"Cards? No, we can't play cards!" Brennan shouted.

"Why not?" Hodgins asked.

Brennan glanced at Booth briefly before turning back to Hodgins. "Because Booth is a degenerate gambler! Cards are a temptation for him."

"Bones! I am NOT a 'degenerate' gambler… I am a recovering gambler. I can play a simple game of cards." He defended as he gripped her hand tighter.

"No, Booth, you can't. You could risk all of your recovery. You cou—"

"Hey!" Angela shouted, hoping to stop the bickering partners from getting even more annoyed with each other. "We'll come up with something else," she explained as they both stopped and looked in her direction. Angela got up from the chair and grabbed a flashlight and left in search of something to do. "I'll be back," she called to the group as she headed down the hall.

Angela poked her head into the first room she came to. The bathroom. Nothing to do in here, she thought to herself. Well, at least not clothed and with a group of people. She giggled to herself and started back down the hall. She poked her head into the next room. Parker's room. Bingo. She shone the light around the room hoping something would catch her eye. When nothing caught her eye she opened the closet and a few toys spilled out. "Typical boy," she mumbled. She found a few games and stuffed them under her arms. "Thanks, Parker," she said to the room as she left and went back to the group.

When Angela walked back into the living room, Hodgins was pouring himself a glass of wine and Brennan and Booth were talking quietly on the couch. She watched as he whispered something in her ear that made Brennan laugh out loud. She had to suppress a squeal when she saw Booth lightly kiss Bren on the forehead and Bren laid her head on his shoulder in response. They are so freaking in love, she said to herself. Angela cleared her throat to make her presence known and the two partners jumped apart.

"I found games, courtesy of Parker," she announced, smiling. "I must say, I feel like I'm back in elementary school or something."

The adults looked through the games and quickly decided on Phase 10. The game lasted for almost 3 hours, the crew rolling in laughter almost the whole time.

Angela squealed loudly as she won the game, bouncing up and down from her spot on the floor. They were all seated around the fireplace sitting on pillows. Booth had managed to fix a large bowl of popcorn over the fire.

"Oh my, I haven't laughed like this in ages," Booth said.

"I still don't understand the concept of the game, but I'll admit that it is fun," Brennan said. "Booth," she asked, "Where did you learn to fix popcorn over the fire like that?"

"From Pops, Bones. Jared and I would camp out with him in the living room a lot when it was too cold to camp outside," he explained, smiling at the memories.

"Hey, why don't we do that tonight?" Brennan said. "We could all camp out in here like you used to do."

Booth smiled at her, touched by her idea. "Sounds fun, Bones. I've got extra pillows and some sleeping bags around here somewhere."

Booth stood up, grabbed a flashlight, and was about to ask Brennan to help him when Angela spoke first.

"Hodgy, why don't you help Booth get those blankets and things," she said as she pushed him up from the floor.

"Well I can certainly tell when I'm not wanted around," Hodgins said as he grabbed a flashlight.

Booth and Hodgins disappeared around the corner and Angela scurried over to Brennan who was watching the spot Booth disappeared behind.

"Bren? What in the world is going on with you and Booth? Did Jack and I interrupt a special evening? If so, I'm soooo sorry."

Brennan shook her head. "There's nothing going on with me and Booth. My car broke down just like yours."

"But Sweetie, something is definitely going on with you too. What's happening?" Brennan blushed and refused to look Angela in the eye. "Ok, Bren, spill."

"Spill what?"

"It's a saying, Bren. Tell me what's happened. Please," she begged. "Starting with why you're wearing Booth's clothes and have semi sort of sex hair… and end with why you suggested a camp out in the living room."

Brennan looked confused for a moment and ran a hand through her hair. "I don't know what to tell you, Ange. I came here when my car broke down because I knew he was close and probably home. I got soaked walking here. He gave me these to put on and I took a warm shower." Brennan rattled her brain to remember what happened next. "I changed clothes and came in here. We got something to drink and watched a movie he recently rented. It was scary at times and—"

"Oh my God," Angela whispered excitedly. "Did he hold you in his arms so you wouldn't be spooked? How romantic," she squealed.

"Well not at first. I was just sitting close to him but there was one part that really got me and I was hiding my face in the blanket. Booth opened his arms and just wrapped me in them. After a while, I laid my head on his chest and we finished the movie."

"How sweet, Bren," Angela sighed.

"We stayed like that for a while after the movie was over. I was beginning to fall asleep in his arms when you guys showed up." Brennan looked at Angela like a deer caught in some headlights. "I don't know what to do, Ange. What does this mean?"

Angela covered Brennan's hand with one of her own. "Just take it one moment at a time, Sweetie. Booth cares a great deal for you, Bren. I'd even say he loves you. He's waited this long, Sweetie, and he'll wait as long as you need him too."

"But why would he wait for me? He should move on. I don't know that I'll ever be ready for something with Booth, Ange." Brennan asked, close to tears.

"Sweetie, Booth knows that you are so worth waiting for. You have an amazing heart, Brennan, and he knows it."

Brennan was speechless for a moment. Could he really think I'm worth something, she wondered to herself. "Angela, I—"

She was interrupted by the reappearance of Booth and Hodgins. "Look what we found, Bones! Sleeping bags and pillows galore." He noticed the tears pooling in Brennan's eyes and the way Angela watched over her. Apparently Hodgins and I came back too soon, he thought to himself. Booth and Hodgins spread out the blankets and pillows while the girls went into the kitchen and got another bottle of wine.

"Dude," Hodgins called out to Booth, "Does this old record player work?" he asked, looking at the old record player.

"Mmm? Maybe. I haven't played anything on it in years. Pops gave it to me a while ago."

"Have you got any vinyl's?"

Booth racked his brain to try and remember where he stashed the collection. "I think they may be in the closet in my bedroom. I'll be right back." Booth grabbed a flashlight and headed down the hallway. He went into his room and searched the top of his closet until he found the box of vinyl's. "Found 'em!" He called out to Hodgins. On his way out he also grabbed a few more candles out of one of the drawers. When he came back in the living room he saw that the girls were back and seated on the couch. He smiled at Brennan and set the box down in front of her and Angela.

"What's this?" Brennan asked.

"Hodgins notices my old phonograph and asked if I had any vinyls. I search, and ta-da, here they are." He announced proudly as Hodgins and Angela began searching through the box. Brennan smirked and rolled her eyes. Booth looked around and looked for the bottle of wine. "Hey, Bones? Where's the drinks?" He asked sitting down beside her, throwing his arm across the back of the couch behind her.

"Oh we set the wine bottle outside on the back porch in the snow for it to get cold. It was almost room temperature," she stated. "I also put the things from your freezer out there as well some of the food from your refrigerator. Milk, cheese, that sort of thing."

He smiled and leaned over and kissed her temple again. "You, Bones, are a genius!"

"Yes, I know. I am quite intelligent and—oh you were being funny."

Booth and Brennan sat there looking at each other, having one of their "eye conversations". The moment was broken when Angela let out a squeal. "Booth! You have Etta James and Miles Davis in here!"

"Dude, you rock!" Hodgins said. "Which one do you want to listen to, babe?" he asked Angela.

Angela weighed her options and settled for Etta James. Hodgins walked over to the record player and prayed it still worked. As the record began playing, Brennan got up and went outside to get the wine. Angela watched as Booth's eyes followed her and moved to sit by him.

"Hey, Studly, why don't you ask her to dance when she comes back in?"

"Ange, please don't start," he all but begged