama.. Ashley was the same.. We were so whipped.. We tried very hard to stay focused to our sports.. Again my Ashley won her third Olympic gold and I won my first.. Yes.. I won the Olympic gold.. I wanted to for my girl..

And now.. Here we are.. 12 years later.. A wife, a mother to a beautiful girl and to a beautiful little boy.. Yes, we have two.. And I carried our little boy.. I stopped ice skating after the Winter Olympics in Russia.. Our sport has a dead line.. I was 27 when I won my gold.. I was 31 to the Winter Olympics of 2018 and I would have to compete with other girls who would be younger than me.. I didn't left the sport though.. I couldn't.. I coach the little ones.. And Angelina is one of them.. She loves to skate as she loves to snowboard.. She took it from both her mothers.. And not that she is my child but she is good..

Ashley won her silver medal to that Olympics.. They were in South Corea this time.. We couldn't follow her there.. It was far and I had a 6 year old and a one year old.. I couldn't take them.. They were young.. But we saw our mommy competing.. Ashley was 32 then.. She was still fit and very energized.. She still is by the way.. She lost the gold from a 20 year old.. But not bad for her being in her age.. After that she hanged her board and she stayed with us.. We had our golds here waiting for us every day..

Andrew was the spit image of me.. Blond with blue eyes.. Yes.. Both our childs have blue eyes.. Ashley doesn't have a problem with that.. Actually she loves it.. We are just perfect.. Not only for each other but for our family too..

"What are you thinking pretty lady?"

"I was thinking everything.. Us.. Our first time.. The day I married you.. our children.."

"I love you Spence.."

"And I love you too baby.. So much"

"After all these years and you still love me?"

"Actually I think I love you even more Ashley Davies"

"You are a charmer Spencer Carlin Davies"

"Ah.. yes I am.."

"Where are the little ones?"

"I think they are still sleeping.."

"Mmmm.. So what if I continue from where I left on..?"

"Ash.. mmm.. no.. what if.. mmm.. what if.."

"Yes baby? Do you want to say something?"

"I can't think with your hand down there.." I felt her hand go deeper in me, her kissing me.. I couldn't think..

"Ash.. what if Andrew wakes up and come here.. You know he does.. Fuck.." she was stroking me.. She had two of her talented fingers inside me and I was in cloud seven.. Again..

"What did you say love?"

"Ash.. Fuck baby.."

"You are so beautiful Spence.. I am so in love with you.." she was talking with me while she was inside me.. Rubbing my clit with her thumb.. That girl still drives me crazy.. I was in an orgasmic bliss..


"Mmmm baby.. Taste good.."

"You are so so bad.. Hope you know it.."

"Only with you baby.."

We were there naked, covered with our sheets when our door knocked and a very sleepy Andrew came in.. He was so cute..

"Mommy? Mama? Are you sleeping?"

"No baby.. Come here.."

He climbed to our bed and he found his place between us..

"Baby? What is it?"

"Mommy.. I had a bad dream.." Ashley was stroking his long blond hair.. We didn't want to cut them.. Angelina always said that he looked like a girl.. But she was protecting her little brother when they were outside.. When they were here they were a brother and a sister..

"Yes baby? And what did you see?"

"I saw that mama left us and I was crying.." I saw Ashley.. She was worried about a dream.. They are so cute..

"Andrew baby.. I am not going anywhere.. ok? I wouldn't leave mommy and you guys.. You are my heart.. And I can't leave my heart.. Can't i?"

"You won't mama?"

"Awww baby.. never.." Ashley kissed his forehead and took him in her arms.. Ashley and our kids were my heart too.. I couldn't live without them..

"Mom, mama?"

"Hey princess.. What are you doing up this early?" Angelina was a spit image of Ashley, only with blue eyes.. Brown long curls.. She already breaking some hearts..

"I heard voices.. What Andrew doing here?"

"I saw a bad dream.."

"And you had to come and wake up mommy and mama? You are a big boy now Andrew.."

"Angelina.. He is still young.. He is only five.."

"Mama.. I didn't sleep with you when I was young"

"Yes you did.. You liked to sleep to mommy's arms every night.. And many times you were sleeping with us.."

I saw her softening her face.. guess she remembered although she was young then..

"Can I come too?"

"Aren't you a little old for that?"

"Just move you goldilocks.." I loved seeing them together.. I never had brother's and Ashley had her sister.. Who by the way remembered Ashley after Angelina was born.. Ashley just showed her our door.. I thought that she would like to have back her family.. But all she said was 'my family is you and our kids'. What not to love to this woman..

Here we are.. My babies.. Including Ashley of course.. My family.. Laying here.. To our bed.. Laughing.. My perfect family.. My perfect life.. I look at Ashley and I just mouth..

'I love you'

'I love you too'


Always b..