Promt: good night kiss

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An orchestra of nocturnal insects and the crisp cackling of the bonfire greeted Jun as the smooth whispering wind sang, sweeping his blond bangs along the way. This is the right moment he thought, as one of his sprawled out arm's hand closed softly on the object he was holding.

His eyes opened to take in the faint lighted forest background he was in and sighed Yes, it most definitely is. He turned to his side and faced long dark locks and silver orbs. The orange light of the fire that completely enveloped her made her smile seem to glow even brighter.

So much, it seemed, that the teen could not help give it back in return. As his lips formed (the smile), so did his words. And so he spilled his guts out.

He started at the beginning (ofcourse,ofcourse). Jun told her how grateful he was for meeting her on that fateful day in their preschool. Though she hadn't been the one to talk to him first, she'd ended up talking to him the longest. How she had coped with his over-the-top personality (as his mother called it) after the first-impression-effect phase had worn off from his five minute friends..

He said he appreciated the fact that, when after a week, word had gotten out that he was the son of a Frontier Brain, she had the nerve to push him off his high horse as his ego had grown as much as his circle of 'friends' did.

(Very) very small droplets of (very) very salty tears stung his eyes when he choked out that the following week, when .all of them. left, when they found out he was not actually the son of Palmer, rather, he was the bastard of Palmer –she stayed.

And stay she did, like a pillar, even when her name had been dragged alongside his in the mud he was stained in, she and her mother –Godbless her soul, his almost second mother-were there for him, just like his own mother.

All the taunting and backbiting had drawn to its halt, a year later when the Tower Tycoon himself had gone to their little town and proposed to his once-upon-a-time long-lost lover. Though the pain (some, small, a bit) had stayed, so did she (whole, solid, unfractured ).

He continued to say that he had always looked up at her as his hero, moreso than his, surprisingly loving, father.

He told her that, even though he was always sprinting to who-knows-where, he'd always linger a moment just to see what direction she was going so that even when he was miles ahead, he knew that their paths would inevitably draw closer and he'd always(always) be waiting with open arms."-or better yet, an accidental head collision would do" he laughed.

He proceeded to apologize for the times he'd played his juvenile pranks on her (though he admitted he wouldn't stop them anytime soon) and for the times he joked about her…uh, being unattractive.

He said he found it quite the opposite in-the-matter-of-factly. And if asked, she'd be the most and only attractive female to him (though his answer might change if it were asked by his mother).

With his other hand, he traced the lines of her face and finally said: "I love you." to the never wavering silver eyes and long dark hair.

He whispered good night then brought the picture from his limp arm's hand to his lips and slid it to the safety of the hidden breast pocket of his jacket.


And maybe when we have this talk again,

I might have the balls to say them and you'll actually hear it.

Oyasumi, Hikari-chan.

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