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Gibbs had finally done it.

He and Tony were driving to work when they hit a patch of black ice, Gibbs tried to get the car back under control, but with the speed he had been going and the road conditions it was a lost cause. The two men did their best to brace themselves as the car slid off the road and down a small hill.

When the car came to a stop Gibbs pushed the airbag out of the way and after shaking off a bout of dizziness he made his way around the car to check his lover. Upon opening the passenger's side door he saw Tony struggling with his seatbelt. He helped the younger man get the seatbelt of and watched as he turned to sit sideways on the seat, one hand clutching his chest. The older man crouched down in front of the Italian and placed a hand on his shoulder

"Hey, are you okay?"

The younger man answered without hesitation "yeah I'm fine just a few sore ribs. What about you? You okay?"

Gibbs let out a relieved breath and helped Tony up on his feet

"I'm fine, we need to get up on the road"

He kept a hand at the small of his lover's back and steered him up the small hill.

"you know Jeth I've told you that someday we would end up in a ditch the way you drive and lets face it this is pretty close to a ditch right here."

Jethro glared at his now slightly smirking lover as they climbed the hill "my driving isn't that bad, and if it wasn't for the ice we would have been just fine."

Tony just laughed before groaning when his ribs protested the movement "don't make me laugh Jeth it ain't nice"

By the time Gibbs and Tony made it to the side of the road, a car had stopped to help

"Hey you guys okay? Were there anyone else in the car?" the driver asked as he approached the two men.

Gibbs looked at the man "yeah were okay and there's no-one down there"

the man who was in his late forties came to stand in front of the agents and looked them up and down

"that's good, name's bill by the way. You guys are looking a little rough. Maybe you should sit down"

the man's eyes were on Tony, who was looking a little pale. Gibbs saw the look and turned to his second who was starting to sway slightly. Jethro quickly took a hold of the younger man's arm as Bill took the other arm and together they guided Tony to sit on the backseat of Bill's car.

"Tony what's wrong" Jethro asked his lover as they got him sitting down.

"He looks a bit shocky" Bill said as he appeared from behind the trunk with a blanked which he draped over Tony's shoulders

"I think we should get you two to the hospital to get checked out, get in and I'll give you a ride"

Gibbs considered that for a second before nodding gratefully and shutting the car door and climbing in on the other side and sitting beside Tony. Bill went to the drivers seat and started the car, he looked into the mirror and saw the two men sitting on the back seat the other shivering slightly and the other holding his hand. He turned his attention back to the driving and they headed for the nearest hospital.

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