Enough for Now

Reid knew what the problem was when Luke was less garrulous than usual. It appeared that Noah had been secretly dating a man named Richard for God knows how long. And Luke was devastated to say the least, not to mention confused. He claimed that he was helping Reid for Noah's sake, despite this recent heartbreak. Desperate for Luke's support, Reid didn't object to riding Luke's private plane.

The food was exquisite, considering it was to his fancy; a decked sandwich that was embraced by impeccable Italian bread, and coffee to his liking. It might be an inane suspicion, but Reid imagined that Luke was going to Texas with him solely for him. Out of love. Or maybe that was just wistful thinking. Luke was enamored with Noah, not him. That fact never failed in making him envious.

'What am I getting myself into?' He wondered, gazing at Luke's sleeping form. Instinctively, his cheeks lifted. It was a pleasant sight. Finally the overwrought Luke, who was always doing some form of conscientious activity, was resting. And by God, he deserved it.

Reid's eyes didn't stray from Luke's lips. They were parted slightly, as if welcoming, just about enough to slip a tongue in. Reid shook his head. 'Don't go there. He's hardly interested.' Reid sullenly thought.

Suddenly, Luke reached over and slung an arm over Reid's midriff. That single movement was enough to suck the breath out of him. His taut figure became more relaxed as Luke nestled his head against his shoulder. Golden hair tickled at his neck. The aroma of aftershave filled his lungs with a hushed mirth. Reid couldn't resist putting an arm around him.

"Reid…" Luke slurred.

The unexpected murmur shocked Reid. It made him think that maybe he stood a chance, after all. But would it be worth taking a step towards disappointment? That kind of rejection would upset the cool balance of life Reid had adjusted so well to. Then again, Reid Oliver didn't dare falter in the eyes of a challenge. What should make this any different? 'The fact that Luke Snyder doesn't come with an instruction manual.' Reid answered himself. Love required more effort and valor than any profession.

A grim frown adorned his face. 'His heart belongs to Noah…and I despise that I couldn't nab it first…' Reid softly pecked Luke's head, whispering. "He's nuts to have given you up so carelessly…"

Following his words was the sound of Luke as he awakened. Reid stiffened, half-hoping that Luke didn't hear him. Whether he did or not, Reid wasn't sure until Luke looked up at him. His eyes were glowing through his meek greeting. "Hi…" He seemed right at home because he made no move to break free from Reid.

"Hey there, sleepyhead. Have a nice nap?"


What the future held remained a pestering mystery. But this poignant moment held enough hope for Reid to hang onto; hope for more laughs, smiles, and most of all love from Luke Snyder.

"We're almost there…"

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