Prologue: Speech to the Public

There are many worlds in this universe, and only a few support life. The first species to attain sentience, known to us only as the Earliest, found the secret ways to create true life suited to any environment.

One of their vessels came here, to this world, and discovered a land unlike any other. There was almost no solid or liquid matter across the entire globe, yet its atmosphere was more than capable of supporting life, thanks to the blessings of its six Moons of nature, cold, heat, fluidity, electricity, and, of course, void. After much deliberation, the Earliest decided bringing life to this world could be done, and they set about bringing life into being that could survive on this land.

Their task took centuries, but the Earliest had discovered how to live a thousand years through the power of the Void, as we have. They watched, and waited, and at last, the skies were filled with creatures that had the power to fly, an ability that was vital to survival on this empty world.

The Earliest, their task completed, took their craft through the void between the Moons, towards their next destination on their never-ending mission.

And thus Arcadia, our world, was born.

We, the Silvites, the first to follow the Earliest into the heavens, are tasked with guarding Arcadia from its greatest threat.

Now this threat rears its head once again, and we must do whatever it takes to stop it. Those who know of what I speak, you know your duties. Carry them out faithfully. Those of you who are too young, remain strong and listen to your elders, especially in this time of crisis.

Children of the Silver Moon, you must persevere. Remember the ancient teachings.

Never give up the Mission. Never let down the Elders. Never desert the Cause.

-Raco Minster, Silvite Primus

A/N: …Never let your Ommet die, never say to us, "Goodbye," never think sailors won't lie, and hurt you…

I hope you guys don't figure out the backstory too quick.