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Chapter 15.

That night I slept peacefully,
atleast for the most part. My dreams were beautiful and very livid.

I dreamt of Edward and I together. Peaceful without any worries in the world.

We were in a beautiful meadow.

We were picnicking and walking together, sometimes just lying with each other on the grass.

In my dreams Edward was everywhere: I could see and hear him, feel him, taste him and smell him.

All of the sudden my dream changed. First I was holding Edward and all of the sudden he was gone. His warmth, his smell, everything gone and I was alone in the meadow. I started to look for him everywhere when all of the sudden I saw three children.

The children were sitting on the ground in the middle of the woods. I couldn't see them that well, but judging by their shapes I could tell that they were just kids.

Finding children here seemed quite odd,
maybe they are lost and need help.

I walked towards them softly so I wouldn't startle them. They were sitting with their backs turned towards me. As I approached, I began to hear what they were saying.

"Edward I think that you have to do it," a voice that sounded like wind chimes said. It was clearly the voice that belonged to a little girl.

Hey, one of the kid's names is Edward. How funny.

"Yeah Eddie, she already had a huge crush on you the first day she saw you," a deep but still childish voice said.

"Ok," a velvety voice said, "but you guys have to help me."

"How can we possibly help?" the girly voice asked.

"Well Alice," the velvety voice spoke again. "I don't know maybe you could pretend to be her friend and just act like you want forgiveness. The same goes for you Emmet, be nice and big brotherly and then…" his voice trailed off.

I kept walking towards them and I began to see them more and more clearly.

Alice? Emmett?

"And then: we destroy her more than we ever have before," the deep childlike voice said.

I was fairly close to them and I was about to speak when I fell over a tree branch. I landed flat on my stomach with a loud thud. They all turned to look at me. Then they looked at each other, stood up and walked towards me. Standing up I could see them clearly.

There was one big muscular kid, with curly brown hair big brown eyes, next to him was a tiny girl with short black hair that pointed out in every direction.

Last, there was a boy with a skin as pale as mine. He had beautiful bronze ruffled hair, which looked as if he just got out of the bed. His lips were perfect and as I looked at his eyes they were beautiful . Green. Very green. Like a forest.

WHAT? But that are Alice, Emmet and Edward!

"So Isabella, you decided to sneak up on us," little Edward said with his voice without any hints of child-like tones in it. He had spoken to me last night with that same voice.

"You know what we do with people who sneak up on us Bella? " Emmet said.

"We punch them," Edward said.

"We kick them," Alice said.

"And we do allot of other thing that hurt, so they will never do it again," Edward said. They all began to come closer.
But not fast.
No, they took their time. Like I was a pray and they were the hunters.

I have to get out of here!

I jumped to my feet and began to run. Run as hard and fast as I could.

I heard them behind me, also running.

"Isabella!" Edward voice shouted behind me.

Was he that close?


I just kept on running. By now, I was panting loudly and my heart was beating aggressively against my ribs. And I was crying.


Suddenly, two arms surrounded me, holding me tightly to his chest. I could sense it was Edward because of the way he felt and smelled. For a moment, I felt safe, but then I remembered what happened and began fighting him off.

"Bella wake up!"

I'm already awake, Dickward!

"Bella, please wake up it's just a dream!"

I'm not that stupid !

"Please just try, for me."

Ok, I'll try so you can see that I'm already awake!

I slowly opened my eyes and as Edward had said : it was just a dream.

Tears were still rolling down my cheeks and Edward wiped them away with his thumbs.

"Shush Bella, I will protect you" He ensured me and he slowly rocked us back and forth.

His words angered me.

"Oow so you are going to protect me from you?"

He hold me tighter to his chest. " Bella I will never hurt you again, I know you don't believe me.." He sighed " I know you don't believe me but I am going to do everything I can to win and earn your trust and love"


"Edward, you HATE me, You have hated me since the first time you saw me and you…"

He cut me off. "Isabella, I've never hated you, on the contrary. I fell in love with you the first day I saw you" I buried my face in his shoulder.

That are just words.

"You fell in love with me? Nice way of showing that Dickward! Seriously Edward what were you thinking! Now let go off me so I can leave!"

He started trembling around me so I looked up at his face.

Oh no! What did I do?

His expression was extremely painful. He wasn't crying. But he looked like he was having a inner battle and it was tearing him apart. He was just staring in the distant. It was extremely painful to watch.

"Edward, never mind. You don't have to tell me! Please don't do this!"

Edward didn't respond. But just kept on staring off in the distant. I became still in his arms.

This isn't healthy. What should I do ? Call Carlisle!

I broke free from Edward's arms and grabbed Edward's bathrobe from it's hanger on the bathroom door. I ran from the room and called Carlisle name.

"CARLISLE" I screamed although it was hard because I was sobbing violently.

"Isabella? What's wrong?" He screamed back from downstairs sounding really concerned.

"Ed…Ed… Ward I think I've done something bad" I screamed back and sunk to the ground.

I cant have this, please let him be ok! If anything happened to him it is all my fault.

All my Fault!

I fellt how Carlisle rushed by me. And after that I heard two other pairs of feet. I didn't look up.

Suddenly someone was stroking my hair.

" Hey Bella, its okay, it isn't the first time it ever happened"


"Alice, I'm so so sorry" and I began crying again.

"shush Bella, It's a thing Edward does to protect himself for painful things, it isn't your fault and he'll snap out of it in a few minutes"

Painful things? But I didn't hit him or something did I ?

"Alice, I didn't hit him!" I said as she came to sit next to me.

" Oow I know, And even if you did he could handle it believe me, when I said painful things I meant mentally painful things…"

I looked at her with a questioning look.

"Well, when our parents died he… uhh…. Sat like that for days and when you left forks when we were younger"

It felled like she bitchslapped me across the face.

"Alice I didn't meant to do that.."

"Bella, its not your fault" she sighed " You see Edward has the most issues because he basically took care of me and Emmet although Emmet was older" She looked like she was deep in thoughts " You should have seen him the first few months with Carlisle and Esme…" She trailed off.

I was deeply in thoughts so I didn't respond at first.

"Alice why was Edward so mean in the beginning ? I still don't get it….?"

Alice giggled.

Why is she giggling?

"Well Emmet and I have a theory about that, We think he has had a crush on you since the moment he saw you! He always came home complaining about how you smelled so nice and how your skin was too soft to be truth!"

Well that was… interesting.

"Alice, I think I've made a fool of myself enough for the both of us so stop!" I heard Edward snap at her from the distance.

Alice just kept on laughing and walked downstairs.

"Jazz are you coming?" She yelled.

"Yeah babe" Jasper yelled from Edwards room. After a few seconds Jasper and Carlisle came out of Edwards room. The both offered me shy smiles as they descended down the stairs.

I walked into Edwards room feeling really shy. He was sitting on his bed with his head in his hands. I slowly walked up to him and sat down next to him.

" Bella" he began " I'm sorry to inform you that you cant go home because of the weather. If you'd like you can sleep in Alice's room or Rosalie's and you don't even have to look at me for the rest of your stay here"

What? No!

"Edward why?

"You don't want me and if you'll stay.. I'll only get my hopes up and I wont be able to control myself so its better if you leave.."

He said all of that without even looking at me.

"But Edward I do want you, Its just complicated and please just give me time ok? "

Edward looked up. Doubt was written all over his face.

"You.. you.. want m-me?"

"yes, I do Edward "

He sighed relieved.

I wrapped my arms around him so I was hugging him sideways. I sighed. He leaned into my touch for a few minutes until my stomach began growling. I , off course, blushed.

"I've made breakfast for you.." Edward said.


"I woke up earlier and I made breakfast for you and came back upstairs but then you had that nightmare so I put the tray on the nightstand over there" He pointed to a nightstand with a tray on it which was filled with lots and lots of food " and I just forgot about it, I'm sorry…"

"No need to apologize" I said with a grin and sprang free from his arms and grabbed the tray and laid it on the bed between us. I turned and tucked my feet under myself. Edward did the same and grinned at me. It didn't really reach his eyes…

Well I have to change that soon if I have to stay here for a long period of time.

"Lets see what you've made shell we?" I said while rubbing my hands together. I looked down at the tray. There were pancakes, eggs, sausages, fruit, whipped cream, syrup and chocolate sauce for over the pancakes. Also there were varieties of drinks to choose from.

Wow! He didn't make that all by himself now did he?

"Edward? Did you make that all by yourself?" I asked.

'Uhm… yes" he scratched behinds his ears. The movement made his arm muscles ripple and my attention went to his torso.

No shirt! HELELUJAH !

"I didn't know what you'd like so I just cooked what I could.." he said.

I didn't really respond because I was to busy eye-raping Edward.

What ? you think its weird that I would choose for eye-raping Edward instead of pancakes with whipped cream and chocolate sauce? WAIT A MINUTE! Whipped cream and chocolate sauce?


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